By then, it will be FIFA and the winning war.

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No one would have thought that Changsheng could not wait to attack FIFA at the award ceremony, which was equivalent to a face-to-face meeting.
This incident soon overtook the news that Messi won the Golden Globe Award twice in a row and became the most explosive news event of the night.
"… should Messi win this award or not? I think there is something wrong with the result of this award …"
Depending on the screen winning said flatly.
His tone must be firm.
This time he is going to fight FIFA.
In the screen around him are reporters on the third floor and the third floor outside.
Everyone surrounded him, even Mr. Golden Globe Messi came out of it, and few reporters went to see him. He was at the door for a while.
But no reporter came to interview him. It seems that Mr. Golden Globe is just as angry as he is.
Other reporters are still coming from all directions to surround Changsheng.
Messi looked a little depressed in the camera, and then he left so depressed.
No reporters interviewed.
"At the just-concluded FIFA Awards Ceremony, Messi unexpectedly defeated the favourite david silva and won the Golden Globe Award for 21 years, which was the second time in a row in his career, but he was not the focus. After the ceremony, the Lazio coach was often surrounded by reporters …"
"… often said in an interview with reporters after coming out that Messi did not deserve to win the Golden Globe Award. His words caused an uproar …"
"Lazio coach often speaks amazingly again, criticizing FIFA for unfair selection!"
"The most surprising thing is actually not the scene when he was interviewed outside the convention center, but that he directly took the stage at the award ceremony and criticized FIFA for giving this award to Messi!"
"I often made a sensational speech at the FIFA awards ceremony. He directly said that this is a football shame!"
No matter what channel you changed that night, if it was a sports channel, that base was talking about it.
It should be a great honor to win the Golden Globe Award for two consecutive years. It is a great event for Messi, Barcelona and the Argentine national team.
But now there is no media attention to him, and everyone is talking about winning.
In this way, Chang Sheng stole the limelight from Messi and made those who cheered for Messi winning the Golden Globe Award twice in a row unhappy.
But not all the media support winning.
Of course, they are also surprised that Messi won the prize, but they don’t agree with the conspiracy theory of winning.
On the contrary, they think that winning the game will not do any good except to vote for david silva’s hatred of Messila.
Because he is too extreme.
For example, the Catalan media "World Sports News" published an article the next day, criticizing Changsheng for being narrow-minded and lacking manners and upbringing.
"… Messi how don’t deserve this golden globe award? In terms of his strength, he is definitely the best player in today’s football. What is the surprise for the best player to win a Golden Globe Award? According to the logic of a normal person’s thinking, when an excellent player wins the prize, he should send congratulations at the first time, not angrily scold the other side for not winning the prize. Messi also realized this point in his speech after winning the prize. He thinks that david silva and Iniesta are more suitable for this prize than himself. Look at this. This is a Mr. Golden Ball’s accomplishment. Compared with it, it is simply a poor education! "
Catalan media have a grudge against Chang Sheng. It’s normal for them to attack Chang Sheng directly.
In addition to Catalan media, Argentine media also criticized Changsheng.
Their words are no different from those of Catalan media. They are mainly personal attacks, so I won’t repeat them here. Anyway, there is nothing new in cursing
In addition to these two media that are sure to confront Changsheng, some other media also euphemistically expressed their disapproval of Changsheng.
"… as we all know, the head coach and captain of the national team voted for a large proportion in the FIFA Golden Globe Awards, and the national team voted for Messi because of his fame in the past two years. It is normal for him to take advantage of the national team voting. The media such as French Football and Gazzetta dello Sport are very professional, but their number is limited. A ticket stub in their hand is not important …"
"… it is said that david silva won as much as seven percent of the votes in the media, while Messi won four percent … but in the national team, Messi has far surpassed david silva in the voting rate … I think this is very telling, so we are sorry that david silva didn’t win the Golden Globe Award, but … this matter has nothing to do with conspiracy theories … It’s just that the voting rules are unreasonable and there is still a distance between people’s manipulation …"
Others think that david silva didn’t win the prize because he and Iniesta were both Spanish internationals, and both of them won the World Cup, which made it difficult for many people to choose a place. They split some votes and eventually led to their defeat to Messi.
If you always look for reasons, you can always find some.
Chapter three hundred and forty Who moved my ticket?
Chang Sheng won’t leave it at that. After returning to Italy, he continued to attack FIFA on his personal network. He criticized FIFA’s practice and made the Golden Globe Award a high honor. This is an insult to football!
He spoke very strongly and accused FIFA of manipulating the selection results in every sentence.
This accusation is very heavy. If there is no evidence, it will be spurned.

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