The Pleiadian star lost his generals and pushed the water to the sea. It’s only important to save his life that this magic is powerful.

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But how did he get ahead of Wu Ming?
Duh, throw the gold pestle out and smash him into the sea.
Chapter 152 Bodhisattva punished Monkey King looking for a hero
"Now it’s your doom!"
Wu Ming cold way bent down to take his life.
But then a Buddha light.
This may look familiar, but don’t treat each other like scratch my face for three days.
Wu Ming poof, a moth, hid himself and went to the wall. The blue woman hurried to find the demon and should hold up the Pleiadian star officer.
"My son, how did you get hurt so badly!"
The Pleiadian star officer was dying, and he was relieved to see his mother in a daze.
"Mother, be careful. The devil works miracles."
Which the blue woman nodded at this moment the dragon palace will make track for.
"See the Bodhisattva"
The blue woman turned to look at their Buddha’s light and couldn’t see clearly.
After a breath, I received the Buddha’s light, but I don’t know where I went. I saw the black gas buried deep in her Buddha’s light.
"You can’t escape today!"
Wu Ming andao is not good, so he immediately flew away.
But I saw a bodhisattva standing behind me, stepping on the head of the North Sea, shining the full moon, singing and spreading.
He just couldn’t escape the Buddha’s light and was forced to reveal his figure, and immediately turned into the nightmare Great Sage.
"I found you!"
The Bodhisattva pointed out one by one that Wu Ming was holding a gold pestle to meet him.
It’s true that the tree doesn’t measure itself
Wu Ming’s figure flew upside down and immediately turned into two wings behind him to turn sharply.
The blue woman was already angry, and immediately she took Tian Yi’s palm and closed it to Wu Ming, and then her palm fluttered.
"Do you really think you are the Buddha?"
Wu Ming drinks one, but he dare not use his magical power.
Spit out a poisonous fog and slip through your fingers.
"Good karma, even if you go to the ground, you can’t get rid of my hand!"
The pilan woman drove Xiangyun and chased the Pleiadian star officer all the way.
Wu Ming, with his rapid intrusion into the land of Luzhou in Beiju, couldn’t chase it, but she couldn’t get away from it.
"Don’t look back and hide."
Then he dived into the mountains and turned the sparrow’s head slightly.
The Bodhisattva Yuntou frowned. This fellow has such stealth means, but it is not surprising that my son lost his hand by his sneak attack.
"Can’t I help it?"
Immediately, the avatar gathered the whole mountain peak, and the magnificent Buddha burned a mountain peak, and all the creatures in the scorched earth were desperate
Fortunately, Wu Ming escaped quickly and fell into a mountain again.
The Bodhisattva was really cruel and killed another mountain.
Wu Ming can escape secretly, trying to escape to places where there are few living spirits.
Pilan woman sat in the cloud head and searched for the trace of Wu’s name
Then you have to be cruel and ruthless, but you have to listen to your ear and scold.
"Not crazy enough?"
Seeing the stars shining all over the sky, I fanned the bodhisattva’s cheeks with a big hand
Which the blue woman immediately wake up and dare not expect.
"The poor monk was angry for a moment and asked his wife to forgive him."
"Hum, there are no times"
The stars dispersed.
The blue woman had to hate to leave.
She has remembered that that fellow will teach him a dilemma of life and death in the future!
Wu Ming hid in the forest and saw that the blue woman was gone. It was a relief that these bodhisattvas and great magical powers were still very different after all. I’m afraid it’s hard to fight back in the golden wonderland.
"Go ahead. She’s gone."
Ear sound
Wu Ming immediately turned himself and bowed down and said, "Thank you for your help."
I haven’t heard for a long time that my wife should leave him and get up.
Sighed, "It’s worse after all."
He can’t show his magic easily, and it’s really hard to kill a 20-star king.
However, I have a general understanding of this level of God’s combat power.
These great immortals are equal to or better than ordinary Taiyi immortals. During the twenty nights, they have more restraint on all the monsters. If he has never been thoroughly remoulded, I am afraid that even if he achieves the true immortals, he will be treated like this Pleiadian star official.
As miraculous as the three rhinos in Xuan Ying Cave in Qinglong Mountain, the monkey can fight back and forth together, but he can run for his life when he meets four wooden birds and stars. The cold-blooded son is held down by Muan Jing and does not dare to resist.
Fortunately, this time, I was protected by the old lady at the foreign key of Beizhou.
Want to tidy up the clothes and fly to the west cow Hezhou.
The masses in Pansiling have long since dispersed, and the spider spirits have also turned to the abode of fairies and immortals.

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