Jiang Feng looked ferocious. "Now if you turn around and leave, don’t blame me for being rude to you."

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"Dream!" Li Xianzun shouted at Jiang Feng.
Jiang Feng didn’t leave any hand in the fairyland, and suddenly he rushed to the two emperors and flashed off. The huge imperial breath suddenly broke out from Jiang Feng.
"swish! Hey! Hey! "
The compass in your hand keeps turning like a bottom hole, sucking up the fairyland force of Jiangfeng body.
Followed by a vague shadow of the Emperor of Heaven.
As soon as the compass looks, it gives people the feeling that they are worshiped by thousands of people.
Jiang Feng’s mind moved, and Li Xian respected himself in his eyes.
Then the arm suddenly pointed and a red light flew away with a huge breath.
"Not good!" Li Xianzun was touched by an unprecedented sense of crisis, and I don’t know how long it has been since he felt it.
When also dare not have the slightest carelessness.
The body also burst into a force, and the immortal energy was like a fire dragon spewing directly from his sword at the same time.
He took out a shield in his other hand.
Stand firmly in front of you
"touch!" As soon as it hits
There is no suspense in the direct bursting of the fire dragon, but the lotus flower did not penetrate the shield, but directly hit Li Xianzun to fly out for several steps.
"Poof …" Li Xianzun’s mouth also spit out one mouthful blood.
He felt as if his chest were about to explode.
"Damn it!" Li Xianzun gritted his teeth
"Come back now!" Jiang Feng also turned pale, which was a blow, and he was a little overwhelmed and took out Dan medicine from his arms.
Relieve his pain at this time
"Hum! This kind of attack, I think you can also several times "Li Xianzun never left the plan.
Jiang Feng is also very resistant.
To force the compass to attack again.
This time, Li Xianzun put away his shield and wanted to pre-empt the mouth and spit it out.
The sky is discolored and the flames will diffuse the whole sky.
It’s like burning the sky
Then the fire gathered into a piece and rushed toward Jiang Feng.
The red virtual shadow hits another blow, and the red hot flame immediately explodes in half like fireball in all directions.
Light the surrounding flowers and trees.
"Poof …"
Jiang Feng finally did not hold on to this huge consumption.
The whole person spits out one mouthful blood, and the blood shadow directly dissipates the income compass.
To him, the whole person is constantly shooting out from behind.
Jiang Feng feels bad, and Li Xianzun tastes better. The whole person is also retreating.
In the boat, the green water bamboo has been free to watch the battle.
Seize the boat desperately, and the waves keep spinning. Fortunately, this boat is made of special wood, and Jiang Feng has deliberately blessed the defense array.
What monster attacks are there in the sea?
However, the monster beast didn’t meet, but this time he sent a party.
Otherwise, the average ship would have turned into sawdust.
"Small! I see what other means you have. Come back with me! " Although Li Hong was seriously injured, it was not difficult to get Jiang Feng.
Stride towards Jiang Feng.
Watching Li Hong approach Jiang Feng is also a wry smile. I didn’t expect to take refuge in the Apocalypse Pearl in the end.
Chapter 112 The devil was born
Looking at Li Xianzun approaching step by step
Jiang Feng wry smile repeatedly in the heart is ready to enter the apocalypse bead refuge in green bamboo Jiang Feng also have no choice.

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