"And this time you’re a stowaway, and this world has caused great movement and made moves."

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"This punishment is much more serious …"
Wang Mu looked at him.
"I can’t guarantee that he can soar," Qian Mo said faintly after a long silence. "The cause and effect of the world are heavy, and everything is under control. Even if the qualifications are good, who knows where it will fall?"
"I’ll regret coming at that time."
"Immortal blood is difficult"
"Don’t talk nonsense. Come on, it’s not good to absorb fairy yuan first. See how much you can absorb …"
Wang Mu didn’t ask many questions for a long time. The forbidden power of the extremely magical body …
Chapter 254 The Immortal Ceremony was robbed of death.
Wang Mu stretched out his palm and was covered with dark light from the skin.
Wang Mu has never used this magic body to absorb all things in the world and feed back itself since he became a very magic body. Although it is a major feature of this magic body, it can be regarded as the same as the demon that day. Once you do that, who knows if Du Jie will fall into a catastrophe?
Causal exchange between the two sides of the transaction will not cause any causal problems.
This is the fastest way to solve yourself at present.
If you miss Wang Mu, I don’t know how long you will have to wait. Considering that Luna said that emotional robbery is a bit troublesome, you have to find a way to improve your strength temporarily.
This method may be risky and full of unknowns, but it is possible not to try.
"You this body …" Qian desert knife-shaped eyebrows move eyes seems a bit bad.
"I’ll take it." Wang Mu’s eyes are constantly infected with black halo
If the demon body is suppressed by Buddha’s heart, it will easily make its own yuan God lose control.
Well, nowadays, practice is the orthodox heavenly demon secret method, and you can use it at will even if you don’t cultivate the Buddha’s heart and the devil’s body
Thanks to the misty flocculant …
Qianmo nodded slightly.
In a second, Wang Mu got up and turned into a dark cloud, which instantly enveloped the desert.
A rainbow-like glow overflows all over the desert, and the immortal yuan doesn’t belong to this world. A drop of life energy is scattered at will, which makes the dead trees grow in the desert every spring, but at the moment, all of them are submerged by black clouds.
The swift passing fairy yuan made Qian Mo feel a little uneasy.
This eastern pastoral world is a very mysterious one.
The mysterious reason is very simple. Zhou Tianshen, the director of Yande Star Palace, is flaming, but karma can burn people’s karma.
A lot of karma absorbed from the fire will flow into the sea of samsara, washing a road into the samsara soul to transform their samsara cause and effect for a lifetime, thus forming a cycle. Therefore, there is a book of human cause and effect reincarnation in Yande Star Palace, and samsara can be counted.
At the same time, the world will also come to this book when it is in charge of lightning punishment
When many people in the world soar, the strength of lightning robbery corresponds to the causal size of this reincarnation book.
Being in charge of the thunder punishment and patrolling the Leixing Palace is also based on the cause and effect of this book, which is handed over to the boundary heaven. The signal world heaven will reduce the strength of thunder robbery to different degrees according to the cause and effect karma of all beings.
This is also the origin of the strength of the monks’ soaring thunder robbery.
However, the position of the immortal official in the body-burning Dexing Palace is not high or low, and there is also a chance to read this reincarnation book.
The memory of many years in the fairy dynasty is especially new.
There are several special records in the book of reincarnation
After several years of investigation and writing, all life in the world has a record book.
Only a few didn’t.
First, boundary sages and eastern shepherds.
Some immortals say that it is normal for him not to be in the five elements if the eastern pastoral world will not get through to the fairy dynasty and have no chance to come to the world.
There are also immortals who say that this person may have been born as an immortal in ancient times. Now he should have died to digest the dust in this world, and when he got through, the world was already deserted. There were no rules to speak of, no merits to speak of, and he died cleanly. Otherwise, the innate artifact of reincarnation would not have forgotten a monk …
Even in the fairy dynasty, there was a time when this person guessed the idea, but in the end there was no result.
But the particularity is also
After all, the Immortal Dynasty was slowly established after the rise of the Li Dynasty.
However, if the East Pastoral broke that barrier and the two worlds failed to pass, then the fairy dynasty may not be established.
All kinds of memories slowly pass by with their own immortal yuan.
I don’t know how long it took.
His face is getting old.
Actually, he has less cents than he said.
But to the monks, a little fairy yuan contains life, which is all legal imagination.
Being suppressed by heaven from the smuggling world will lose immortal yuan.
Where are there so many?
If there are thousands of cents, he doesn’t need to smuggle, but he needs to lay out slowly
But even if it’s not that much, it’s enough to make up for this person
"Oriental shepherd …"
He read two.
In the theory of boundary disputes, the sages have disappeared.
At the beginning, an aura world could open two channels, and a mortal could not bear that kind of power.
Now it’s resurrected.
Of course, he doesn’t know whether it is true or not.
There is no other way to verify this person.
I hope that the other party can fulfill the promise.

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