A crowd noisily continued westward until they reached the treasure elephant country. The four men had just arrived here, and immediately an official of the government came forward to arrest them. Pig Bajie saw that these officials wanted to take themselves, and gently pushed them, and they were immediately pushed down by the roadside and smashed many shops.

Great, four Tang Priests were arrested, and the government immediately sent more people to come. Tang Priests had no choice but to follow these officials to the yamen. After arriving at the local court, the Tang Priest explained his route, and the magistrate said angrily, "You are a good monk in the Tang Dynasty. You […]

As for Kouxun’s retreat all day, Chen Han can understand it. After all, he can’t control whether he is alive or dead. The only thing he can do is to improve his cultivation.

This shouting made Chen Han not frowned. He didn’t want to be moved by Red Pearl. If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t find these things. However, as the first master in the field of fix true, she teaches in the Temple of Heaven Demon, and what reason does she have to compromise in front […]

The federal side of the earth obviously showed this tough side to the supernatural forces of Tiancheng Era, and they were not prepared. In their eyes, Tiancheng forces were just a group of lambs to be slaughtered, but who knew that they were actually a group of hungry wolves in sheep’s clothing, and the result was immediately stunned.

While the other side was being beaten, the troops in Tiancheng quickly completed the contraction process of the encirclement. When the earth Federation finally woke up like a dream and found out the strategic intention of Tiancheng, it was too late. Tiancheng had launched the final charge against Robert’s destruction of the king. "Not good! […]

Wen Leyang, an egg, has seen it. Although it is not too exaggerated, he is also strong or weak before he walked out of Hongye Forest. Now he is slapped by others and doesn’t even have a chance to resist.

Wen Leyang’s fastest response was that he smashed the past without saying a word, and his body sank in inertia, and his strength was even faster than that of an angry cheetah. When he was in Wenjia Village, no one could escape him as fast as a flash punch. The raccoon dog didn’t bother to […]