If you have not only a daughter but also a son, if the daughter enters the palace, you will say that the son will not establish a world foundation.

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Didn’t you see that Deng Jiugong was seriously ill and sent her daughter to the palace?
Some things still have to be believed.
But now my daughter is not a palace princess, but a medical school!
Is it good to have a good time at the girl’s house?
But go to practice medicine or kill people.
Now, the wife and children of King Wu Chengwang are alive. Isn’t it murder to have a caesarean section?
This cut is two lives!
Even if you take a step back and follow the example of Wu Ding’s first king, it’s nothing if you let a woman practice medicine normally or kill her by caesarean section!
On the day of medical school admission, businessmen brought people to ask for an audience.
This time, I don’t want any philosopher to spend his old age safely. I have only one daughter and I can’t let her learn caesarean section!
Businessmen cried when they saw the direct prostration, "The courtiers and courtiers are still young, and courtiers and courtiers are not allowed to enter medical school! She is too weak to see blood! "
The true feelings of Shang cried even harder. "I implore you to read the old minister for many years …"
If you cry well, you’re afraid that you won’t cry, especially if you don’t cry. On the other hand, what is the blessing of the country for your daughter to do everything at home to save lives?
I’m not trying to kill your daughter. What’s the hurry?
He looked around and said, "Your family, get the roster."
Zhongzhai roster
"Shang Qingjun is the prime minister, right?"
Business has turned around and nodded and said yes.
"Ten-year-old Lan Xin Hui is gentle and refined …" She was sighed, "The Prime Minister gave birth to a good daughter, but it’s a pity that she has already been on the roster. There must be no less women in this roster."
Shang heart thumped him … He is so unreasonable!
His minister also began to cry.
It’s hard for me to get in the way by crying like this!
When I was worried, I said, "I am grateful to my daughter for being able to enter the medical school to treat diseases and save lives."
Voldemort secretly bah-am I grateful?
Zhong added, "When I was in the DPRK yesterday, I said that all the ministers in the DPRK are national pillars, and I think that the women in the pillars must be very strict in tutoring, and they are all prepared for common diseases. If there are remedies besides bifurcation, can ordinary people rest assured that caesarean section can kill them? There are also these strange women who can cure diseases and save people, which is reassuring! "
Shang really wants to slap Zhong. You don’t have a daughter. If you want to have a daughter, will you cry?
But it happened that there was some truth.
It’s true that he is a talented traitor with a smile in his eyes. It’s really reassuring
With a heart of stone, I said slowly, "It’s my concern that your daughters can study medicine, and it’s also your concern. When Yang Qing’s family once congratulated you, he said that your daughter’s study in medical school is both loyal to the king and filial to her father. Isn’t that the minister’s way?"
What minister female officer this … Although it is not impossible, big business does not have to be a female officer to govern the country!
"I have decided to say more."
With a flick of his sleeve robe, he left
Business eyes once again fainted.
Hearing the noise, he turned around and said, "If the Prime Minister is old and weak, won’t it be cured if his daughter studies medicine?"
This seems to be caught in an infinite loop quotient. This disease is that my daughter learns to be a doctor!
I went to Chaoge Medical College, and then I drove my parents away.
Three clouds are here, and the second child, Qiong Xiao, though reluctant, decided to enroll in caesarean section after all.
By being more assured, it is more secure to have this layer of female doctors’ life safety. All of them are mass-produced and stupid. Baby can’t have an accident!
Surprisingly, da ji also came.
Da ji went to a quiet place and said, "There are many flowing male and female servants in the market, so I want to learn this caesarean section."
By shaking his head, he said, "Where is my love princess? It’s not enough to believe the rumors in the market. My love princess will come back to the palace quickly."
Da ji is smiling. "Men and women servants are worried that female medical doctors in medical schools are all from noble women, and even more ministers and women will have rumors if something happens and it is difficult for them to get married, which will lead to a misunderstanding for life."
I feel something wrong after listening to it. Is this to wake me up? Aren’t you a demon princess? What’s the name?
Come to think of it, da ji seems to have never cheated herself. It’s safe for her to do everything, mainly because the chief minister is cheating

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