"Of course, it’s gone, but Ji’s adult needs natural flying Xuan gas to drive the past nine days in Tao Zhongwen, and it’s too empty to derive natural flying Xuan gas …"

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"After Tao Zhongwen, many people tried to guide Taixu Qi, and even Zhang Zhenren did not succeed."
The eunuch of the jingu prison handprint told Ji Xiang that there was no place for this thing. You just took it as a collection and put it on display. Of course, he didn’t dare to have any opinions if you wanted to take it away.
Even if Zhang Zhenren is not too vain, who can be attracted?
Ji Xiang picked up this heavenly heart and thought.
Too empty is not floating Li?
This day is really a bamboo slip. Pick it up and shake it carefully.
White god card gives a said
[Heaven rises in the sky and clouds, and when written, it can be known to the gods in the great floating land]
[Tianzi needs to write Yunzhi characters to display Daoism, so the ternary part of "Heaven, Earth and Water" in Tianzi has been missing, so it is possible to write five elements of Daoism]
[The person who holds the incense in heaven can float Li Ke, which can make the incense write a cloud! 】
[Incense writing is equivalent to offering sacrifices to those who hold heaven. In this process, a natural flying mysterious gas will be born! 】
JiXiang pupil slightly widened a little.
Once upon a time, it floated in the blue sky.
"Sure enough, there is a leak."
Although I said so in my heart, it is not a leak in truth.
After all, am I a heavenly god floating in Lebanon … or an extraterritorial monty?
So that’s it. I’ll just sacrifice myself. The floating god sacrifices himself with incense, so he can produce natural flying mysterious gas. It seems that the so-called natural flying mysterious gas is a kind of turbid gas that is born when the incense is sacrificed.
Just don’t know how many incense burning can give birth to a natural flying mysterious gas?
But it’s a good thing to be able to make it anyway
Her elephant smiled a little.
Ding Hai Shen Zhen Tie waited for three or four thousand years for Sun Monkey, so you waited for thirty or forty years for me this day.
It seems that no one in this world can really make this thing except me.
However, the vibrator seems to need a lot of vitality, which Ji Xiang noticed last night.
It’s the White God brand that swallowed too much vitality, which was raised by the golden strike last night and consumed vitality, which is not worth the total amount swallowed by the White God brand.
Ji Xiang Tang has picked out several precious implements that can not be damaged to a great extent.
Of course, I also took a large bundle of incense. For the incense king and the overseas monty Ji Xiang, this thing tastes like a spicy strip.
This incense takes away your own burning, keeping it true and cooked!
In addition, the remaining instruments want to supplement the beads, but the minimum number of beads removed from the Great Hall is twenty, and it is difficult to exert the power of this bead department in the present realm.
"There are no twelve beads?"
"Her adult twelve that’s too low-level za this jingu prison those little eunuchs are wearing twenty. You see me this thirty-two represents thirty-two emperors …"
While chatting with Jixiang, the eunuch in charge of the Jingu Palace went to the fifth hall. He took a wooden box and held it to Jixiang.
"Ji’s adult might as well take a look at this Ji’s adult collar. Maybe it can send a show."
"That Tao Zhongwen is the God’s Fapai School, and the God’s Fapai School has been proud of Leifa since ancient times …"
Jingu prison handprints eunuch’s wooden box, and inside it lies a big rusty brass token.
The white god card appears in the brass thunder scene in the eyes of the elephant.
【 Shenwei Huoluo Order Lingqi! Heart evil is out of the way, burning incense is beneficial; It’s no harm to stand up to me and not worship! 】
[The mind and body are not right to kill themselves; When the spirit tablet rings, the sky shakes]
【 Immoral evil spirits and heretics hit the cards and recited "Courage to help the dead and help the living", and immediately knocked down the demon body of God! 】
The expression on Ji Xiang’s face is complicated and it is hard to hide the shock.
Jingu prison handprint eunuch smile "her adult was scared by this thing? This thing is called Shenwei Huoluo Command. The sculpture on the back is Taiyi Leiying Buddha … This thing is … "
But Ji Xiang couldn’t hear the eunuch’s words from the Jingu supervisor at this time.
Eyes stay thunder to frown deeply.
Because there is a sentence at the end of the description of Bai Shenpai
[You have evil thoughts in your heart! 】
Chapter sixty-five I want ten catties of Huang Fu
Ji Xiang took the token without too much hesitation.
Although this token shakes and accuses itself, Ji Xiang is not the kind of narrow-minded person.
If you don’t give it, you won’t say that you have evil thoughts in your heart, but who doesn’t have evil thoughts in his heart?
This engraved image is an evil thing in the eyes of Wang Lingguan, also known as Taiyi Lei Yinghua Tianzun.
Ji Xiang thinks that selfishness may be her biggest thought, and selfishness is obviously not a good thing. It is normal for evil thoughts to be defined.
So I can also sigh in my heart
Grandpa Lingguan, where there are so many kind and upright people in this world … saints are saints because they are all dead.
"This thing can’t be said to be unscrupulous. Of course, Tao Zhongwen himself seems to have not had a few times. This thing is most often a more powerful token. There is a call to arms called Emperor Gou Chen in Qin’ an Temple …"
"Dragon and Tiger Mountain Zhang Zhenren can make a little power, but later Zhang Zhenren quit the straight house worker outside the noon gate, and this thing was sent back again, saying that it was too difficult to make this order, and it was too difficult for an unusual mage to even make it, let alone exert the magical power of this token department."

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