The universe is so vast that it is not impossible to calculate the whole aura pulse with the help of Yang’s destruction, but will it take 30 thousand years or 300 thousand years? Tao Zun himself can’t say for sure, but Mo djinn has already made a move, although he hasn’t really appeared. How can he wait for tens of thousands of years?

Tao Zun calculated "one point" The monarch waved his big sleeves lightly, and the mid-point fluorescence flashed in front of Su Jing, and a star map jumped out of sight and appeared clearly. The divine king pointed to a star near the southeast in the star map and asked Su Jing, "Have you been there?" […]

But judging from the performance of the sun the day before yesterday, Qing Luan doesn’t think he will do those things. What is he going to do?

Bang! Huang huo broke the small body of A Li and cut the ground to create a violent explosion. Qingluan reappears that the power of this’ huang huo’ is almost not far from the real one. At this moment, it is created. Exaggerated explosion, instantaneous melting of metal, high temperature and blazing, splashing around, turning […]


Pure man Gu Qingshan This contract has been waved in front of Lola, Gu Qingshan and the young couple. The green bird explained, "We thorns have long since disappeared from the dusty world, but the whole dusty world is obsessed with us-" "Lola, you have gained the initial strength of thorns. As you go deep […]

It’s just the end of the night, and there are several eggs standing beside a big stone. Two jade dragons are preparing food. Suddenly, one jade dragon noticed that an egg beside the stone was abnormal.

"This thing is cracked?" It went over and knocked on the egg and said to its companion not far away, "Hey, come and see if this thing is cracked!" " "Maybe something bit it. Never mind the smell." "Say yes." Jade Dragon turned and just wanted to go when the egg issued a "Kara" side […]

"Of course, it’s gone, but Ji’s adult needs natural flying Xuan gas to drive the past nine days in Tao Zhongwen, and it’s too empty to derive natural flying Xuan gas …"

"After Tao Zhongwen, many people tried to guide Taixu Qi, and even Zhang Zhenren did not succeed." The eunuch of the jingu prison handprint told Ji Xiang that there was no place for this thing. You just took it as a collection and put it on display. Of course, he didn’t dare to have any […]

However, there is no change in memory. Lin feels swollen and blames it for forgetting the past memory. Although it is said that memory is still hidden in cells, it must not be remembered.

I’m more interested in data than studying swollen strange Lin … These data are the cylindrical objects that Lin has found now. Each one can be typed in a contact way, and then the surface of the cylinder pops up to view these materials. Lin has typed a cylinder of information. There are some … […]