Inline thought it was strange, too, and then she noticed the position of Bilu.

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Lin has some cells than her body, but these cells usually have no vision. Lin now lets them grow some vision and look at the surrounding environment.
After reading it … Lynn found that Bilu had really arrived in a new place.
This place is a very strange place. It looks like a huge beach and the environment is very similar to here.
That is to say, the sky is black and the beach is gray.
Sea water … like a tsunami that just flooded Lin.
This place was suddenly visited by Bilu, who didn’t know anything about it, but Lynn might know …
Chapter two hundred and sixty-three The sea
"What is this place? When will I be here? Is it related to it? It what … "
It seems that Billie has entered a state of … confusion.
It looked around and there was … gravel on the ground.
And all kinds of dead marine life …
Lin also wondered why it suddenly came to this place, although she said that she knew it probably because … Bilou’s position just now suddenly produced a delivery channel.
Because Bilu had been staying in that cave before … and when she contacted, Lin suddenly noticed that Bilu’s position had changed.
"Who did you say it was?"
Lin Biliu sent a message and asked,
"Veronica!" Bilu immediately responded, "You know what? I just saw it … it’s another me! "
"Haven’t we met before? Just now, this guy’s hole appeared, and then I talked to him … and I came here. "
"… another one?"
This seems to be an interesting situation. Lin noticed a cave over there.
Because there are Lin arms in the cave, but there is no Lin at the entrance, some … small arms in the cave floated to the entrance and looked … but I didn’t see another Bilu.
It should be divorced for some reason … but what does it mean for another Bilu to come here?
This may be because Bilu saw hallucinations, or … another Bilu has some special identity.
It’s better than dew seems to have come to this place, so I’d better go and see it first.
Lynn asked Bilu to wait there and then went to Bilu’s direction.
Bilu is just north of here … After walking for a while, Lin soon saw Bilu’s position.
This is a beach.
The beach gravel is gray, and the ground is similar to the front street … There are fish skeletons everywhere and many relatively complete fish carcasses.
This also makes the beach smell a lot, but Bilu can’t smell it in protective clothing.
"Veronica!" Lynn saw Bilu running from the distant beach. As he ran, he shouted, "This place is disgusting!" "
"…" Lin didn’t say anything, but after it came, she tested a Bilu brain. Lin found that Bilu was not an illusion before, and she did see another Bilu.
That Bilu also wears protective clothing … looks exactly like Bilu, but it has some ornaments on its head to recognize it as another Bilu.
But we can’t be completely sure …
"Veronica, what is this place?" Bilu looked around and said, "Why are there so many dead fish?"
"… get out of here first"
With Biliulin, she left the beach and walked down the street. At the same time, Biliulin also made a more detailed … test.
Because Lin feels that Bilu has some special … energy body.
This energy is very secret, but you can still feel it occasionally …
"Veronica … I have a strange feeling …"
Bilu suddenly stopped in situ, and Lin found that its body … lit up with a dazzling light and disappeared in situ with it …
I see
It seems that this delivery channel … follows Bilu.
Should be than dew was’ locked’ some similar resin artisan worm … God eyes locked the delivery channel than dew.
Therefore, Bilu seems to have this effect of delivering at any time, and it is not the same place every time.
Lynn found that Bilu was sent to another place this time. This place … is a place that she has never been to.
"Where is this? Veronica! "
When Bilu’s surroundings were restored, it was surrounded by … a spacious room.
Bilu is lying on a bed, and there are many neatly arranged beds around it, and some of them are lying on Ershimin.
Lin sticky than appearance micro > > also saw this scenery, Lin decided to … Observe the situation first.
"Where are you from …"
When Bilu was wondering, a certain person in the bed next to it woke up and looked at Bilu and asked
"What is this place?" Bilu asked the Kirshman, "What are you doing here?"
"You …" The Kirshman looked at Bilou in some surprise. It took a few seconds before he said, "This is the No.9 whistle. We are the wounded."
"What? I am not the wounded! " Bilu said, "Wait … you are the wounded? Do you fight? "
"We … fought a war," Ershimin asked. "It’s your turn. How did you get here? Is it because of the accident? "
"I want to contact one-dimensional Ronnie first." Bilu raised her hand, but the watch showed French communication.
"Strange connection here is not …"

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