"Long live this knife. It’s really hard to find a treasure blade."

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"Love princess, did you hear that? He also said that this knife is hard to find, so it can be used as 12 thousand silver, right? It’s said in the past that 12 thousand silver repaid saving his life. Yang Chengzu, you can take the knife up and this knife will be yours from now on."
Yang Chengzu was shocked when he heard this palace. Not everyone can do it. Although this thing is not a shots, anyway, a long live pro-treasure knife is also a status symbol. If you really use this knife to kill a local petty official or a miscellaneous official, although it is impossible to justify it, it is not necessary to punish it according to what is the crime of rebellion.
When he comes as a security officer, he will have the duty to visit the illegal picket. If he deserves such a nod, those big shots will even tremble when they see him. Maybe they will take him as an ordinary person in Bao Qingtian to implement the policy of fire prevention, theft prevention and ancestor prevention.
He said quickly, "I don’t dare to live in this humble cottage. If the empress likes it, I would rather give my father both hands. In those days, Xuanfu’s rescue was a matter of people and ministers, and afterwards, there was a court ceremony to show that this Dao is a long-lived beloved thing. I dare not accept it."
"I said to send you is to send you to take it quickly." Zhengde waved his hand. "I don’t like the rules in Beijing, but I don’t like those rules. If you leave Beijing, it will be boring. This knife is for you. If you don’t bring it, it’s not good. Although I am poor, I still have a knife. Anyway, it’s not a precious thing in the carrier library. Take it and don’t be polite to me."
Liu Meiren also said, "Yes, this is a long live gift to a strong young man. How dare you not accept it? You bullied the savior of the palace. If you dare not accept the long live reward, do you believe that the palace will let the eunuchs pull you to fight again now? " Speaking of which, she smiled again, and Zhengde also said, "Good. If you don’t pick up the knife, drag it to me and choose which one you want."
When the banquet is over, it’s already the second watch. Zhengde said, "Yang Chengzu, don’t go back today. Stay here, big sister and second sister. You want to clean up this heart breaker tube and let it go. If he dares to fight back, I will break his hands and feet. If you want to beat a fickle lover, I have sticks here. Say something and let the imperial secretary take it."
This is naturally a joke. When she got back to her room, Sister Li took the initiative to undress and take the medicine bottle. She couldn’t help complaining to Sister Er, "Yu ‘e, what are you doing? See if you are satisfied with beating Chengzu like this?"
Jade moths face a red also want to take the medicine bottle in the past, but look at the elder sister that carefully like sighed and didn’t move her shake head a way
"Elder sister how is this what I mean? I just told the empress that he and I are in charge. Can you really influence the decision of the empress? If he’s upset about this heavy beating, just come and give me a vent. "
"Second sister, I didn’t blame you. The original thing was that I was wrong. I bullied you and my eldest sister. Even if you take a whip to hit me now, I have nothing to say."
"Come on, you don’t have to talk like this, and I won’t really start work. I’ll tell you the truth, I already have your Yang’s blood in my belly. When this child is born, I’ll find a an tang to spend my life. You treat my elder sister well. If you treat my elder sister badly, I won’t let you go."
"Second sister, I won’t let you go." Yang Chengzu struggled to get out of bed and want to sit up, but was held down by her eldest sister, Yue-e Li, and a pull on Yu-e. "Second sister, do you mean to run on her sister and become a monk? We … we are all others. Aren’t you still a sister? " When she said this, she burst into tears.
What she said is that she has received this festival from her own body. If she talks about it, she can’t be angry with her elder sister. She can’t even say that her favorite lover in her heart is Zhang Xiaoxian. If she cries, she will say nothing, otherwise she will be jealous of her elder sister.
Good fight back anger and injustice to comfort the elder sister, and finally lie in Yang Chengzu’s arms like the elder sister. Although nothing can be done, it is still no problem to say something confidentially.
