Section five hundred and seventy-four Americans are behind their backs

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Hurd did his homework, and he knew the incident better than Wu Chongyao.
But the note point is different. Wu Chongyao didn’t pay attention to this matter. There are reasons for not paying attention to it. The Qing Dynasty didn’t pay much attention to this small island of Han and Francisco. Wu Chongyao, the head of the Ocean Department, was unreasonable and more caring
Hurd looks at this issue from the perspective of the world. He actually doesn’t pay much attention to Japan, but he feels that there are Americans behind this incident.
Hurd believes that Li Xianqi, an American, has achieved great success in this Japanese invasion of Taiwan.
Hurd has got to know each other through Yosi.
Li Xiande is an American consul in Xiamen, and a similar incident occurred in the Ryukyu merchant ship before the American merchant ship. In February 167, the American merchant ship Luo Mei hit a rock and sank in Hongtouyu, off the coast of eastern Taiwan Province, and its survivors were also killed by Langlang aborigines, which triggered negotiations with the Qing government of the United States. At that time, the Qing government was also a foreigner, and Li Xiande sent warships to retaliate without authorization.
Later, he personally landed to negotiate with the local aborigines, and Zhuo Qidu, the general leader of the Tenth Society, reached an agreement. The aborigines promised not to hurt the shipwrecked people in the west again. Because of his activities in Taiwan Province, Li Xiande also learned the language of Taiwan Province and became a Taiwan Province expert.
In 172, Li Xiande resigned as a consul in Xiamen, and on his way back to the United States by boat, he passed through Yokohama on the day when the American envoy introduced the Japanese Foreign Minister and Vice-Island Seed Minister to meet. The Vice-Island Seed Minister learned that there had been similar incidents in the United States, and visited the American envoy to Taiwan Province several times. Lou Feidi repeatedly asked the opinion of the Chinese and Korean "vassals" about the "Shengfan" incident in, and the American envoy introduced Li Xiande as a Taiwan Province expert.
After meeting with the Japanese Foreign Minister, Li Xiande was very active in giving advice to the Japanese, telling them that the Qing government said that the foreign land was occupied by the main land in international law, and that Li Xiande returned the map photos of Taiwan and said that he needed 2,000 troops to easily occupy Taiwan Province’s sub-island. He was very excited to hear that other provinces approved the second-class official to hire Li Xiande’s consultant in November of that year to make detailed plans for sending troops and colonizing.
As Japan sent troops to Taiwan Province, an American consul was helping to solve the problem of international law. Hurd suspected that the American government was involved in this matter. Hurd believed that Taiwan Province was across the sea from Fujian, a big territory. If Americans get their hands on this place, it would be a great threat, so it should be highly concerned.
Of course, Zhu Jinglun also heard the story of Li Xian, saying that this is an important figure in the history of China, Japan and the United States.
China historians regard this person’s involvement in the Japanese invasion of Taiwan as evidence that imperialism has got its hands on China, but this law is too politicized to be adopted by historians.
There is a great controversy in the history circle about whether the United States intervened in the Japanese invasion of Taiwan. From various documents of the United States and Japan, it is proved that the United States government played a role in it.
The Americans thought it was Li Xian’s personal trip. Later, Li Hongzhang protested to the US government. The United States also arrested Li Xian. Although he was finally released, the United States believed that it reflected the United States’ suspicion of pushing Japan to invade Taiwan Province.
The Japanese also believed that this was Li Xian’s personal trip. Their document list did solve the international law problem of sending troops to Taiwan Province during Li Xian’s consulting period with the Japanese government, but the Japanese government promised to appoint Li Xian’s governor after the Japanese occupation of Taiwan Province.
The only doubt is that some data sheets require that the United States will enjoy exclusive trade power in Taiwan Province after Taiwan Province is occupied by Japan.
Zhu Jinglun tends to believe that the U.S. government is not directly involved in this matter, but he is happy to see it succeed. If he really has great ambitions for Taiwan Province, the Americans can do it themselves. At that time, the Qing government had no resistance at all.
Contrast Li Xian’s background. This person is not an American, but a Frenchman who joined American citizenship because he married an American wife. This is a guy who is very adventurous in this era. This kind of person is really willing to do whimsical things because of his personal ambition. Therefore, it is more reasonable for this person to do things personally, but Americans should be informed. It is true that they are willing to share a piece of Taiwan Province after Japan takes it.
Know more about the cause and effect of this incident than Hurd. Is Zhu Jinglun worried about the US ambitions for Taiwan Province, but he doesn’t want to tell the truth.
He asked Wu Chongyao to inform the US government about its attitude towards the Taiwan Province issue and protested to the US government that the trip of American Li Xian had seriously affected peace in East Asia, as well as great interests and security.
