The blue-shirted students and blue-shirted students couldn’t help getting hot in their hearts. In ancient times, there were scholars who didn’t study well, not to mention Ji Yuan, the president of Beijing University. This is a great scholar, and Zhuge Liang is a great scholar, not to mention Zhao Yun, Lu Bu and other martial arts supernatural powers who gave lectures in such places. They think it is a holy place for literati, fighters and monks. It is a valuable asset to get random advice from these strong people.

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After eating in a hurry, Tsing Yi and Lan Yi asked the boss the way and started directly towards Beijing University.
"Is this Beijing University?"
After more than half an hour, the blue students and the blue students came to their destination-Beijing University!
Atmosphere! Powerful! Elegant!
This is the first influence of Beijing University, even if you only see the gate.
This is also the previous Yedu University, but it has also been rebuilt, and according to Yedu, the former Yedu University in Beijing has also been renamed as Beijing University. When they came here, they were already full of people because they came from other places. There were many people here, and it was just that Beijing University had just been established, and the students also rushed back not long ago. In fact, Beijing University has not yet studied this year’s enrollment, and everything has yet to be postponed. Even so, the former students have come back to familiarize themselves with the environment because the school has just been built.
Chapter 696 Study in the Holy Land
The highest institution of higher learning in the State of Jin, for the State of Jin, whoever has lofty ideals does not enter the University of Beijing, whether it is a scholar or a warrior, because the University of Beijing is not only an institution of higher learning, but also means that it has entered the State of Jin and entered the University of Beijing. At the moment, it has already been built first, and then the imperial salary has been conferred directly by the court after graduation. For some ordinary people, the University of Beijing is also their paradise!
The newly-built Beijing University is also newly built, and it will soon be close to the new enrollment of Beijing University. After the ceremony of offering sacrifices to heaven on March 1, the new freshman enrollment exhibition of Beijing University will soon be held. Although it has just been established, there are many people here who are close to school, most of whom have just graduated from the State of Jin and come to take part in the scientific research of Beijing University. Of course, with the ceremony of offering sacrifices to heaven approaching, many people from all over the country have come to visit Beijing University, and there are also many outsiders from the State of Jin!
"Beijing University, Beijing University, I must become a student of Beijing University after this year’s scientific research."
At the gate of Beijing University, a young man dressed in a gray Confucian shirt looked at the school gate of Beijing University and his eyes were hot.
"Ha ha, that brother is going to refuel. More and more people take part in the scientific research in Beijing University every year. It’s not certain that there will be 900,000 at least this year, but the admission rate of Beijing University is not more than 1,000 every year. This is not easy to enter! Today the admission rate of one thousand people may not have a difficult to get in ….. "
Next to another young man, he said that his black strength is not very elegant, but his face water chestnut gives people a sharp momentum. When he looks at his temples, he is a fighter and his repair should be not low
"There is no way to do this. There are more and more students studying martial arts in our country every year. According to the court statistics, there are more than 10 million primary school students and more than 7 million middle school students. I estimate that after this year, middle school students will definitely break through 10 million, and the number of scientific examiners will also be doomed to break through one million. In this way, the number of scientific examiners in the future must not be impossible. According to the fact that the number of freshmen in Beijing University does not exceed 1,000 every year, it is really one in a million …"
Another person, Jack Tao, is a scholar, and he looks not young, about thirty years old, with a hint of naivety and bitterness on his face. Since the State of Jin set up schools to vigorously promote education, more and more learners, especially primary schools, have expanded the fastest, because now adults are trying their best to let children learn from childhood and become adults, and with the development of the State of Jin, every family has a high standard of living and has got rid of food and clothing, so naturally they hope that women can become talents.
"This is also a good phenomenon. More and more learners have proved that my whole living standard in the state of Jin has been improved. Everyone has become a success, and I think that after the reunification, the court will definitely make great efforts to educate universities, and the chances of entering universities through scientific research will definitely increase greatly …"
Some people have speculated that
"The new university is certain, but how can the new university compare with Beijing University?"
Some people say this, but they say a lot of people’s hearts. They are not stupid. They all know the particularity of Beijing University. Even if the new imperial university, which one can compare with Beijing University?
