Of course, in addition, there are many benefits, such as his aristocratic status, many people will come to him, and these are at least heroic units

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Because the world of nobility is generally equal to that of the rich, those who are short of money will become his favorite.
The structure of this world is quite special, and there is no law that drives the transcendental to be stronger than the transcendental.
On the contrary, an earl who doesn’t even have the strength of an apprentice should throw enough rewards, even a sixth-order god waiter can let the other side drive him.
Chen Mo’s identity is still very popular, but the title and aristocratic identity are not so easy to get. He has also experienced many difficulties, and fortunately, the talent of having money can help the gods. Many times, if you can’t solve things, you can just spend money directly.
He is especially concerned about the resources he has
"My Lord, Reverend Coulson came to visit." A maid hurried into the room and said in a hurried tone.
"Treat me well to take a shower and change clothes." Chen Mo showed respect in his tone.
His whole face turned black after the maid left.
"I didn’t expect territory has become this kind of situation is …"
This maid is a maid in his Lord’s house, but she didn’t seem loyal to him just now, but put the church and faith first.
Under normal circumstances, how dare the maid enter the aristocratic room without authorization? Even knocking at the door and asking questions is a courtesy.
Nobles are naturally trained by special personnel, otherwise they will be laughed at in the aristocratic circle. Although Chen Mo is a foreigner, he also does as the Romans do, otherwise it will be too conspicuous
"I really can’t trust the heroes and arms recruited from this device. If the church has an order, I’m afraid it will betray me for the first time."
A glimpse of a maid is so much worse, it is his hero and arms to attract heroic loyalty, which has never been more than 5 points sad for him.
But who made him unlucky and randomly got a device of this type, and it was also the seventh order.
But life has to go on. Now that the law resists, you can accept your fate.
I simply packed up my own luxurious clothes with various decorations and meanings and left the room.
He knew that the so-called great priest had to come and have a windfall to send some. Anyway, it was this combination of nobility and priest that made the erosion serious
However, Chen Mo did not want to change, because he was a vested interest. If he really wanted to change, not only would he have no aristocratic status, but even the pastor status in the Church of Light would have to be stripped off.
That’s going to be difficult then.
Even if you can’t take care of yourself, how can you help others? Even the poor and serfs who are squeezed at the bottom will not appreciate him, but will accuse him of disrespect for the gods.
Now everything in the whole world has solidified and has not changed, perhaps because of extraordinary power, there is no chance at the bottom.
The resistance forces have not changed the original distribution of interests?
How can it be possible for the bottom people to eat enough when the church and the nobility have not eaten enough? Worse, the bottom people are not human beings, but they can be regarded as the lambs of the gods.
Chapter 413 Vanity Fair Gods Praise the Lamb
"psst ~ is this world so extreme?"
Qin Mu Ye couldn’t help taking a breath in a gasp. He just sent a horrible sentence.
The structure of his world will be the same as that of the magical continent, but it is only after obtaining detailed information that it is possible to compare this thing with the magical continent.
Although the bottom of the magical continent is not good, at least the way to ascend is still there
Ordinary people can become transcendental in various ways and then break their own class, but this world is different, and it is completely limited.
Qin Mu Ye was impressed with backwardness and ignorance, even the mage.
They respect the gods and meditate and pray every day, so they can be regarded as priests
"Extraordinary everything is in the hands of the nobility and the church. There is a way for ordinary people to climb, and that is to join the church."
"Even the church department is in chaos, especially the nobles."
This reminds Qin Mu Ye of the magical mainland Silver Star Alliance, which was a group of crazy wizards before it left the Red Wind Plain, but it is precisely this that magic can develop so rapidly because they dare to experiment and do anything.
But then the nobles joined in and made it vanity fair, and everything changed after that.
This world is even more thorough. The whole world is the vanity fair of nobles and churches.
It seems that there are two groups, but the actual root is that one group has low productivity, science and technology law develops, the population expands greatly, and then serfs will become serfs because of poverty.
What would be so simple, because the owner of this vanity fair is a god, and all the human lambs are kept in captivity, especially those ordinary people with a large number.
Ignorance and backwardness can better produce faith. The gods need food.
Pastors are shepherds, leading the poor and serfs to believe in the gods. The nobles are shepherds, guarding the gods, and the lambs avoid their loss and let the lambs breed constantly.
Everything is so orderly that it forms a perfect closed loop, in which everyone is the beneficiary, except the bottom lambs, who live a poor life and have to donate half of their hard-earned money to the church for what? That’s because all this is common.
"From the current difficulty, the value of territorial characteristics and the prohibition of ghosts and gods is far from the clay tablet of fate."
If you follow Qin Mu Ye’s previous ideas, you must send all the gods to the laboratory to solve the problem directly, but now it seems too rash to think about it.
The difficulty determines the reward.
"This thing seems to be a single choice, but it can also be made into multiple choices?"

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