"We didn’t grab the bag in a dead corner, and what’s worse, it happened outside the bank." Qi Shaochen covered her lips and was a little embarrassed. "We stayed in the bank but waited for you to come by."

"Snow!" Cheng Manxiao’s eyes were bent up and he lost in the bank. It’s a shame for him to think of it! Who robbed her bank? In the end, it was just an oolong, and things went back to the original point. It’s been a person who’s been making trouble all along. The two charges […]

Lenny Wang, the female lead singer of Teana Song and Dance Troupe, is also in two places for a while, especially in the eyes of boys. This is definitely the dream lover of the perfect sexy goddess.

Although Fran’s technique is definitely not in Lenny’s beauty, you should know that Fran is the image of Ye Tian, body double, Ye Tiandi in front of the audience and the face of Vadi in front of the world. In everyone’s opinion, Lenny is the most outstanding female singer in the world. Especially in the […]

"But don’t worry, I will help you find the best doctor and the best medical equipment for your operation with Aunt Chen. Although I know that your Chen family’s property is also very rich, this is my heart, so don’t refuse!" Lu Hugh thought very calm and said

"This ….." Liu Fei was surprised that Lu Xiusi had to make such a big decision. She didn’t know if her daughter-in-law Chen Jia had the strength to accept such a big "greeting" from Lu Xiusi. Lu Xiusi saw the doubts in Lu Fei’s heart and took the initiative to say to Lu Fei, "Don’t […]

The normal situation is a pair of squints. Today, it is rare for Loki to put on a normal expression. This scene that looks extremely normal in the eyes of normal people is somewhat abnormal in her face.

"Farewell, I was looked down upon by a kid." I heard Loki pull the chair over and said freely that Freya smiled as if she didn’t mind. Their atmosphere was like getting to know each other well. "Oh … I’m really curious about which family can make our goddess Loki so angry." "Who else is […]