"Even so, I won’t let you sleep like this morning to wake you up before the meeting. Besides, why should I write’ positive’?"

Princess royal said suddenly (turn a little confused and asked what she could still feel Zhao thief’s belly finger painting. "Oh, I like this word. If you fall into my hands, I’m sure you’ll be covered with this word." Zhao fault is very serious. "I can’t understand" Princess royal Temple still hasn’t opened its beautiful […]

"One piece is not enough. I’ll take you to buy more clothes and take them back. You have too few clothes." Mom frowned and complained, "Your father always knows that you can only gamble for two or three sets in your closet."

There are seven sets, if men’s and women’s clothes add up. "Yes, I know," but Lin Jin nodded very obediently. "Oh, my god. Do you want to take you to send and receive? Then trim your eyebrows and get a manicure. "Mom smiled and bent her hands and stroked Lin Jin’s hair." Now it’s already […]

The universe is so vast that it is not impossible to calculate the whole aura pulse with the help of Yang’s destruction, but will it take 30 thousand years or 300 thousand years? Tao Zun himself can’t say for sure, but Mo djinn has already made a move, although he hasn’t really appeared. How can he wait for tens of thousands of years?

Tao Zun calculated "one point" The monarch waved his big sleeves lightly, and the mid-point fluorescence flashed in front of Su Jing, and a star map jumped out of sight and appeared clearly. The divine king pointed to a star near the southeast in the star map and asked Su Jing, "Have you been there?" […]

Ten elite captains were a little uneasy. They urgently deployed six C-class interstellar ships in the outermost layer of the array to explode their skills at the same time.

See pieces of light and shadow instantaneous stack to just get together blue line resin worm to break up with such a tacit understanding let Lin momo inwardly marvel. Roderick Payne Lilith da Damon Connor learns from others’ strengths while watching the war. There are reasons why a large organization like the gods can stand […]

"My five generations of possessions were destroyed by you … now … now you want to destroy my family … Su Yonglin … I won’t let you go! !”

"Do ghost won’t leave me alone? I’m sorry. You’re not even my opponent. What’s more, you’re a ghost? When I die, there will be many people following my old staff, and I will beat the daylights out of you, even ghosts can’t do it. " Su Yonglin stopped, turned around and walked to Zhou Yunxiang’s […]

But judging from the performance of the sun the day before yesterday, Qing Luan doesn’t think he will do those things. What is he going to do?

Bang! Huang huo broke the small body of A Li and cut the ground to create a violent explosion. Qingluan reappears that the power of this’ huang huo’ is almost not far from the real one. At this moment, it is created. Exaggerated explosion, instantaneous melting of metal, high temperature and blazing, splashing around, turning […]

They landed and then flew backwards at the same time. Tang Xiaofeng glanced at Huan Yanfan and saw something. The sword light picked it up and took a look at it.

Then he ignored Huan Yanfan. At this time, Lin Xiangzheng held off the three Huang Tiandao sorcerers, Tang Xiaofeng, and Yan Zi smashed into it. The three sorcerers were surprised, but it was too late to get away. Tang Xiaofeng killed a man. Yan Zikuang killed a man. Lin Xiangteng shot and killed another person. […]