At the same time, a note was sent to Japan to tell the Japanese National People’s Congress to seriously consider the Taiwan Province issue and ask Japan to explain their intentions towards Japanese soldiers.
Send diplomacy to Britain and France to tell them that they are serious about the Taiwan Province issue and that the big attitude is to do everything possible to maintain regional peace and stability and safeguard the trade interests of all countries, hoping to get support from Britain and France.
Zhu Jinglun also ordered the navy to send ten warships to block the sea area in Tainan area and not allow a Japanese ship to dock until the incident was satisfactorily resolved.
"Should we note the Qing court?"
Wu Chongyao realized that he already knew a lot about international law, and he felt that he should negotiate with the Qing court on this matter.
But Zhu Jinglun went around a circle and just didn’t tell Manchu that he meant to bypass the Qing court. Zhu Jinglun didn’t explain to let Wu Chongyao do as he said.
Wu Chongyao was puzzled and walked out of the palace road with Hurd. He asked what Emperor Hurd meant.
Hurd told him with a smile that Yangsi was ready to negotiate with Manchu about the ownership of Taiwan Province. He also told Wu Chongyao that Taiwan Province, a beautiful island, can be developed into a very rich place where tea and silk can be produced. The key is geographical location. Once Taiwan Province is controlled, European merchant ships sailing to the sea will be under great control.
Wu Chongyao was very surprised that he learned from the positive law that the emperor would be interested in this place, but if he could get a piece of land through diplomatic means, it would be considered as a frontier expansion, and the credit would be completely attributed to him, the head of the foreign company.
Hurd clapped his hands and took the carriage, while Wu Chongyao took his sedan chair.
Zhu Jinglun is also in a good mood in the palace. He is very satisfied with Hurd’s attitude, or he is satisfied with Hurd’s changes in recent years
Section five hundred and seventy-five Hurd change
Hurd’s physical changes are mixed.
On the bright side, Hurd is becoming more and more like an China.
Years ago, Hurd had an argument with Zhu Jinglun because he couldn’t stand everything in the province. After that, he was appointed to set up a supervision department, named the suggestion department, which was responsible for checking the fact that all levels of government set up suggestion doctors to preside over the work, and finally he was responsible to Hurd.
This suggestion company soon acted as an underwriter. Hurd is a strong person with strong principles or strong desire for power. He values power far more than the average person’s responsibility. He very much rejects others’ intervention, so the suggestion company really found out some official problems according to the procedure, from big problems to small problems, and a large number of officials lost their jobs.
This made big officialdom hate Hurd, and because Hurd was a foreigner, a large number of people rejected him. At that time, he couldn’t move in the officialdom and cooperated with the department. Others refused to actively cooperate with the officialdom. Hurd’s nickname changed from He Lame to He Zhongxian’s irony. He was the eunuch who was in charge of the East-West Factory and oppressed the officials. The most serious thing is that there was an assassination. Hurd’s carriage was destroyed by a bomb thrown by a gang dead man. Hurd was seriously injured at that time, and the mastermind behind it was never found out.
Hurd has changed since the assassination. The first thing is that he got married. He married a Ningbo girl who has been his lover for many years. Ayao doesn’t dislike Hurd’s humiliation and has been taking care of his life all these years. However, Hurd always has a white concept in his heart. He has achieved fame and fortune in China, but he can’t really accept yellow people equally.
However, after this incident, I don’t know what changed Hurd’s mentality. He proposed to Ayao, and they held a wedding after his injury, and invited officials from all over the country to attend the Chinese wedding.
Hurd married a girl from China, which soon brought him some benefits. First of all, he was more acceptable. He used to be a foreigner, but now he is a son-in-law from China, and everyone can barely accept his identity from the heart.
The second change is that Hurd has become human, which is the bad side.
Speaking of human feelings, Hurd has turned a blind eye to those who are not serious in violation of discipline. Apart from being tolerant of corruption, he has accepted the situation that he has made great efforts to place one or two relatives.
The most serious thing is that Hurd is also human. He is always lenient with his past department and receives some gifts from it on holidays.
This change made Zhu Jinglun feel that China’s official culture is so strong that even a foreigner like Hurd can turn it around, but he soon felt that this was not a good thing. He found that Hurd was deliberately sheltering and cultivating his foundation.
Hurd started from the sea, which was the first modern department in the country. Therefore, there were a large number of officials from the sea in the big government. Many of them were the core figures in charge of establishing the government offices. Most of the high-level officials in big officialdom had nothing to do with Hurd, but at least one third of the middle-level officials were from the sea, and another third were officials who had worked as interns in the sea. Only one third of the officials were trained by the real big officialdom body.
In this way, it is really terrible to count the Hurd forces. Once the older generation of officials get older, isn’t it all Hurd forces in big officialdom?

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