"Please let’s Konoha MC distribute pens and balls to everyone! What is this? It’s up to you to evaluate your opponent this time!

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Please take part in the selection of ninjas and write your names on the ball! Then see this glass box next to me? You need to put the balls representing yourselves in, and then we will draw every two balls on the spot. In other words, every two balls represent a battle group! That is, the two people who were drawn will be today’s opponents!
It’s written. Have you put it all in? If you don’t put it in, you will be abandoned! "
Shu Mao looked at the contestants! Shu Mao counted all the departments and put them in!
"Good face, please welcome our soil shadow wind shadow thunder shadow Shui Ying adult ring!"
The fastest shadow of thunder is not the podium, but the audience, but it still comes out after being stared at for a long time.
"Ha ha Onogi said you can’t hide in the past? Still found out by this little guy, right? What are we doing in the ring? " Lei Ying smiled.
"Please ask the four of you to help them choose the target. Each of you can take out a ball from the box at a time and give it to me. I will number them in the order of drawing, and then the first will play against the second, and so on!"
"That’s it. Then why doesn’t Huoying participate?"
"Ha ha, well, my sister doesn’t want her to say that she’s afraid of you gossiping about what we’re doing …"
"Well, in that case, I’ll smoke first for the old man!"
"I call it!"
"Me too!"
"Then I’ll smoke it for you first!"
The soil shadow was first extracted, followed by Shui Ying, then the thunder shadow and finally the wind shadow.
Finally, the battle table came out. Fortunately, it means that the ninjas in his country didn’t bump into each other, which means that there are two groups of battles in Konoha, which is very good!
The battle table is as follows
Water versus teeth; Black soil opponent is KINOMOTO SAKURA Omoi opponent is Xiao Li; Carouhy against Ding Ji; I love Luo against Sasuke; Temari vs. Lumaru; Ningji against Naruto; Every day, the opponent is Zhinai!
This is really not fate, but it is fate! This is Shu Mao’s first thought of discharging the battle table.
"Thanks to the four adults who helped us successfully arrange their respective opponents! Except for the first group of players, everyone should go to the players’ rest area to have a rest. Our first match is about to begin. They are from Shuiguoshui and Muyeya!
Brief introduction Water was once adopted by Shuiyue family. Although there is no Shuiyue ice shield, he can’t be ignored, and it is said that his teacher is our adult Shui Ying!
Tooth this child comes from the Kimura family, and he and his little friends are the white forbearing dogs on his head, and their strength should not be underestimated. They are representatives of the golden generation. This time, we Kimura participated in the final selection and assessment, and the ninjas are all members of the golden generation! "
The audience burst into a burst of amazing cheers as if to show konoha pride to his four shadows and four names again!
"Without further ado, I declare the first official start of the third assessment!"
Water is a very silent person. If you can’t tell whether this person is a man or a woman just from the external roots, it’s as white as white! The fact is different from white. The water is a girl! But her strength is really very strong. One of them didn’t notice and was directly beaten by her!
"Damn it, this guy has made the venue full of water and water fighting is very bad for me!" Tooth while dodging water attack while thinking about countermeasures and Akamaru still lay his head at this time. Akamaru obviously doesn’t like to take a bath constantly!
Tooth was distracted and she caught the opportunity!
"I got you!" Water emerges from the bottom of the water to make a rope, one of which is directly connected to the foot of the tooth and the other is in the sailor!
"Water escape, water whip!" You know it’s not good when the water whips your teeth!
"Too bad look down upon him! Damn it, this is going to be severely punished by Brother Shu Mao! No, I can’t. I haven’t lost yet! Akamaru! " Tooth shouted Akamaru Akamaru, knowing it, jumped up from his head and expanded in an instant, and then cut off the water whip with a wave of his paw!
"Hey hey, it seems that your water whip is not very strong!"
"That’s true, but look around you!" The water pointed to the tooth!
Tooth at this time only to find that he and Akamaru have been surrounded by a large number of water whip!
"Tooth this fool? Do you want to punish us together? " Naruto complained
"Naruto, don’t be sarcastic. If we look outside, we might be even more embarrassed than he is now!" Ning Ji told the truth for his teeth.
No one here dares to say that he has mastered the three forms of water. Although the solid state is an ice escape category, the first two forms can be transformed even if there is water escape! Vaporized water can also hide one’s body shape and let the enemy know, which means that when you meet Akamaru, others may not be able to get cheap, which is why Ningji said so.
"I see, but if I were you, I would just wind up the water so that I could attack the other side!"
I don’t know if I heard Naruto’s words. At this time, Tooth launched a combined ninja with Akamaru.
