That jet rider turned out to be Su Long’s nine iron guards!

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The muffled thunder exploded and charged!
The soldiers of the Night Cavalry Corps seem to be riding the same age as jet, but they are not heavy cavalry! Their black-legged behemoths seem to be big and big, but they are good at agility and walking in mountains and rivers.
The soldiers of the Night Cavalry Corps are good at raiding, guerrilla and attacking, but they are not good at the fierce collision of cavalry on the front of the battlefield!
In the face of jet heavy cavalry charge, the cavalry regiment was hit hard at night for the first time, and suddenly it went belly-up.
The shrill screams sounded the number of casualties
Jet rode a charge and tore open the formation of the night cavalry regiment as if it had torn a crack!
Everyone is a cavalry team of 10 thousand people, but the first charge of jet riding slightly injured several people, while the night cavalry team died nearly a thousand people!
For the first time, the battlefield power of heavy cavalry showed the world. This is the best way to fight head-on with the orc heavy fighters who are best at hand-to-hand combat in the four continents. Jet riding!
Before the pungent smell of blood rose to the sky and the dark cavalry didn’t react
"Woo ~!"
"hey, the law ~!"
The jet riders reined in and began to turn around and continue to charge in silence.
"Come back!"
The adjutant of the Night Cavalry Corps suddenly turned pale, and a sense of despair hung over him and all the soldiers of the Night Cavalry Corps!
Jet riders are like black whirlwinds, and black death keeps charging back and forth, harvesting this group of foreign enemies who dare to invade Terran and humiliate them!
The screams kept ringing, and the big wheel honour person turned pale, and the whole person could not help shivering.
This is not anger but fear.
Su Long and his first time riding jet showed the overbearing and bloodthirsty side of a powerful horse in front of the night clan!
This doubt is to tell the night clan that the other clan countries may be soft persimmons, but Chengtian Empire is a hard rock!
Want to chew us?
Then let’s see if your mouth and teeth are sharp enough!
Su Yu took a deep breath. He looked at jet riding the charge and felt the blood.
However, at this time, the long-lost pulse came from the depths of the soul. This is the call of Su Yu.
Come on!
I almost forgot that I just turned off the unified tone!
Su Yu shook his head with a wry smile and quickly opened the system.
Su Yu turned on the unified tone, and he was overwhelmed by the massive unified tone!
[drop! The host fights the front line to open the pseudo-territory effect! The popularity of the imperial capital rose by 1 point! 】
[drop! The emperor’s popularity is high by 3 points! 】
[drop! Warning! Warning! The battle is fierce. Suggest the host to retreat! 】
[drop! Warning! The strong are approaching! 】
[drop! The small star array replaces the host to bear the damage of the environmental pressure array! 】
[drop! The small star array replaces the host to bear the sword attack! The array is on the verge of collapse! 】
[drop! The potential value of the popularity of the imperial city has reached full value. The host can seize the imperial city! Be honored! 】
[drop! The people return to their hearts and reward the people with 100 thousand points of energy! 】
[drop! Victory in the war! Reward people’s energy by 200,000 points! 】
[drop! Host inferiority defends the city system for post-war evaluation! Perfect score! 】
[Reward to lift the blockade of the Lord’s altar! 】
[Reward to get a chance to extract generals! 】
[Reward 300,000 popular energy! 】
[Reward the host for understanding and opening the second Lord talent "Golden Body"]
The dense sound almost made Su Yu stunned.
At that time, in order to concentrate on the battle, he blocked the unified display. The ghost knew that this battle had accumulated nearly a hundred unified displays, and more than half of them were the news that Su Yu was crazy to wake up and retreat.
The powerful unified analysis even thought that the war situation was a must-lose, but it was unexpectedly reversed by Su Yu and Su Long’s two fathers and won the final victory!
Su Yu is too lazy to look at the unified tone one by one and directly find the final unified statistical data.
Su Yu’s consumption and income want to be increased at the end of the preparations for the Imperial Capital, and finally Su Yu still earns a lot.
First of all, the rewards of people’s hearts and minds, large and small, have increased by more than 900 thousand points in total!
The second time was to unseal the Lord’s altar and have a chance to summon the generals of the world at the same time, and then opened another Lord talent
What makes Su Yu feel most happy is that Tong actually shows that Su Yu has completely mastered the popularity of millions of people in the imperial city, knowing that the imperial city is not yet Su Yu’s territory! But Su Yu has mastered the popularity of the imperial city before!
And according to the unified analysis, after this war, Su Yu’s prestige will rise wildly in the future.

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