Of course, the so-called congress can also be called an auction event to display the panacea, which is to sell it at a sky-high price, otherwise who will come here to show their treasures?

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In addition, this ancient vein has a strong aura, covering an extremely wide mountain range. These days, monks from all sides have appeared more lively, and many people are also rushing to practice and can see the aura of heaven and earth everywhere.
"It’s true that Xiao Wang in medicine has a rare age of 50 thousand!"
There was a sensation in the distance, and the smell of medicine almost drunk a person. All the monks nearby flocked to the past, and it was noisy.
"A 50,000-year-old ancient medicine is really rare. This kind of medicine is rare for Xiao Wang."
"Nanling is really a spiritual land, and it is the only way to grow such a precious medicine."
A group of people are amazed at the hot eyes in the face of old medicine and can’t wait to find it immediately.
Holding this thing is an old man with red hair sitting there quietly repairing unfathomable things. When people talk, they don’t see him respond. When someone really asks for a price, they just open their eyes and shake their heads briefly.
"Xiao Yaowang is very rare for the living fossils of hierarch figures."
Li Yu is also looking forward. It is an ancient medicine with seven leaves and one leaf. One color is divided into seven colors, all of which are crystal clear and fragrant. Everyone is intoxicated.
You can see it just by selling it, but according to the old man, it was found out from the famous dangerous place in Nanling Mountain, and it was almost planted in it. It is difficult to find another one.
Soon the news spread here, and many monks followed the family will and came to buy this medicine from the old man.
Li Yu didn’t pay any more attention, but went to the deep monk Yunsuo, where he knew that Nanling had the fastest recent movement.
On the other side, there is a stone stage where anyone can go and gather a lot of monks and young people.
"It’s amazing that the barbarians have always been dismissive. I didn’t expect such an ancient demon family with a stick to beat people seriously."
"What seems to be called the East is going to be famous in Nanling soon, but the ancient demon aristocratic family has even revealed his true self, and he was beaten black and blue with a big stick on his head."
"Hey, this vein was a pretty ancient God of War tribe in the past, but now it is hidden from the world, but if anyone dares to underestimate them, they are bound to suffer a big loss."
As soon as Li Yu arrived, she heard the news of a celebrity in Nanling. The barbarian beat the ancient demon family. It seems that the body is very strong.
"Haven’t several big families of Nanling generation been born yet?"
He was also seated in the gas and asked about the younger generation in Nanling
Someone saw his good manners and smiled and offered him a glass of sake to invite him to enjoy the moon with him.
"Brother, you must have been practicing hard to get out of the mountain without repairing it. The ancient demon families in Nanling have been born and walked for some time, and some temple gods have also made great achievements."
A friar smiled and raised his glass. In recent years, the young masters all took a sip.
Such as Chen Yuan, Liu Yunjie, Kong Linghua, Xie Siyuan, etc. are all young masters who are very strong and well-connected, or the grandsons of gods or ancient demons or future leaders should not be underestimated.
There are also big beads competing for beauty, and there are four heavenly daughters in Nanling. Such people are not only beautiful and intelligent, but also powerful young people.
Li Yu smell speech light yi a look up at the water yuehua Nanling than he wants to prosper a lot, not as desolate as the world knows, but also a generation of outstanding people.
He also heard the news of the birth of the little war king in the Zen Temple. He defeated the five gods head-on and joined hands in fighting methods. Ling Tianyou heard that he had played against the famous dragon and would defeat the true and false.
The news of the Demon Palace is more secret. The world knows that a princess named Qi Qi, who walks in the Demon Palace, is gorgeous and hot, attracting several days of arrogance to surround the fire rose with thorns.
"It’s meaningless to talk about Nanling only, overlooking the five domains. Who is the first master of the younger generation today?"
Some people talked about this problem a month before drinking the rising flowers.
"Today, when I am in the Warring King’s Hall, Demon Emperor’s Hall and other shrines in Nanling, and now I have completed my studies, I am truly invincible in the world. It is hard for Nanling to find an opponent, and there are few rivals in his four domains."
"I’ve heard that there are kings in Zhongzhou, vicious people in the East, and ten Buddhas in the West, all of whom are young masters with good strength."
"Alas, you said that a small number of people have forgotten a more terrible one. It’s creepy that the invincible king is crushing the three major fields."
When this person’s words came out, everyone was suddenly silent. This is a fact. Wang Jing, an unbeaten man, is breathless than terrible.
"This is really a veritable world. Kings have made all kinds of physique, and even the most powerful people from all over the world have been born. Who can be the first in the world? But now it seems that the king of man does have the charm to match the emperor of the past."
People have some feelings about drinking wine in a glass and talking about the past and the present, whether it is true or false.
Li Yu is also a lieutenant general. What he saw and gained when he traveled to the three realms tells a unique charm, which makes the Nanling monks constantly agree that this is a great master.
After all, being able to understand it in such a detailed way must have set foot on the right and wrong, and it is because of making it up.
Abrupt is about the west desert scene. Li Yu suddenly gave birth to the induction and slowly put his glass in his hand.
The monks in Nanling unexpectedly asked each other what had happened.
"It’s a pity that someone won’t let me drink a lot."
Li Yu sighed that the wine in the cup was shaking slightly and steaming, and plumes of white smoke curled up and reflected like water.
"Brother Dao said this?"
By this time, people also felt that he was extraordinary and unfathomable, and everyone was polite.
"It’ll prevent the rats from dying in an instant and then you can enjoy the moon."
Li Yu raised his glass to the moon at a flick of a finger, and immediately dragged it to Baizhang Yuehua like a waterfall and washed it away. In the distance, a man was forced out and his blue armor shone.
"What is this person lurking here? !”
Everyone was surprised, and it was a terrible thing that people were deceived so close and didn’t find it.
"You really came to Nanling, so bold!"
Blue armor man unhurried, his eyes were cold and faint, and he pointed out that there was a head of Cang Lang condensed out and there was a hundred feet of roaring and culling.
"I am interested in enjoying the scenery in the month before the flower!"
Li Yu is still shaking his glass from the palm of his hand. In Guanghua Dasheng, there was a moon in which Ran Ran rose directly, and now Cang Lang is smashed and shot into thousands of rays.

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