"Teeth pass through teeth!"
The two rotate spirals will crush that wat whips that are about to surround them!
"it’s over!"
As Shu Mao’s voice fell, his teeth just fell to the ground and were tied up again by the water whip that came out of the water!
"You lost!" The water said with expression.
"Damn it!" Tooth can’t get rid of the water. Although fog concealment was restrained by Akamaru and the water whip could be destroyed, when a pile of water whip tied him up, he couldn’t help it!
"Water country wins!" Shu Mao directly announced the result of the battle!
"Tooth what’s the matter with you? Take the lead and you lose now? Is it too shameful? " Naruto didn’t comfort him, but he kept complaining about his teeth!
"All right, Naruto, don’t complain about your teeth. It must be very hard for him to lose the game. Let’s say less. Besides, that water is really powerful. It’s not to be underestimated to beat your teeth just by water whip!" Lumaru helps Tooth to talk and also wakes Naruto not to capsize in the gutter!
"The first match was wonderful, but there was water everywhere in our ring. Let’s clean the ring first and then play the second match!" Shu Mao immediately arranged for workers to enter the ring and began to open the drainage channel to let the water flow out! When the water was clean, the ninjas also released some fires to dry the ground, although the process seemed complicated, it didn’t take a few minutes.
"Well, with the wonderful water versus teeth, the fighting passion of our third assessment ninja is also slowly stimulated. There are two beautiful women against ninja! The broad masses of the people have eyes. Let’s welcome the granddaughter Miss Black Soil from Turkey!
Miss Black Soil is all dressed up. What kind of fighting performance will she bring us today? "
"Please also invite KINOMOTO SAKURA, a classmate who has the title of’ Pink Empress’ in the golden generation of Konoha. What is a pink empress? You will know when you see the game, but if you want to know the meaning of the empress, you must watch the whole duel!" to be continued
Chapter 92 Pink Empress
"Hey, I heard that you are a shadow granddaughter is not pretending to be? How can you have such strength? "
"Who are you? Where are you from, wild girl? " Black soil is not empty of KINOMOTO SAKURA.
"Wild girl?"
"I’m embarrassed to say that it’s ugly to see your forehead so wide!" Black soil is like a proud little princess with a black belly and a poisonous tongue that directly pokes KINOMOTO SAKURA where it hurts!
"Ha ha! If I don’t skin you, I won’t stop with you! " KINOMOTO SAKURA instantly entered the outbreak situation!
"Two, etc. I haven’t announced the start of the fight yet. If you fight now, you will lose your combat qualification if you break the rules! Please restrain your desire to attack! On the one hand, it represents the shadow of the earth, on the other hand, it represents the shadow of fire! "
Shu Mao’s words are like a pot of cold water that directly douses their anger!
"Ha ha, I haven’t finished introducing this KINOMOTO SAKURA classmate. She is the proud brother of Huo Ying. In other words, she is a medical ninja! But if you look down upon her … "
At this time, Taifu Yuan Xueguo looked at Shili KINOMOTO SAKURA, thought of the iceberg that was broken by KINOMOTO SAKURA’s punch, and thought of the swearing picture of KINOMOTO SAKURA. He couldn’t help mumbling, "The pink empress is really appropriate!"
"Well, I think if the two of them don’t give them a fighter session again, they will be wounded. I declare the battle started!"
Shu Mao jumped out of the ring directly after saying that, because this time the central display screen of the arena was removed, and the soil could not rise to the high platform naturally! Shu Mao can walk in the ring!
KINOMOTO SAKURA word directly into the black soil!
"Gang Shou Ji, your brother won’t even learn your trick, will he?" Onogi asked Gang Shou!
"Ha ha!" Gang Shou smiled very proudly.
"Fuck you, asshole!"
Black soil saw KINOMOTO SAKURA angrily come over and clap his hands directly. A huge soil dun rose from the ground and blocked KINOMOTO SAKURA’s face. KINOMOTO SAKURA was not afraid to directly smash the rising soil dun with a fist! Then I continued to rush towards the black soil!
"How is that possible?" She never thought that someone would bump into the wall and break it! With such hesitation, KINOMOTO SAKURA’s fist is about to hit her face! The black soil immediately started to press the ground, but her own foot soil layer immediately rose, and the black soil jumped away from the surface before KINOMOTO SAKURA attacked the foot soil layer, successfully avoiding KINOMOTO SAKURA’s attack!
"Ah, what pink empress? I think it’s just a pink girl, right? Will it be brute force? See? It has no effect! " Black soil opens the mocking box again!
KINOMOTO SAKURA this time don’t talk but silently running chakra posing as a hexagram palm gesture!

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