Yu Jishan’s avatar, Qin Mu Ye, is not interested after seeing his eyes. It’s not bad enough, but it’s not very suitable for him. It’s more suitable for Jishan, a gas refining and yuan god.

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"God’s will is like a knife, not the kui is a destiny. This is really his mother’s success." Qin Mu Ye looked strange.
He needs a knife to cut off the grave. "The Seven Chapters of Xuanjun’s Secret Book" is definitely inappropriate, and it is really not qualified to be this knife.
Qin Mu Ye is going to wait until the seven volumes of secret books are perfect before making the knife, but I didn’t expect Jishan to send him a knife embryo.
"It’s really interesting that there was no aura in ancient times when the tide was providential."
Providence is similar to chaotic Chaos, but it seems to be more active, not only rewarding good and punishing evil, but also guiding the three Ren Huang to develop human culture.
So some high gods in this world are variations of providence, commonly known as God.
If we can do it by providence, Qin Mu Ye needs a little planning to cut off this yellow tributary.
But the problem is also obvious. Where is providence?
From this person’s imperial method, there is indeed a communication. Qin Mu Ye temporarily separated an idea and came to Yang to make the result swing. No one answered.
As if he had dial a number.
"That is to say, God has cooled down?" Qin Mu Ye is a little scary.
"It is no wonder that no one stepped forward and saw through the truth when the dead invaded the aura tide. It was not that providence didn’t give force, but that providence had been killed by the dead for a long time without knowing what time."
Now he can affirm that the Ren Huang method left behind by this extraordinary soil is the truly extraordinary aura of practice, and the yogi is the alien.
He also didn’t understand what it was like that the numerology method didn’t explain the reason for the loss of life in ancient times, because at that time, the so-called fortune telling was more like a kind of inquiry and direct connection with providence.
It’s different now, because there is no providence, the original mode has changed from a listener to his own action, which has no price to pay.
The reason why Yu said that Ji Sheng was that his family failed to discover the Ren Huang Law from the Sanyi Law was very simple. It had nothing to do with understanding, but with knowledge. Qin Mu Ye realized this by relying on his keen sense of history and then dug up this long-lost history.
Didn’t you see that understanding is so strong? Didn’t Ji Shan find it? Because there is a specialization in the industry, there is also a division of labor.
Like Ji Shan’s understanding of Tao, Fa and Shu, Qin Mu Ye is different. He is a historical group, destroying the engine, adding five disadvantages and three shortcomings, which can be called fate. He has restored the temporary skill style of historians and mystics.
Think at the beginning, he can infer the location and origin of the ruins from the lines, which is more obvious in the Ren Huang Law.
"God’s sword … gone?"
"No, should it be or not? Otherwise, it is impossible to have such a coincidence."
"Oh, Jishan is a destiny, then it’s okay."
Qin Mu Ye wanted to veto coincidence, but it was much more reasonable to think that it was not him but Ji Shan who actually got the Three Easy Laws.
"There may still be some roots left, so we have to find a way to find them." Qin Mu Ye felt that God’s will should not be so easy to die.
Even if you really hang up, then … Qin Mu Ye can change the knife.
This providence knife was just an accident. Qin Mu Ye was not prepared at all.
"I guess it’s not good. Without the protagonist’s aura, it will definitely not fall into my hands, but Ji Shan can." Qin Mu Ye thinks that the Three Easy Laws have been reached, and it is estimated that God will be able to reach this thing Ji Shan.
Destiny base is equal to the protagonist aura.
Sometimes it is even better than the protagonist’s aura, such as this. When encountering a world crisis, God must give priority to training.
However, if you really want to talk about bugs, you have to be the protagonist’s aura. After all, this thing is probably unreasonable, not like destiny or more reasonable. Many things need to be logical.
For example, he can only get this "Three Easy Laws" if he has the status of Ji family first, instead of just falling from the sky.
God’s will does not affect Qin Mu Ye to cut off this tributary of the yellow river that invaded the tidal world.
Is it a backup? No, he keeps trying.
"Meat cheese prolongs life" has become "
The six-petal lotus Buddha, with his eyes open, sat in the flesh and blood of the bones, and the ferocious corpses, like dragons and tigers, emerged from the water.
There are naturally demons in this world, but at this stage, there are no animals and plants that can be transformed. On the contrary, there are many demon souls and corpses in the grave.
With the help of "Fairy Sand Returning to Soul" and "Rouzhi Longevity", this group of demon spirits are gradually retreating from death and resurrecting.
However, the negative emotions of resentment and vicious flow have not disappeared, but have become stronger because of their own resurrection.
Qin Mu Ye was the first to settle his figure in "Di Gang Zhao Kao Lu".
"Incomplete resurrection of the body and soul is settled. It is necessary to combine the body and soul with Enchanting the Devil and Arresting the Ghost, and the body and soul will be reborn in reverse, and then the mysterious realm will be sent to the Yin and the underworld areas, and the final" Zhengyi Descending the Shengwei League "will be drafted legally."
At present, is it a living, dead or brainless one that may go crazy at any time?
Although he is the resurrection mechanism of other territories in the Seven Chapters of Xuanjun, it does not mean that the resurrection mechanism is not necessary to be so rigorous because it is simply a resurrection mechanism, because Qin Mu Ye, the eccentric, can make a more powerful resurrection mechanism.
Studying these things, he wants to know more about the yellow earth and the theory of life and death. This is a very good topic, and it is also a native product of this world. If he cuts off the tributaries of the yellow earth later, there will be no research.
Therefore, this project is naturally going to be big, rather than picking and searching. After all, if Qin Mu Ye really wants to complete his methods, there are many SSS levels that are no problem, but he knows that once he misses this yellow land, he will return to Baoshan.
This Qin Mu Ye can willingly?
Chapter 321 Skills are very good, that is, regardless of the enemy or ourselves.
"JiShan this" three easy method "to learn? Is there anything you don’t understand? "
The door of the Chamber of Secrets suddenly hit Jisheng, and there seemed to be kindness in his tone, just like treating the younger generation.
But in the perception of Jishan, the other party’s malice has almost overflowed. Before, I was hiding something. Now it should have been arranged, so I won’t cover it up.
It may also be that Jisheng is too confident in himself. After all, it is already the sixth order. Although his life is short, his strength is really hard.
"A little heads also please teach" JiShan look a narrow said.
If he has any questions, he can ask Qin Mu Ye directly, and he must ask someone who is malicious to him.
However, it can’t be too obvious, so it’s also a matter of choosing a few questions at random. Ji Sheng is also really busy, and naturally he is ready to answer questions about Ji Shan.
Is asked to ask JiSheng also found out that there is a problem, the sudden change method should be started, but now what didn’t respond.
At this time, I also felt bad in my heart. When I first saw Jishan, he saw that this person looks expensive, and if he can move his life to himself as soon as possible, he may be able to reach a higher level before he dies, so as to prolong his life.
It’s a small accident to say that it’s Ji’s family. He’s also cheating. He didn’t want to make this mistake, but he’s really family.
It’s better to be a family, and the rejection will be lower when you take a pulse.
But now … There was an accident.
Then Jisheng perceived it only to find that a hole look could no longer be suppressed and revealed a little surprise.
Because of his arrangement, he disappeared as if he had been dug up by something.
"What’s the matter, chief?" Jishan know perfectly well past ask mouth to say
Ji Sheng looked gloomy. "Did you do it?"

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