Yang Chengzu’s careful and gentle appearance made Li Yu ‘e’s anger reduced a little, and he barely smiled. "This child hasn’t formed yet. What are you doing listening to it so early? Our two families have a good result. Now that we two sisters have become your women, you will be happy, but the Li family’s face will be trampled on from now on."
"Second sister!" No, Yang Chengzu said that Yuee was blocked by her when she first asked for it from a Chen Yu ‘e, and Yuee said that she had almost been polluted by Jiao Ronger. It was said that Yang Chengzu replaced Jiao Ronger to finish the work later, and it was also impossible to hide.
Jade moths shook her head. "Even if the Li family owes you the Yang family, let’s pay the debts by our two sisters."
She said that her eyes were red here. "I heard my sister say that she followed him … maybe something happened to him?"
"Jade moths followed him … maybe nothing happened. Don’t scare yourself. The most important thing for you now is to take care of yourself and don’t think much about other things."
"Day you go to say with long live this lawsuit, you want to pick it up. Now that you have got us, you want us to be the Li family. If you are alive, you have to find people. If the shadow can’t get this revenge, you must also report it."
Chapter two hundred and fifty-seven Find a field (1)
Yang Chengzu asked her again, if she rescued her, if she became like this, she knew that she had been entangled by Qian Jing and was afraid of being countered by the other party, so she fled home and fled all the way to the township.
Why don’t you escape to the Yang family? Although you don’t want to implicate Yang Chengzu, in detail, the image of Yang Chengzu in her heart is not necessarily better than Qian Jing, but it is just a difference between a failure and a success.
And there is an old acquaintance of Li Xiong in the countryside. The old acquaintance is also a martial man. There is no widow left. The widow also ran across the rivers and lakes when she was young. It is a powerful woman. Li Yu’ e’s body is the color she gave to the pigment. This is for women to prepare drugs when they wander the rivers and lakes. Pretending to be a patient can make men lose interest.
Later, when she was collecting firewood in the mountains, she was chased and fell to Liu Meiren from a cliff. She brought people back to her place of residence and saved them. So she saved Feng Jia and chased her. After several rounds in Qian Jing’s mountains, the news disappeared. It seems that it is also broken in the hands of those people who chased Liu Meiren.
From this point of view, Qian Jing is a knife for Liu Meiren, but this kind of thing Liu Meiren didn’t intend to tell Zhengde that Li Yuee naturally wouldn’t have met Zhengde with a group of palace experts when she was going to hide with Liu Meiren, and thanked Liu Meiren for coming to hua county with Zhengde to uphold justice.
According to Zhengde’s original meaning, it is just that the second sister wants to be a wife, and he has nothing to do. He seems to be worried about Yang Chengzu’s taste for such a sick woman. However, Liu Meiren took the initiative to help Yang Chengzu as a rescue hero. Zhengde also remembered that there seems to be such a surname Yang who saved himself.
Then someone remembered that some time ago, there was also such a Yang Chengzu Zhengde among Zhang’s heroes, and his interest was much greater. According to his idea, such a hero who repeatedly broke Ningfan should meet himself, and then if appropriate, he could be drawn to the army to be a Qinbing.
As soon as he entered hua county, he heard the reward. Yang Chengzu was caught by Qian Ning. Then all this was the way it was. Qian Jie did not know how to live or die, but he kicked the iron plate and was cleaned up by Zhengde. Later, even Qian Ning fell down together.
Qian Ning’s hand to Yang Chengzu this time is also calculated by a willing heart. It can be said that it is not surprising that every step has been calculated to get to this point.
Yang Chengzu knew that the second sister was not sick and dyed it on purpose, so she breathed a sigh of relief. "I wish you weren’t sick. I’ll tell you what’s wrong with you and scare me."
"No disease, no help. My great aunt is afraid of being caught by Qian Jing and has left the village. Where are you hiding now? I don’t know if she has this medicine to wash the color. If I can’t find someone, maybe my generation will be like this."
