In Korea xin son is domineering side leakage a face of murderous look, "and what he nonsense! It’s hard for us to kill the door directly and destroy his Vientiane door! "

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"ah? You … "
Qi Yangyan was startled when he heard that Han Xin-er was ready to start work. Although you knew that the other party might be acting, he was still uneasy and almost ready to crush the "Wan Li Trace".
"Come on, you will scare the old man!"
Liu Fei saw this, but he couldn’t help but smile and quickly stopped everyone!
Then a face of treacherous laughed. "Elder Qi, as you can see, I am under a lot of pressure to reach a settlement with Vientiane Gate! If your conditional method satisfies them, I can’t help it … "
I have to say that Lu Fei’s face is really annoying now. He almost told Qi Yangyan in vain that we were acting!
But if you don’t give enough conditions, it is very likely that you will fake it! It’s up to you!
[424] Vientiane Gate Compensation
? "Bastard!"
After listening to Liu Fei’s words, Qi Yangyan was so angry that he wanted to criticize the face on the spot, but he had to pretend to be grateful and nodded at Liu Fei. "Is it the owner of the road …"
"I don’t know what conditions you have, but we will try our best to meet them!"
How can people not bow their heads in the eaves?
Who let him get in the wrong line in front of Vientiane? Therefore, in my heart, I don’t want to bite the silver teeth at this time, and I have to swallow my stomach with an open mind and ask everyone.
"Well …"
Hasty Liu Fei really didn’t know what to offer to Vientiane Gate. After all, he should have taken the initiative to find Vientiane Gate to make peace, and he never thought about what too harsh conditions to make them promise not to be the magic door in the future. Liu Fei’s eyes have actually been reached.
But now the situation is obviously not the same as expected. Before looking for the door to Vientiane, the elder actually took the initiative to find the door to surprise, and at the same time, Liu Fei was caught off guard and unprepared.
"Or … let Hao Yilin hand him over to kunlun mirror?"
Liu Fei is still thinking silently about Huang Tianwang beside him, but suddenly he asked suddenly.
"Ahem …"
On hearing this, Lu Fei was choked to cough violently on the spot, saying that you really dare to be a lion’s mouth!
You dare to take the artifact? Aren’t you afraid of driving them into a desperate situation? If you change yourself at the translocation, it is definitely impossible to promise! At this time, if anyone asks him for Shennongding Lufei, he will fight hard with him!
"Impossible! This is absolutely impossible! "
As Liu Fei expected, Huang Tianwang’s voice just fell and Qi Yangyan was trembling with anger on the spot, and a face of indignation roared to the total bar.
Vientiane gate really wants reconciliation, but before this reconciliation, it is the right way. The conditions offered by one party must be within their tolerance! Otherwise, they are really afraid of World War I!
After all, they are supported by a huge industrial chain, and at least there are two Du Jie experts and kunlun mirror to help them! Unless Chun Yin returns now, it is impossible to really attack Vientiane Gate by relying on the strength of Lu Fei and others.
"Ah qi elder you don’t worry first! The so-called wild speculations to pay back the money are all negotiable … "
It seems that I am worried that they will be desperate. Liu Fei can’t help but comfort Qi Yangyan and say, "Well, why don’t you tell me about your sincerity in Vientiane first?"
"This …"
After all, he doesn’t know where the bottom line of Liu Fei and others is. If the conditions are too high, he will definitely suffer, but if they are too low, he is worried that he will annoy Liu Fei and others and make them feel sincere in reconciliation …
However, their own conditions are better than those of Lu Fei and others. Therefore, Qi Yangyan pondered over and over again and finally gave a high or low condition: "a magic weapon of day order, four magic weapons of land steps and five-year income of Vientiane Gate in Jiangcheng and Yanjing!"
Hearing this, Liu Fei and others suddenly shine at the moment. They don’t care about the industrial benefits of Jiangcheng and Yanjing! After all, it’s hard to impress them after they’ve reached such a state.
But that one magic weapon of day order and four magic weapons of land steps are difficult, which makes them pop!
In the last law era, the ancient method of refining vessels has long been lost. Even a master like Xu He spent half a generation, which barely gave birth to a magic weapon of day order!
This Vientiane Gate really has a magic weapon of day order and a magic weapon of four steps!
Everyone is really excited, but no one is stupid. Instead, they look straight at Lu Fei and wait for his decision!
"no! This condition is too low … "
As they expected, Lu Fei shook his head straight and then roared again, "Well, other things being equal, you can add two day order magic weapons!"
In Lu Fei’s view, his conditions are already quite high, even if he doesn’t touch the bottom line of Vientiane Gate, he is not far away.
However, what he never expected was that his voice had just fallen, but he simply said, "Deal!"
"I depend!"
Hearing this, Lu Fei couldn’t help patting his thigh and secretly cursing, "It’s going to be lower!"
Seems to be worried that Liu Fei will go back on our word. Generally, Qiyangyan hurriedly said to Liu Fei and others, "That’s settled! Three day order magic weapons and four terrace magic weapons will be sent as soon as I get back! "
"You can choose to directly discount the income of Wanxiangmen in Jiangcheng and Yanjing or collect it year by year!"
"Alas … OK, let’s do it!"
Although I know that my condition is low, Liu Fei has already gone back on his word. I can nod my head and accept this condition! Who let this condition be made by himself?
In fact, this condition is not too low. The key is Lu Fei or underestimating the details of Vientiane Gate!
They have been a super clan for thousands of years, and they are the only sect that has not suffered from war in several dark turmoil! Naturally, the heritage of the clan is far from being comparable to other clans!
"Very well! Lu Zhangmen is really happy! If nothing happens, Zou will leave, and then someone will naturally deliver things to Maoshan, and then please ask Lu Zhangmen to sign for one! "
Although Lu Fei has accepted this condition, Qi Yangyan seems to be worried that Lu Fei will go back on his word and want to hurry back to Vientiane Gate to cook uncooked rice first.
"Wait a minute!"

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