Lenny Wang, the female lead singer of Teana Song and Dance Troupe, is also in two places for a while, especially in the eyes of boys. This is definitely the dream lover of the perfect sexy goddess.

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Although Fran’s technique is definitely not in Lenny’s beauty, you should know that Fran is the image of Ye Tian, body double, Ye Tiandi in front of the audience and the face of Vadi in front of the world. In everyone’s opinion, Lenny is the most outstanding female singer in the world.
Especially in the recent six or seven concerts in Lenny, Fran was asked to pretend to be Lenny, which went beyond Ye Tian’s talent to sing a few songs instead of Lenny perfectly. Even Lenny was dumbfounded after singing a song. She never thought that the song could be so perfect.
In many ways, because Lenny’s fame is not at all, Heidi is a heavenly dance company, and the queen of the song is absolutely strong.
"One Wang Ran is Ye Tian". In Ye Tianfu’s Lan Li’s creation, he is deeply in love with Ye Tian, whether he is a man or a woman, whether he is old or young.
After three, they are the dance team Heidi Singing Group and Lenny Music Group. Wei An, the three kings and one queen, are the core members of Teana.
Hua finally came on, and the stage lights went out at the same time. Seeing this scene, the audience shouted together. Everyone knew that after waiting for more than two hours, the performance was finally coming.
As the lights went out and the audience called the dark stage, Heidi led the other six dancers to the edge of the stage and stood there gracefully in a tight-fitting dress, waiting for the music to start.
In the hundreds of sharp whistles, several rocket-like lights roared at the center of the stage and shot flat in all directions, and the harsh screams passed by the audience and instantly ignited the audience’s emotions.
Knock, knock, roar and drum followed by the ringing drums, and the musical instruments rose in the sky, accompanied by the agitation of the concert hall, and the audience shouted and jumped for joy.
Cheep a few sharp broken condensed into a moment around the stage hundreds of different colors of light balls roared up, and after arriving in Gao, they exploded.
As the splendid fireworks music turned around the door, it became more and more exciting. In the music, the stage suddenly lit up with seven light beams, each of which illuminated a figure. If you don’t look at the light carefully, everyone would have recognized that it was Heidi’s six dancing girls.
Accompanied by the crisp rhythm of dynamic music, seven girls danced their limbs in a graceful and dynamic way, and the audience shouted more strongly when they saw this scene.
Hua is another light pointing to the side of the stage, and a pretty figure is coming. At the same time, the music suddenly turns beautiful and the songs are ringing.
I feel that every day is full of freshness YaYaYaYa Yaya.
Colored fireworks blink at any time, yayaya yaya.
I’m willing to queue up for everything except love, Yayaya Yaya.
Fresh bread is harder to refuse YaYaYaYa than boys.
I can feel a lot of sisters love.
Silly waiting to secretly shed tears
It’s not right. Come and exchange views.
When the king is found, let’s rush forward. With Lenny’s crisp and soft songs, the huge arena will be full of people dancing. The audience will dance with the music, and Heidi and other six girls will dance with their limbs.
After more than two months, dance has been popular in mainland China, and the coverage may be a little small now, but today, Jidu has participated in the pre-performance of Tianzhu Song and Dance Troupe, especially these tickets are all obsessed with dance.
It’s hard to have fun without dancing, but for those dancers, dancing is the most attractive sport if they don’t jump all over, and they would rather eat less than dance once.
In the intense dynamic and explosive music, Lenny sings with all her heart, and the girls in the orchestra also play explosive music while swinging their bodies. This kind of atmosphere, this kind of atmosphere can never be achieved by listening to music at home.
At this moment, it’s not the performer, the dancer, the singer or the audience. In fact, people have merged together, singing and dancing together, and the stage has merged into an ocean of music. Everyone involved, whether you are performing or watching, has devoted themselves to limiting the fun.
The music time is always too short. Finally, with Lenny’s song falling off the stage, hundreds of spectacular flames suddenly shot up. At the same time, Lenny bowed to everyone with a smile on his face, and then quickly ran towards the stage.
Seeing this, the audience can’t help but nod their heads. The music is not over yet, and the dance is still going on. But what happened to Miss Lenny?
The girls of Doubt Band are playing the rhythm and style of music while shaking their bodies, and the tunes are changing little by little. Heidi and the other six girls are slowly changing the dance.
Just as the audience wondered that the music had been completely transformed into another song before they knew it, Heidi and others’ dances had also been completely changed into another one.
When the music suddenly plays high notes, it becomes sharper. With the sudden change of music, the audience’s heartstrings are suddenly tightened.
PIUPIUPUPIU finally rang with a crisp male excitement in a series of sharp screams.
We both know that we want to be together tonight.
You can’t leave for a moment if you touch it.
At the first light, they were thrown into the shredder, and each of them was remembered for too short a period.
Let’s say I love you.
Looks like it’s about to fly
And then say goodbye.
Disillusioned taste
If anyone kisses me, I will kiss you.
I’m just not sorry
If you can’t afford to be bad, it’s hard for you
It stings if you can afford to cross the plane at night
If you can’t afford to be bad, it’s hard for you

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