"So what? I wish you weren’t sick. "
"People in Tianjia say that he is very … very, but when he looks at me, there is disgust in his eyes. If it weren’t for the doctor who said that the disease is not contaminated, he wouldn’t allow me to appear in Liu Meiren. You can see how much men hate me. You won’t come to see me again when I have a baby and my figure is gone."
When she said this, her heart suddenly moved. Now it is impossible for the elder sister and the Zhang family. If he really throws himself out after giving birth, will he have a chance to see Zhang Gong again?
But as soon as she thought about it, she felt that her waist was tight and she had been hugged by Yang Chengzu. "Second sister, you are my person, no matter what you become, you are my woman. I won’t let you go. If I can restore your appearance, it is of course a good thing. This is mainly for your good, not for my consideration. If I can’t restore it, there is nothing wrong with me."
He said this good thing. Jade moths haven’t said anything about Yuee. She couldn’t help crying in Yang Chengzu’s arms. "Yang Lang, I’m also seized by you. Will you be so good to me? Second sister, if you have to go, that sister will die for you. "
The next day, Tian Zhengde studied Yang Chengzu carefully for a long time and didn’t find the claw mark wound in his imagination, which was not a big disappointment. "I also have two sisters who can scratch your face, but I didn’t expect it to be so easy to let you go."
But when no one was around, he pulled Yang Chengzu’s words, "It’s a good thing that you are small. Sometimes teach me to give you an official."
"Long live the dragon and phoenix among the people. These means that the goddess is eager for the holy driving minister. This trick is not practical."
"You don’t know Liu Meiren’s temper, but you will know it in a couple of days."
Liu Meiren’s delicate body can’t stand the pommel horse bumping. She originally set out with the army to fight against Ning Wang in the south, but even if she acted with the army in a carriage, it was very hard for her to make some disasters from time to time.
Zhengde is very interested in her, but she is also very interested in this expedition. Since the death of Xiao Wang, Zhengde has been unable to find a suitable enemy to practice his hands for a long time.
This time, when he went out to Beijing to fight Ning Wang, he put more than 100 officials out of prison, which can be said to be a cross the rubicon. If he didn’t fight well in this battle, he would be ashamed to go back to Beijing.
He can’t let Liu Meiren go in this army, and he can’t let Liu Meiren stay behind and run to the former army by himself. Then the army will take care of the big troops in front of Liu Meiren, and the distance is getting bigger and bigger. This is also the case.
After falling off the cliff, Liu Meiren is not well enough to follow the army, and it is not convenient. This time, simply let Liu Meiren hua county recover from illness and wait until the front line action is almost the same before taking her over, while hua county’s safety will be borne by Yang Chengzu when he recovers from illness.
Until now, Yang Chengzu didn’t stay in hua county. He must have got some news from Zhang Yong waiting for this job.
"I’ll leave the safety of Liu Meiren to you." Military emergency Zhengde can’t stay in hua county for too long. Last night, he will leave today, patting Yang Chengzu on the shoulder.
"Do this job well, I’ll guarantee you a post. If anything happens to Liu Meiren, you’ll end it yourself. But I won’t let you suffer if I work for you. Jiao Rong, I left Li Jiyin as the presiding judge of this case, and I will support you in killing many people."
Chapter two hundred and fifty Find a field (2)
Now the new county magistrate in hua county hasn’t come yet. According to Zhengde’s arrangement, it is estimated that the new county magistrate won’t come until the case of’s shadow case of Yue-e Li beating her mother is handled. Although he stayed for one night, some people have known that the sky left the big party and came to hua county. When he left, he came to pick up the horse army, which was more than 3,000 people. The army was in a dark position, and the soldiers were dressed in yellow masks and put swan feathers in their heads.
The leader of the team, Jiang Bin Yang Chengzu, said, "The name of this soldier is Xu Tai, but maybe you can earn a living with his hands in the future. I heard that you made a fortune by borrowing my name, hua county."
