You will never leave.

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Leave it to me to think.
My heart is broken
Lost love in chaos
Yesterday was sad.
Happy or not.
I can wipe away tears …
There is deep hatred left in the sad parting scene.
Some people’s faces shed tears, some people’s faces gushed out light sadness, and some people’s faces showed deep hatred.
It’s so-called love and hate.
At this moment, the world is in sorrow, and even the snow is falling slowly for a few minutes.
Lingziqi’s face is also falling with tears, just like loving someone again.
Xuan Zhou there canthus tears gently slide.
Suddenly LingZiQi suddenly opened his eyes and shot off.
She jumped at Xuan Zhou with a flash of her figure.
"Ha ha …"
Xuan Zhou suddenly opened his eyes and revealed a faint smile. "You play the song very well, but you still need some temperature."
Say that finish Xuan Zhou hand an ice bamboo shoots rapidly out so close LingZiQi root reaction not to come over.
"Boom …"
Lingziqi’s body was instantly shattered, and then her body flew backwards and landed heavily outside the ring.
"Hum …"
As soon as it rings, everyone will look back when the effect of hate song disappears.
They looked at each other and put out tears in their eyes with a sad face.
"It’s so touching that I listen to the hate song and cry once."
"Yeah, I haven’t recovered yet."
"If anyone kills me at this time, I won’t fight back. Ling Ziqi is really tough."
After they calm down for a while and squint, they can’t help showing surprise.
"Oh my god, this … how is that possible? Ling Ziqi lost? "
"I’m dreaming? This Xuan Zhou will not react? "
"my god, the west courtyard is going to rise."
The original sad atmosphere instantly burst, and everyone stared at this scene with thick eyes.
Lingziqi covered her head and showed a face of pain.
Then her head tilted and she fainted completely.
"Ah … dizzy?"
The referee here also showed great surprise. He quickly ran to Liu Kun. "Dean Liu also asked you to help with the treatment."
LiuKun a listen to reveal a gentle smile fly up to LingZiQi and then mobilize the wood force rushed to LingZiQi body.
But by his way LingZiQi didn’t wake up.
Liu Kun frowned and squatted down to explore Ling Ziqi’s meridians and shook her head again and again. "When her soul is damaged and she needs to rest for a while, she can restore my ability by herself."
"What? So Sister Ling can’t continue to fight? "
"It’s over. I’m going to the bottom of the South Yard."
"Ah, I can’t believe that the bottom West Courtyard is going to rise."
South campus students all shook their heads and sighed secretly.
"Zhou Yusheng!"
It took a long time for the referee to pronounce a sentence.
The competition didn’t stop because of their wonderful performance, and the fourth round followed.
After the battle of Ling Ziqi in Xuan Zhou, no one dared to look down upon the students in the Far North College of the West College, and no one said anything sarcastic about the West College.
The fourth round ended quickly, but the opponent was bombarded by him with one punch and won.
In the fifth round, Muhai continued to play. This time, he didn’t encounter a fierce opponent. Muhai got it with one move.
After dozens of rounds of sea cucumber bathing, I have added more than ten times. Every time I bathe in the sea, I either get rid of my opponent with one move or my opponent automatically gives up, even without the courage to fight.
Muhai scores are firmly ranked first.
And the second is still the same as Tang Yu’s score.
In the third place, that is Wuchong in the North Yard.
The fourth is the East Hospital Bai Fei.
These four people have the highest scores at present, and their scores are all the same, each with a score of 1.
And after four people, they are students of the West College, and the scores are the same, all of them are 17 points.
Even Ying Xueqing scored 17 points.
The top ten western colleges accounted for one.
This makes the momentum of the West Courtyard more and more prosperous, and the words of cheering are becoming more and more powerful.
Especially Fan Zhen, the president of the West Hospital, who is so proud, speaks with great enthusiasm.
"Dean Fan is really gratifying. You have produced so many geniuses in the West Hospital."
"Yes, Dean Fan, you must invite a guest."
Fan Zhen couldn’t help nodding his head when he heard these words. "Please treat everyone to a big meal."

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