"But don’t worry, I will help you find the best doctor and the best medical equipment for your operation with Aunt Chen. Although I know that your Chen family’s property is also very rich, this is my heart, so don’t refuse!" Lu Hugh thought very calm and said

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"This ….." Liu Fei was surprised that Lu Xiusi had to make such a big decision. She didn’t know if her daughter-in-law Chen Jia had the strength to accept such a big "greeting" from Lu Xiusi.
Lu Xiusi saw the doubts in Lu Fei’s heart and took the initiative to say to Lu Fei, "Don’t worry, I know that you are hesitating. Should you accept it? I will talk to Chen Haoxuan about this matter in detail. I wish you knew it!"
Shen Nuo looked at Lu Xiusi with a face of worship. Shen Nuo never dreamed that it was the original rich life, and similar gifts could be given in this way.
"Well, then … thank manager Lu first. Our Nuo Nuo is really a blessing. Manager Lu is not only good for Nuo Nuo, but also very generous and very helpful!" Liu Fei speaks of pleasantries
"Well Feifei, don’t say these pleasantries. Why are you still so polite when you are from your own family? Now, the most important thing is to hurry back and talk to your mother-in-law about this good thing!" Shen Nuo very happy to Liu Fei said
"Yes, yes," Liu Fei glanced at his watch. "I told Hao Xuan to relax. I didn’t expect that it had been out for such a long time and I should go back!"
"Sister Feifei, I will come to see you!" Manager Xiaojin was very reluctant to let Liu Fei walk all the way to the door.
Lu Xiusi was a little surprised and said to Shen Nuo, "Xiaojin … and Lu Fei have such a good relationship?"
"That’s Xiaojin’s first home for so many years!" Shen Nuo very nai sighed and turned back to the house.
Xiaojin always looked at Liu Fei’s back at the door and was reluctant to leave.
"Feifei, you will be fine!" Xiaojin always silently read in his heart.
Liu Fei thought that since he had made a decision, don’t delay any longer, so he quickly returned to the hospital.
"Feifei, why did you walk so long? I was so worried about you!" Chen Haoxuan finally came back slowly, and Liu Fei was worried that it was finally released.
"I’m fine. I just went out for fun. You see, I’m not fine now!" Liu Fei smile happily said
"That’s good …" Chen Haoxuan to the mouth want to question just suppressed back.
Lu Fei saw it at a glance. She gently held Chen Haoxuan’s hand. "I know what you want to ask!"
"That you …" In fact, this issue of Chen Haoxuan is also very difficult. After all, it is also very difficult to have his mother at one end and his wife Chen Haoxuan at the other.
"Did you tell mom?" Lu Fei asked
"Not yet, because I don’t know what your decision is!" Edward chan shook his head and looked at Liu Fei very nervously.
"Well, then let’s go inside and talk!" Liu Fei took Chen Haoxuan’s hand and walked into the room.
"But …" Chen Haoxuan stopped "but do you really want to good? If you go in, you can … "
Chen Haoxuan is very fond of Liu Fei on weekdays, and he can’t wait to hold it in his hand, but he didn’t expect Liu Fei to bear such a big crime because of his own family.
"Of course I’ve thought about it. Otherwise, what did I do when I disappeared for such a long time!" Liu Fei smiled and said to Edward chan, but Edward chan was very unhappy in his heart.
"Feifei!" Chen Haoxuan looked at Liu Fei with some distress. "Don’t you hate my mother?"
"I can’t help it," Lu Feinai sighed. "Who told me that my lover is you!"
Lu Fei blinked his eyes and Chen Haoxuan realized that Lu Fei was the best person in the world for him.
"Forget it and go in!" Lu Fei took Edward chan happily into the ward.
"Mom, here we come!" Liu Fei greeted Chen’s mother happily after seeing her.
"Feifei, don’t come over in such a cold day. Don’t catch a cold again!" Chen mother saw Liu Fei coming over and said with some love.
"No, I’m here to tell you a good news!" Liu Fei smiled and said to mother Chen
"Good news? Hey, what good news can I have! " Chen mu Liu Fei is teasing herself very nai with the wave.
"Maybe it’s good news in your heart!" Liu Fei looked at Chen’s mother with a smile. It was very interesting to look at him.
"Is it …" Mother Chen looked at Liu Fei with some excitement and surprise at this time.
"Go on!" Liu Fei continued to induce Chen Mu, "You go on talking!"
"Is it that my kidney source has fallen?" Chen mother looked at Liu Fei in surprise.
Liu Fei showed a very satisfied smile and looked at Chen’s mother.
"Really?" Mother Chen couldn’t believe watching Liu Fei hold Liu Fei’s hand tightly.
"Of course, Mom, your illness is about to fall!" Liu Fei’s heart encouraged Chen’s mother to feel relieved that her life was guaranteed.
"This … this also …" Chen’s mother’s own kidney source will be far away. I didn’t expect to have a landing so soon, so I was very excited and cried.
Father Chen was very excited when he heard the news, so he was happy to appease the excited mother Chen.
"Wife, you still look after you very much. You finally got a kidney source for your illness!" Chen Fu was a little excited and there were tears in his eyes.
It is reasonable to say that this matter should be something that everyone is very happy about, but Chen Haoxuan says that he can’t be happy about anything. He is mixed now and doesn’t know how complicated his heart is.
"Feifei do you know who this person is? I have to thank her! " After losing your mind, Mother Chen asked who this kidney donor was.
"Mom, don’t ask me. People don’t want to talk about it yet. Just wait for the kidney transplant!" Liu Fei didn’t say that he was himself, which surprised Chen Haoxuan.
"Oh, what a good man! Good people are safe all their lives!" Chen’s mother was very happy to look at Chen’s father. "Husband, I’m saved. I’m not dead. After I get better this time, I will definitely eat fast and recite Buddha every day. It’s no longer so tricky!"
"Good wife, when you are ready, I will take you wherever you want to play. Anyway, the two of us will soon retire and go wherever you want!" Chen’s father was very happy to see Chen’s mother rekindle hope for life.
"This gives me a kidney source, and we can’t mistreat others. We must thank them well!" Mother Chen looked at Liu Fei with great gratitude. "Feifei thanked him for me and thanked him for his willingness to save my life!" "
"Good mother, now you can put your heart at ease, so you should take good care of your body and face the next operation!" Liu Fei intimately covered Chen Mu with a quilt.
"Good!" Mother Chen looked at Liu Fei lovingly. "Feifei, you are really a lucky star in our family. Everything will be easy with you!"
"Mom, it’s not because of me. It’s because of your own luck!" Lu Fei was very flattering and said, "If it weren’t for your sincerity, I couldn’t do this again!"
Looking at Liu Fei is very pleasing to Chen’s mother. Chen Haoxuan is both happy and distressed. He can’t bear to see Liu Fei. Because Chen Haoxuan wants to match his mother, the successful person is himself, so that Liu Fei can live with this crime.
"Well, Mom," Chen Haoxuan said to Chen’s mother when she was almost happy, "I’ll take Feifei out for dinner before she comes!"
"Haoer led Feifei to eat something delicious and not enough money. Mom has it!" Chen mother was very pleased to see Liu Fei and let Chen Haoxuan lead Liu Fei out the door.
Chen Haoxuan has been pulling Liu Fei to the door and walked to the invisible position of his mother. Chen Haoxuan stopped.
"Why don’t you go? I am so hungry! " See Edward chan stopped Liu Fei deliberately please say.

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