As soon as Ding Qing heard that she was a female boxer, she immediately said, "Sister Li Xiang, I admire you so much!"

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When Pi two dog saw his eyes, it was 10 o’clock in the afternoon. He wanted to rent 30 acres of land to his hand as soon as possible. Of course, he had to sign an agreement. Think about pear fragrance. He didn’t even have office equipment. He took out a bank card and gave it to Tian Huilixiang. "Pear fragrance first went to the city to buy a notebook, then bought a laser printer, and then went to Zhenxin business hall to apply for a broadband, but your ID card can handle it!"
"Ok, I’ll do it!" Tian Huili Xiang went to town on business with the car.
Xiang Hehua and Ding Qing stayed at home to cook the second pot of Zoyang Pills and Ointment, and they were very busy working together to build a fire and add materials.
What about Pi two dog? After a storm comes a calm, he walked out of the house and walked all the way to Matou, the king of the village cultivator.
As soon as I jumped into the hospital, I saw Wang Matou’s main hospital tinkering with agricultural machinery
The second time, Wang Matou hit his wife, Pi two dog, and got stuck in it, so Wang Matou hated him. When he saw him coming, he glared at him and didn’t scratch his skin. two dog shouted, "Is aunt Honglian’s house?"
When Liu Honglian heard Pi two dog calling her, she just ran out and said, "two dog, come in for tea!"
"Aunt red-violet, I want to rent a few acres of land and ask your family to rent it? If you rent, the rent will be 50,000 yuan per mu per year! " Pi two dog gave a favorable condition. He said that Da Nai Village is a job export. Most of the young laborers in the big villages go out to work. Many farmland is either rented or abandoned. There are also some kinds of food that they can’t sell for a few dollars a year. He is very attractive to pay 50,000 yuan an acre. If it is not stupid, it will be rented to him.
As soon as I heard that Pi two dog came to rent Tian Wang Matou, he immediately fried the pot and said, "My family name is Pi, and I don’t rent it for any money!"
Liu Honglian saw Wang Matou’s bad attitude and said angrily, "Wang Matou, be polite to two dog and yell at your mother!"
Wang Ma’s head got a beating from Pi two dog. He really didn’t dare to piss off two dog’s daughter-in-law. As soon as he rebuked her, she stopped talking and buried herself in repairing the machine.
Liu Honglian changed her smiling face again and said, "two dog is not that I don’t want to rent it to you, I dare not rent it!"
Hearing Liu Honglian say this, Pi two dog was confused and said, "Why didn’t Aunt Honglian dare to rent it?"
"You don’t know, the village chief told the villagers that anyone who rents a field to you without his consent will be severely punished! Look at the cannon. A dog day is so overbearing! "
"Well," said Pi two dog, scolding the leather cannon for ten times. "This is a way out for me. I’ll go."
Liu Honglian felt sorry for Pi two dog when she looked at him listlessly. She just called two dog to the bedroom door and said, "two dog, why don’t I rent you two acres of land privately? Just don’t open it!"
"Aunt red-violet said is your own field rent not rent leather cannon what matter? Is that old thing in charge of heaven and earth or people taking a shit and urinating? " Pi two dog aggrieved way
"Oh, two dog, I rent you 100,000 yuan a year. Don’t earn it for others! However, I have the conditions to rent you a field! " Liu Honglian suddenly eyes mei way
"ah? What conditions? "
"two dog, I like you. You plow my fields!" Liu Honglian’s plump body became obvious.
"ah? No, this won’t work! " Pi two dog was so scared that he wanted to run away with oil on the soles of his feet.
Liu Honglian saw that he was so nervous that he dragged him back. "two dog won’t let you plow, will you kiss me?"
"Kiss you? That won’t do either! " Pi two dog shook his head like a rattle
"Yes, the leather cannon ordered the villagers not to rent land for me!"
Lingyao angrily approved that "the village chief Pi has gone too far. The villagers rent their own fields, and he also has to take care of the land and shit!"
"With such a village head, the villagers in Da Nai Village will never get rich!" Jiang Xuemei also spirit not dozen 1 come.
"It’s okay. If Danai Village doesn’t rent it to me, I’ll go to Tiankeng Village. I’m afraid I can’t rent a field if I have money?"
Jiang Xuemei promised, "Well, I’ll ask for you and let you know if there is any news!" With that, Jiang Xuemei went back to his village to mobilize.
Ling Yao and Pi two dog glances, two people are tacitly jumping into the bedroom like ganci agni kiss became a ball.
After kissing for several minutes, Pi two dog shook his head and threw a big bang out of his mind. "Lingyao, I hold a stake in the famous star hotel in Wong Tai Sin, and I plan to invite you to be the general manager. Will you do it?"
Chapter 1 Cai Hua sleeve
"The elder brother of the dog to you if you need me at any time from your arrangement! I am afraid that so many hotels have limited ability. What should I do if I manage it? " Ling Yao hesitant way
"Lingyao, I believe you are capable. When I tell Yan Jijie that you are coming to be the general manager, that’s settled!" Pi two dog clappers way
Two Ding Qingyi, who were just whispering, jumped in and said, "Brother Ling Yao has eaten!"
Besides, Huang Liang, the second-rate car, went back to the town pharmacy, Da Nai Village, and it was totally embarassed. Huang Liang was just like Pi two dog, who hated Sanjiang Xiaohai for nine days.
Angry, I poured a large glass of water and wiped my mouth. I saw Cai Huayi, the proprietress of Huayuan Pharmacy next to me, flashing in and said, "How did Huang Liang get the Zoyang Pill?"

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