They left here after they were built. Where did they go? Why not go to a nearby satellite and do the same thing? Then I don’t know.

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However, this 3,000-kilometer satellite does not seem to have been maintained according to the rescuer’s idea.
Lin, a’ river’ composed of a fluffy ball and a phoenix dust is slowly fluttering.
While moving, Lin has been chatting with this phoenix.
Now Lin’s fluffy balls and this phoenix … are not bad.
In fact, it doesn’t know what connection Lin’s fluffy ball has with the destruction of other residents’ balls. After getting familiar with it, the phoenix becomes … very talkative.
At present, Lin is discussing the dust situation here with it, and at the same time, she has found some past things with it.
The history of this satellite can be found in many places.
For example, around this dusty river, you can often see some … small machines.
Most of these machines look like worms, that is, multi-limb modeling
Lin has grabbed a few and studied them. I found that although their shells are normal virtual substances, their main core is solidified substances.
Lin can investigate its details through the organ function of captain pompon.
From these machines, Lynn learned a lot about the rescuers and their past.
However, these robots have not always imitated the life of the world’s original species as the rescuers thought.
I don’t know if those rescuers have noticed or if they specially designed these machines in this way, there are some wonderful things.
They can really analyze biological dust and then distinguish which kind of creature it is, and then further obtain this biological character.
And machinery can not imitate a biological character.
They can also upgrade their consciousness by constantly devouring biological dust.
That is, intelligence will become higher and higher.
On the other hand, if they don’t keep eating dust, their’ consciousness’ will become weaker and weaker, and finally they will completely dissipate.
Generally speaking, the biological dust here is like the essence of pitaya to machinery.
After becoming smart, the machinery noticed their situation and competed for biological dust.
In the end, it was the mechanical world that gained a lot of dust and became very clever that established the’ text’
It feels very similar to the situation in pitaya.
However, biological dust here does not happen by accident like essence. They have a huge amount … but there is no way to supplement it.
Because these machines have the function of making future generations, with the increase of machinery, there is less and less dust in the world.
Then they try to … produce biological dust.
They did find a way to produce biological dust, but they don’t know exactly how.
In the end, they transformed the world into what Lin saw now.
All kinds of buildings on the surface outside, including this place like a waterway …

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