"Did you hear that Mr. Ji and Mr. Zhuge and others in Beijing University also specially left originals and inscriptions to contain literary spirit? I also heard that in recent years, more than 100 students in Beijing University have understood literary spirit. ……”
"You know, Mr. Ji, you know, and Mr. Zhuge, all of them are contemporary scholars. Think about it. They left the original works with literary spirit … You know" Linjiang Xian ".It was when you made that poem in Watertown that you personally engraved the tablet in Beijing University, and I heard that it was not just the handwriting of Mr. Ji, Mr. Ji and Mr. Zhuge. Everyone had notes, like Mr. Cai Yong, vice president of Beijing University, and today’s Shang Jixuan Ji’s adult …"
"Authentic monuments, my God, these are our literati’s valuable treasures. Oh, my God, Beijing University is simply a paradise for us to read …"
Some people can’t help but exclaim that some outsiders who come here are not calm, especially some readers look at Beijing University with burning eyes. Literati have always been impressed with their hands tied. Although literati can understand the literary spirit, there are so few people who understand it because it is not as unified as monks and fighters. This is also the reason why once they understand it, they will be honored as everyone. Because there are too few people who understand it, it is too difficult to look at the sky and understand it. Although there are not many people who understand it. There is a unified cultivation method, but if you leave the original works, you will definitely have a great chance to understand the literary spirit, not to mention that Ning Caichen, Jiyuan, Zhuge Liang and other great scholars leave the original works, which is simply a valuable treasure for readers. Even for understanding the literary spirit, all great scholars’ original works are legal value measures, which is likely to directly draw them into the threshold of great scholars.
"These monuments are just for the arts and martial arts. It’s not bad. I heard that General Zhao Yun and General Lu Bu often come to give lectures on martial arts. These are all martial arts, magical powers and the strong. It’s simply impossible for us fighters to get their advice. Moreover, I also heard that the court may set up Daoke to parallel the three subjects of literature, martial arts and Taoism …"
Looking at the gate of Beijing University, several people lamented that their eyes were more intense, and they came to prepare for the scientific examination of Jin Guoxue. Their hearts were full of longing, and some outsiders who came here for this moment could not calmly look at the gate of Beijing University, and their hearts became hot.
"This is the holy place for us to study!"
The blue student and the blue student in the crowd looked at each other and saw the fiery eyes looking at the gate of Beijing University. For the first time, they were so eager to enter a place to study. Both of them came from Jin to study abroad and did not belong to the State of Jin. This time, they just came here to see the State of Jin and attend the ceremony of offering sacrifices to heaven before this grand occasion.
There are more and more people here. Many people are looking at the gate of Beijing University with fiery eyes, but no one dares to go in because they are not from Beijing University, and the broadsword sunlight in the hands of the rows of burly soldiers at the school gate reflects a cold light that makes people look daunting. A kind of shaqi emanates from these soldiers. It seems that the gas around them has dropped several times. At first glance, it can be seen that these soldiers are all climbing out of the sea of dead mountains and blood, which is not easy to provoke, and there are also notices posted at the gate of Beijing University that other people are not allowed to enter. Although there are many people here, it is not for Beijing University people to
"Look, it’s a student of the School of Arts of Beijing University!"
At this moment, a young man wearing a white Confucian shirt came out of Beijing University. It looked like he was in his twenties with fine eyes. Some people knew something about Beijing University. The white Confucian shirt was also customized by the Academy of Arts of Yedu University, that is, everyone in the school saw a silver "Wen" on the chest of the white Confucian shirt. The Academy of Arts was a white Confucian shirt, and the martial arts academy was a black one. The chest was also embroidered with the words Wen and Wu respectively.
Literal! Elegant! Behave in moderation!
This is the first influence of the students in this capital university. Although they didn’t speak, they just walked out and passed by here, but their elegant and literati temperament could not be concealed.
"This, this, how do I feel that this person’s temperament is better than those who have seen literati!"
Some people were so shocked that they looked at the man who was away from Beijing University and was amazed at each other’s temperament, which exuded elegance from his bones. Many people thought it was better than some literati who understood the literary spirit.
"What do you mean, it’s like I told you that this man is Du Wei, a junior at Beijing University. Last year, when I watched Lingjiang Xian, I realized that Wen Qi is now everyone, and it’s only 24 years old." There is an informed humanity.
"It’s so young that everyone realized last year that it wasn’t 23 years old …!" The crowd was shocked. At the age of twenty-three, it was absolutely a genius to understand the literary spirit.
"What’s the surprise? There are many people who are worse than Du Wei in Beijing University. I heard that there was a freshman named Muyun who just entered Beijing University a month ago and realized that he was angry when he was only 19 years old. He was also appreciated by Mr. Zhuge and asserted that this person is likely to become a scholar …"
The word "great scholar" is too shocking for a moment, but once you set foot in this realm, you will also step into the ranks of the strong, although it is impossible to compare with the giant, but it is absolutely true to look at the sky.
"Is this the highest institution of learning in the State of Jin? The root is our holy land. It would be a pity if I could enter it to study in this life."
It is their dream to enter the capital university for the study of Jin Dynasty, but it is a shock to those who come here from outside Jin Dynasty to set up colleges and promote education. Although some of them have heard of it, they have only heard of it but have never known it. Until now, they have had a preliminary understanding of the capital university, but they have caused great waves in their hearts.
Chapter 697 Near
"Brother, did you just say that the scientific research is the entrance examination of Beijing University? I don’t know what the requirements are, and you just said that there is a difference between liberal arts and martial arts? I don’t know if you can elaborate on it." At this moment, the blue youth found a young man who had just spoken and asked the blue youth to follow him. Many people who were not from the State of Jin smelled it, especially some young people.
