Ning Wu threw the mobile phone into the bed and ran to the living room. He just moved it and threw it at the bottom of the sofa and picked it up.

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This is Ning Wu’s own custom-made cassock. To tell the truth, this dress is more like a splay animation than a cassock
"Alas, handsome, I just work hard." After washing, Wu Ning looked at herself in the mirror and said something that almost made her vomit.
After talking about Ning Wu, I went out and took an economical bus to protect the environment. If everyone took the bus, there would be more suspected sardines, but it would be of great benefit to the natural environment.
By Ning Wu has no money excuse
Ning Wu bus is not without benefits, and there is a story about meeting a young woman with a little Lolita.
The beautiful young woman looked at Ning Wu’s heroic appearance and made a peach blossom. She blushed and asked, "The master doesn’t know what your name is."
Ning Wu replied, "I won’t say the number of being original if the patroness is right."
The beautiful young woman’s face turned red when she heard it, but unlike the previous peach pattern, it seems to be somewhat angry now.
Then the beautiful young woman broke out in anger and swore, "Bastard, I’m going to invite you to my house and then let Linlin play soy sauce. We concentrated on studying Taoist philosophy. I didn’t expect you to be so handsome and so scum."
Said the perfect young woman took her daughter away, and when they arrived at the little girl, Linlin looked back as she walked, which seemed a little sad.
And feel like I missed something Ning Wu can silently shed tears in my heart "being original is I don’t say! I won’t say it! "
(I want to cry, my hands are broken, I rushed to write the second chapter, and then it’s past twelve o’clock. The baby can’t eat the minimum living allowance. I want comfort and subscription. I want to book two words. The baby is at night every day.)
Chapter one hundred and thirty-four One after another
Ning Wu silently shed tears and other people’s gossip gave him a strange look. He had no spirit all the way.
It is said that most people will not have any spirit when they encounter such a thing.
Not to mention, because the young woman spoke before she left, everyone around her was whispering. Ning Wu heard a lot from those people whispering.
"Look at that guan dressed like a dog. I didn’t expect to harass a couple." This is a gentleman with glasses who looks like a (yi) good (qin) person (shu).
Ning Wu has been able to make up his mind about what kind of role this good man will be described by various broadcasts.
Wu Ning managed to get to the stage with great pressure.
Just as the bus was about to start, the words rang.
Coffee on the left bank of the Seine;
I taste your beauty with a cup in my hand;
Leave a lip print;
Who misspelled the rose name in the flower shop;
The wind of the confession balloon blows across the street;
Flying with a smile;
You said you were a little hard to remember and let me back down;
Ning Wu didn’t answer it, but sang by his mobile phone. Wu Ningqiang pretended that nothing had happened. When Ning Wu braced for the car, he immediately took out his mobile phone.
The caller was still Zheng Weihua. After Ning Wu got through, he didn’t good the spirit and said, "What’s the matter? If you don’t let me come, then I’ll go."
Ning Wu transferred the newly injured department to Zheng Weihua, where the tone was very heavy.
Wei-hua zheng also wonder wonder wonder at the same time recall that you have sinned against Ning Wu?
But after thinking about it, no! But Ning Wu is really angry. Forget it and admit it! no big deal
So Wei-hua zheng weak way "sorry! I shouldn’t have called you in such a hurry, so let’s leave that alone. Come and have dinner with our brothers first, and don’t talk about it afterwards, okay! "
Ning Wu smell speech instantly awake a few minutes fortunately Wei-Hua Zheng and his good for others had fallen out.
"It’s okay. I’m a little embarrassed just now. I’ll come to Feng Shui immediately and then see if I’m ready for dinner. Don’t say anything first. Let’s do things first." Ning Wu said with some apologies
"Good" Zheng Weihua replied only to find that the words were hung up.
And a white light beam with a diameter of three meters and a height of twenty meters in Ning Wu will be torn apart by Ning Wu’s friendship in Ning Wu, and the admission notice will also float in front of Wu Ning.
"Wife, wife, hurry up and come out." Not far away, an old man in his 40 s and 50 s was excitedly waving and greeting his wife
It hasn’t started yet, and the bus has stopped
"Lying trough this guy is a fairy! Fortunately, I didn’t speak ill of him just now. I wonder if he will retaliate against those who speak ill of him! " The bus a hexagram girl muttered.
Speak ill of Ning Wu before (yi) Wen (guan) Hao (qin) After listening to the little girl’s whisper, shu buried his head in his seat for fear that Wu Ning would take revenge.
But for a moment, Ning Wu rose a little bit along the white light beam and finally disappeared. After Ning Wu left, he sent out a light sound, which turned a little bit of subtle light into a moment all over the world.
The old man’s wife also went to the window and looked at nothing. The bus stop slapped the old man in the face. "How many times have I said, don’t watch more exercise, let alone lie on the sofa and watch that you are hallucinating now. Be careful to get Alzheimer’s disease."
Burying his face in the old man’s hand, he didn’t feel anything because of his wife’s mercy, but at the very least, he had to do something like a fairy, and he didn’t quibble. After all, if the fairy left, she wouldn’t come back, so it would be better to end the matter.
In the seventh special institution of the National Security Bureau, 3 meters away from an epidemic prevention site in the suburbs of the capital of China.
A capable girl who tie her curly flaxen hair into a ponytail, a big screen in front of which is exactly what Ning Wu has just experienced.
The girl pointed to the screen and sat in front of seven people, saying, "Now all the spiritual satellites are ready, and we will bring him back as soon as this new alien appears."
"Yes" seven voices are the same as one voice, and there is no feeling of reluctance at all, that is to say, these guys who seem to be powers are very attached to girls.
On that day, except for these people, there was no more note about Ning Wu. Even some posts on the Internet were quickly drowned out by fake replies.
Naruto world
Huang Zheng carried a burst of white light and enveloped Sarutobi Hiruzen. Four people appeared at the top of the mountain in a moment. When Sarutobi Hiruzen was ready to attack this guy Huang Zheng not far from the front.
A man appeared beside them. This man was wearing a two-dimensional model robe. Yes, he was Ning Wu
Huang Zheng saw Ning Wu for a moment and said, "Sarutobi Hiruzen, hurry up. He’s the one who just threw me at you."
"Me?" Isn’t it said that Ning Wu was stupid in an instant, and the Creation Institute informed him to pull himself out and get here? What, isn’t this Genesis College? What, are you being set up?
Ning Wu was puzzled by three questions in a row
"That’s right, you don’t play dumb. Did you just take a girl and a little girl? Call them out! " Huang Zheng didn’t good the spirit said that he was identified that Ning Wu was Wu Tian because Ning Wu was the same as Wu Tian.
"Are you kidding? Isn’t this the Genesis College?" Ning Wu stare at some familiar face fierce Huang Zheng curious asked.
"hey! What are you doing? "Huang was about to ask when he went to the cottage. Two mountain thieves found them. After all, the six of them wore robes, ninjas and modern clothes, which was very conspicuous.
"Lie in the trough and run!" Huang Zheng shouted and ran towards Sarutobi Hiruzen and them, and because of Sarutobi Hiruzen’s bad behavior, Huang was walking around them.
"Bastard, when is it your turn to be arrogant?" Jiraiya was very angry and threw two bitter sticks through the throat of two mountain thieves

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