However, there is no change in memory. Lin feels swollen and blames it for forgetting the past memory. Although it is said that memory is still hidden in cells, it must not be remembered.

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I’m more interested in data than studying swollen strange Lin … These data are the cylindrical objects that Lin has found now.
Each one can be typed in a contact way, and then the surface of the cylinder pops up to view these materials.
Lin has typed a cylinder of information. There are some … past events written here. This is not the record of the captor, but some biological records of living here.
It describes some life here, and there are many things. Lynn noticed it, and it mainly said something … related to some kind of disease.
This was originally a disease called’ violent outburst’
Its symptoms show that the victim will suddenly go crazy and then take off his armor, which has been a problem for a long time.
It happens occasionally, and it seems that this disease has always been a great problem among the creatures living here.
The captors don’t treat the creatures here. The creatures here treat themselves, and there are clinics.
Because there are great differences between different kinds of organisms here, there are also a large number of doctors from different biomedicine in the clinic. Usually, there are many differences in various biological diseases, but only this disease is the same for all organisms …
And this kind of problem can’t be found in the treatment process … the solution.
Lin found that it means that although they have done a lot of tests, they don’t know how it happened because these creatures were in a normal state before.
Moreover, they are not infected with the virus. All these problems bother them very much, so there is no cure for this disease.
However, it seems that it happens once every ten years on average, which is not taken seriously.
But recently, this kind of disease has increased. When the number of cases has increased, the creatures here really feel it.
Later, after testing, it was found that those pathogenic organisms were mainly caused by sudden abnormal changes in their cells.
It’s their bodies that suddenly produce some structures that didn’t exist before, and at the same time affect the brain, which makes these creatures go crazy.
However, this is very strange because their cells are not infected by the virus. What will happen?
Because there was no way to treat these creatures in the end, I wanted to ask for help from the captors. The captors didn’t respond at first, but they asked for too much, so the captors told them.
"This is the impact of that thing that can be avoided for the time being, but the impact is expected to end soon."
When the creatures asked when the impact would end, the captors told them a’ soon’ number, about 100 years.
It’s really fast. Compared with 100,000 years of talking …
But these creatures don’t want to wait that long, so they go on asking for treatment or asking their captors to help them or something.
And some creatures ask the captors what has affected them.
It was Lin who caused this problem. Now look at this information. The captor told them … it was caused by a certain world.
That’s … water polo.
The creature kept asking questions about water polo. The catcher seemed curious about it and admired it.
It is Lin who thinks so, because most other creatures require treatment, and this creature is studied in depth
Therefore, the captors answer more questions than other creatures, although not too much, but relatively less.
"Water polo likes to transform" is what the captors say. "They have been continuously transforming everything and always want everything to be in their satisfactory form."
"They try to destroy things that seem unsatisfactory to them, and they think that everything should satisfy them."
"Some creatures tried to fight them back, but they were all destroyed, while others were transformed."
"They mainly transform creatures like you."
Lin believes that the captor is a cell creature here.
"They have been circulating this process of transformation, record creation and continuous transformation."
"Water polo is their core, where they have all the … creatures that have been transformed and manufactured from now on."

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