"humble duty, guilty, uncle grace"
"How many heads do you have with a long live treasure knife?" Jiang Bin patted him on the shoulder. "Liu Niangniang, that’s Bo Gan Niang. If you do this job well, you will protect Bo Ye Niang, that is, Bo Da’s benefactor. Do you know what? You are still alive and kicking when you enter Nanzhen Fu Si, instead of waiting to die at home?"
"Beizhi wants to come here, long live the blessing, and secondly, Uncle Hu Wei, and thirdly, the money thief lost his way and didn’t help him. These loyal ministers secretly protected him to protect Beizhi’s life."
"You’re Cong Genghu, and I’ve always been him. Qian Ning’s side is just supervising Qian Ning for me. You also have my attention. Don’t be Hu Fei, otherwise no matter how much credit your father has, you can’t be saved."
Jiang Bin also wants to say something. Zhengde over there has shouted "Jiang Bin! Jiang Bin! Come here quickly. The brigade has dialed the wrong hour and carefully studied your head. "
"At the end, this brigade can be pulled out at any time!" Jiang Bin replied to Yang Chengzu’s path again and again, "Remember Bo’s words and learn to bow your head. Don’t be unhappy for yourself. I hope I can see you in Beijing instead of in the graveyard. Take care of yourself."
After speaking, the horse galloped across the horse’s belly with his legs clamped, and the converging army set off the avenue where smoke disappeared all over the sky.
Liu Meiren also bid farewell to the holy drive in the carriage, and waited until the big brigade could not see the shadow. Liu Meiren ordered the lovely maid-in-waiting to put the beaded curtain on the carriage, and then the maid-in-waiting ordered, "The empress has ordered Zhang and Yang Chengzu to come back to the city."
Yang’s clause is now an empress’s palace. Although Zhang is a big member of the open count, Liu Liangnv was so well dressed that he didn’t even dare to lift his head, while Liu Meiren knelt outside the sitting room and Yang Chengzu was separated by a curtain that people couldn’t see her.
"Zhang, your brother’s official in the palace is very effective. He is a pioneer in this conquest. I hope his success will benefit your family."
"Borrowing the auspicious words of the Empress, the holy days, Hongfu, Qi Tianning, San Francisco, the buffoon is vulnerable, and the imperial army will be able to plow the fields and sweep the holes, but the foolish brother can only win a few victories by borrowing Tianfuze, and the villain dare not take credit."
It’s hard to imagine that this old man, who seems to be born in the military, has this side. Yang Chengzu quietly gave a big finger to the old man. The hero can bend and stretch, and he knows that his family depends on him. No matter whether this kind of trip is out of heart or inspired by others, he must remember to prepare a generous gift for his old man.
Empress Liu added, "Yang Qian has just been flogged and it is not convenient for him to move two chairs for two people."
Although there are usually seats, Zhang also heard that he could mix a chair or borrowed Yang Chengzu’s light.
He is powerful and powerful, which all comes from Zhang Yong’s position, but Zhang Yong is just a eunuch again. In front of this favored concubine, he is just a slave, and Zhang dare not say anything about this treatment.
Empress Liu asked, "Zhang Gong hua county, are you ready? Second, there are bandits who intend to frame my ticket to blackmail the sky, and those bandits seem to have not caught the present people in the mountains near hua county. "
"Empress, rest assured, I’ve dispatched all the elite soldiers of Henan’s various health centers to ambush hua county city to ensure that there will be no mistakes. If the empress is frightened, I’d rather come to see those bandits first, and I’ve also arranged for people to arrest them. It won’t be long before this bunch of criminals can be arrested."
"Good you this words I remember if anything goes wrong, I’ll talk to you. I asked the palace. Now hua county Jinyi General Banner is called Qin Youlu? He seems to have something. I have already told Tianjia that he will be seconded to the East Factory to make the general flag of hua county be held by Yang Chengzu. "
It’s against the rules and even impossible to show off the work, but Zhang can listen to what she says no matter what, not to mention Zhengde. I think Qin Youlu must be better when he arrives at the East Factory.

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