Because of the tacit cooperation between Xiao Wen and Xia Chen in Nanhua Sect, this time Xia Chen came and sent Xiao Wen two bottles of personally refined Dan medicine.

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After moving to two neutral clans, Xiao Wen’s natural rapid ascension has lasted for nearly a month, but there is no sign of ending, but his Taoist state has reached the peak of the initial stage of true immortality and can be officially promoted!
After this, Liao Jifeng did not arrange for Xiao Wen to let him break through the boundary by himself after arriving at a new clan.
In the final analysis, it is because the monk’s physical fitness is a vertical leap in the realm of true immortals, jumping to a higher level rather than a qualitative change.
However, this is still something to celebrate. A small promotion is also a small promotion. There are also bottlenecks in the promotion of a small realm. After the promotion of a real fairy, a person’s combat power is not a bit!
I have been in contact with many masters, and Xiao Wen is really eager to improve his strength now.
At this time, Xiao Wen has clearly realized a problem. Even if there are stone paintings, the celestial world can’t be another day in the future.
He’s only getting mixed up now because he hasn’t had much contact with the Big Five! Of course, there is no problem for 27 people to compete in the top ten, top five or even top three celestial bodies, because 27 people can’t have the top ten, top five or top three celestial bodies, and they can’t have the other six magical powers of the same level. His celestial bodies can walk sideways among 27 monks of the same order, but once they compete with the five giants, he will have no advantage!
Fairy wares have their own, and so have several other people.
But what about Fu, Dan and Ji?
Which is more powerful, the first three immortals attacked by the Tao or the first three immortals attacked by the Tao? What if we add Dan Dao to make a total of three comparisons? What if you add the other channels to make a total of seven comparisons?
He has a good fairy in his hand, which is really not enough to see!
It is said that the most powerful fairy method in this world comes from the array, so the first array is enough to press the other six first. At this time, even if he is the first fairy in the celestial world, isn’t he going to be beaten?
Therefore, his path of practice will never be smooth!
The important realm of fairy wares is also very important! In this era of struggle for everything, we naturally have to improve our strength from all aspects.
Xiao asked cross legs to sit in that strange room for a day and a night, and then continued to pass. No one had ever seen Xiao asked Ying again.
Until Liao Jifeng has finished talking about things over there, Xiao Wen has not finished yet …
In fact, I don’t blame Xiao for asking Liao Jifeng to talk to people about it …
It is impossible for this neutral clan to do anything for Ming Jianzong, and it is said that Ming Jianzong and his party have ended this negotiation before.
However, buying and selling can’t be righteous. In this case, there is no horse driving and singing. The sword Sect people leave Liao Jifeng and others simply to take a break and wait for Xiao Wen to break through the realm.
Xiao Wensheng’s realm is slow, and there is another reason why only he and Nan Yunqing will know, that is, his compilation of Zi Ming Mo Wu Zhen Jing is special!
After someone else’s promotion, it’s a brand-new middle-level true fairy, but after studying the Purple Ghost Magic Wu Zhen Jing, Xiao Wen can get a bigger promotion than others!
This morning, sitting motionless in bed, Xiao Wen suddenly opened his eyes and smiled, then stretched himself and jumped out of bed.
Going out of the house directly happened to bump into Liao Jifeng coming from the other end of the corridor.
"Out?" Liao Jifeng pleasantly surprised tunnel
"Well," asked Xiao nodded and smiled.
At this time, Liao Jifeng has come to Xiao Wen’s side and carefully looked at Xiao Wen’s tongue. "Did you steal the cultivation of immortality from Nan girl long ago?"
"Not stealing …" Xiao asked awkwardly.
Liao Jifeng turned a circle around Xiao Wen again and made Xiao Wen look uncomfortable before he said, "Tut tut said that you just broke through to the middle-level true fairy. Who would believe it? Your body this spirit pressure is much stronger than the average high-order true fairy. "
"Hey hey guy, you flatter me."
"Go and tidy up and have to go." Although Xiao asked happily, Liao Jifeng had to press a way.
"What’s the hurry?"
"Talk about collapse" Liao Jifeng wry smile way.
"Anyway, the patriarch didn’t expect us to succeed every time." Xiao asked and laughed.
"Do you dare to say this in front of the patriarch?"
"Ha ha what dare not" Xiao asked mouth shut and then turned back to the house to pack things.
Less than half an hour later, Ming Jianzong people flew out from the main peak of Zongmen and threw themselves at another goal.
Half-way Xiao Wen couldn’t help but try the power of fairy devices such as fire yuan Zhuang, which was indeed much higher than before. Now he will definitely win a few more games in the competition!
Then a group of them searched door by door, and sometimes they succeeded, sometimes they failed, and then two months passed.
It’s been half a year since J: ng’s English-English ratio came to an end. According to Liao Jifeng’s understanding, the competition in hardware and construction is really stronger than usual because Ming Jianzong is an example. No matter whether this strength is too high or not, if it can be maintained for another half a year, then the third case of 27 cases must be that they are in the bag. Because the rules are there, Ming Jianzong has to be better than Dianjing Lake in hardware and construction, just as good as Dianjing Lake!
After half of the competition in a year, a small team like Liao Jifeng and others will return to Zongmen once, which is not only a report summary, but also a concrete arrangement.

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