And the words of the explosive wheeze bug did not hesitate, and the blood fog also looked at the aircraft outside and became speechless, but it still pressed the launch.

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At this moment, the ground protrudes from the steeple … without any damage.
"…" Bug Xiao noticed this scene. Just now, when a certain section of the noodle pillar was fried, water strider could easily blow up the explosive bomb, but there was no way to blow up the tip.
It seems to be much stronger.
The bug has never noticed that the original signal that hinders it is the position where it sees the tip of the spike the most.
Other position estimation is to place troops. Only when it is destroyed can it regain control of the swarm.
Maybe this thing that hinders the control of the bug needs to be very close to be effective. The only way to stab it inside is to block the control of the bug and capture it alive at the same time.
"Ga, it seems hard to blow up!" The blood fog shot several explosive bombs in succession, but they exploded one after another. The apical column is still intact, but there is only a crack on its surface.
At the same time, the crystallization aircraft outside … Lights up.
A huge ball of light flew out from the surface of the aircraft and came to the position of the explosive wheeze bug, which made the explosive wheeze bug have doubts. Isn’t it … not to capture it alive?
The blood fog and scorpion have little doubt. Seeing the huge ball of light getting closer and closer, their emotions have been occupied by despair.
This instant with a quiver.
Not hit, but moved.
The ball of light hurtled at the moving aircraft almost flew over the top layer, but it did no harm.
The ball of light hit the rear swarm, and in the brilliance, many swarms turned into fly ash.
But more arms moved at this time, such as attaching a purgatory worm.
A ball with flashing red light tried to continue shooting the crystallization aircraft. After a burst of dazzling light, the crystallization aircraft flew out and sprinkled several crystallization debris.
Although it was not completely destroyed, it was surrounded by a large number of insects in one second and could not move any more.
"This is … we’re not dead yet?"
The swarm moved again, and both the blood fog and the scorpion noticed this situation. The scorpion cried with some surprise, "Is it … recovered?"
"No, it’s still my control." It seems that the explosion of the bug has lost a lot of scorpions. "It seems that another control method has been adopted to avoid the obstacle of this thing."
"But now is unlikely to fight to … unless …"
Blasting bugs can clearly see that not only the swarm is surrounded by a large number of crystallization troops, but at the moment when the swarm moves, they decide to launch an attack, and several flash bombs pour towards the swarm, which seems to declare the end of the war.
Chapter one thousand two hundred and sixty-one Stop
The glory in the void is still shining
But it stopped soon.
They fell off the swarm …
The glory bloomed here, and several swarms of insects vanished in the ashes.
But this is not enough. For the whole swarm, this explosion blew up a layer of’ skin’, and more swarms are still flying in vain.
If you want to destroy the swarm, you need more firepower, and the crystallization troops have such firepower, and they need to volley several times to erase the swarm from here.
"Boom-"meteorites they attack again.
Blinking light and several rays go to the swarm, and they fall off to form a huge swarm, and the outer layer instantly makes another swarm disappear.
The light in the swarm is also flashing.
There are many aircraft swarms that keep shooting everywhere, but they are quickly surrounded. They are surrounded by a large number of swarms. The swarm attack starts, then the swarm attack fades and disappears. Finally, the whole aircraft is bitten into pieces …
However, it doesn’t make much sense. Even if we can eliminate the crystalline aircraft in the swarm, we can slow down the decline of the swarm.
Most crystallization aircraft are almost … 1000 kilometers away from the swarm.
They keep throwing flashing barrage and bombarding the swarm without reservation, but now there is nothing to resist.
It can make ordinary arms block the important arms outside, and at the same time, the protected department keeps attacking, which slightly reduces some environmental barrage.
But there’s nothing here … the environmental firepower is much stronger, and it will come soon when they are slowly swallowed up by the barrage.
That’s what I thought a second before the bug exploded.
The next second … it found that a miracle had happened.
The barrage rain that flew towards the swarm of insects suddenly disappeared. Although the last ball of light flew over, it still blew up many insects, but nothing flew over after this one.
"This is … don’t move?"
Looking at the distant situation, the eyes of the troops are shining with crystal light, and the troops are still around the swarm, but this crystal army is as if it is fixed. Generally, they have not attacked or done anything.
"Ga …? It’s true! How did they … ""They must be suddenly stupid! "
The blood fog and scorpion of the observation platform for explosive wheezing insects also noticed this situation and immediately issued a screaming sound.
"This is an opportunity …"
Although there were doubts, the swarm didn’t stop moving. The exploding bug ordered the swarm to move quickly. They all jumped on the crystallization troops.
….. at the same time, on the other side …
"seems to be successful?"
This is a world covered with mud, and dark clouds are pouring huge raindrops on this land. Rain falls like shells before scholars’ eyes, but it can’t cover their sight.
Scholars are staring at its feet, and there is a mirror-like disk with a diameter of 30 meters in front of it.
And this disc is painted with an irregular stone.
"Is this what they look like?" A sweet potato-like object, a brainwave-like way around a scholar, and a direct scholar’s thinking dialogue "looks like a stone"
"This is not what they are," the scholar said. "This is what they are … that is, environmental aircraft."
"I see. They like stones as flying machines," said the sweet potato. "But I don’t like them very much. I like this shape …"
As he spoke, the sweet potato moved up, and its body stretched out like a branch structure, and a round mirror seemed to want to draw something.
"Wait! Don’t move! " Scholars quickly stopped it. "I had a hard time modifying it …"
This round mirror is not a stone, but a pile of … words.
Those philologists are familiar with this language, or rather, it is a language prepared for those who make words and sounds racial.
The face is full of information about … deficiency. From beginning to end, all the structures of the organs and the nervous system of the body are introduced.

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