"I don’t think these two brothers want to come from the state of Jin, do they?" The questioned student looks not so handsome in his twenties, but gives people a sense of righteousness. Looking at the blue youth and the blue youth, he smiles in the sunshine.
"Brother Li Xin, a man from Taiyuan, a man from Jiangnan, Kate …" The blue youth reported his name and introduced the blue youth. The blue youth also nodded his head as a greeting. "I haven’t asked your name yet."
"Does your name count as Liu Feng, a person from Beijing?" I laughed. "I want you two to come to Jin, too, or I don’t know much about the enrollment of Beijing universities."
"It’s the first time we’ve come here, and we just heard that Beijing University is eager to enroll students, but we don’t know much about it. I wonder if you can help me."
Li Xin surrendered to Liu Feng, saying that there is not much to hide, and it seems that the atmosphere is composed. Many people around him have also looked up, mostly the same problem. Liu Feng’s eyes have not left a trace and he has observed a last fall. Li Xinshen saw this person’s manners and manners without losing grace. A little more praise.
"Li Xiong since asked Liu natural know not to answer" Liu Feng is also a smile "when it comes to Beijing university enrollment, it will start from the establishment of the Jin State and the establishment of Daxing Education School …"
"Since the founding of the State of Jin, Daxing Education aims to teach things and educate people to cultivate me through learning. Everyone in the State of Jin will shape everyone in the city. There are three types of schools: primary schools, middle schools and universities. Primary and secondary schools give basic knowledge for three years, read and practice calligraphy, and some basic martial arts middle schools are nothing. According to the performance of primary schools for three years, some people have outstanding martial arts talents. Generally, they will choose martial arts fighters to protect their country and defend their country. If they don’t have martial arts talents, most of them will learn to abandon their martial arts and choose liberal arts writers to govern their country and manage their country. Those who fail to pass the exam once need to re-read the exam, but they can’t enter middle school! "
"The six-year separation of civil and military subjects in middle school is not completely separated, but the arts and sciences will also learn some martial arts courses appropriately, and the martial arts will also learn some cultural courses to enrich their knowledge. After finishing high school for six years, they can take the scientific research, that is, enter the university examination. Now I have a university in the State of Jin, that is, Beijing University …"
"Yu Wenwu Shuangke is also based on the subjects learned in middle school. Wu Ke pays attention to martial arts. If you want to enter Beijing University by Wu Ke, you generally need to study hard, while liberal arts is a literary examination. It is not only a literary foundation, but also a variety of strategic opinions. I pay attention to learning in the education of the state of Jin rather than just talking about it …"
Liu Feng talked about the educational system of the State of Jin by talking about Kan Kan. For the people of the State of Jin, these educational systems have long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but for those ordinary people abroad, it is the first time to hear that although there are many Chinese scholars, the educational system is mostly private. This modern educational concept of the State of Jin is subversive for them!
"Enter the university to enjoy the imperial salary and go directly to the imperial court after graduation … It is a fact that the State of Jin implements the imperial examination system to select talents, and only then does it promote education, but now it is admitted to the university and the imperial examination is similar in nature, but now it is more aimed at cultivating everyone in the State of Jin to become a talent …"
"This …"
Most of the people who have just arrived in the state of Jin are stunned to hear that the education system in the state of Jin has been shocked and speechless. This is subversive for them, and their hearts are shocked, but apart from shock, it is more of a kind of admiration and fever.
"Jin Wang’s mind is beyond our ability."
For a long time, Li Xincai always breathed a sigh of relief, but he still couldn’t calm down. The educational concept of the State of Jin is absolutely pioneering and epoch-making. Such a big educational environment has lost its position. All people of all ages can receive education. If you work hard, you can learn. Of course, it’s up to you to finally get there …
"So I can’t take the scientific examination if I haven’t been to primary school or middle school!"
At this time, the young man in the blue shirt next to him asked him this question, and everyone else watched it. Just after hearing what he said, many of these people were eager to study.
"I don’t know this either, but I don’t think you are worried about the unification of heaven, that is, waiting until after March 1, when the time comes, we will definitely enact laws on education and education in other places, and these problems will definitely be solved perfectly …"
"What you said is really urgent. I don’t think everything will be solved after Jin Wang worships heaven and ascended the throne." Li Xin said and looked at Beijing University.
"You don’t worry that you want to attach importance to education and love talents, and I, the State of Jin, have always been a meritocracy. I want you to be ambitious and have a chance. Well, your capital university is the highest institution of learning in the State of Jin, and the non-school people can’t go in and come here for a while, so I’ll leave you now." Liu Feng bowed his hand around again and then looked at Li Xin and Kate. "I wonder if the two brothers will continue to stay here for a while or …"

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