This guy really widened the road.

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"I’ll tell you once to call me anonymous when you are in danger. I promise I can give you a remote virtual hand to save your life and let you experience treatment that the protagonist has never experienced in a row."
Qin Mu Ye this let the other side couldn’t help a lag. What is this situation?
However, he also wrote this down and reported it together after the plane landed. From this point of view, the beta abnormal body Lord has some ability
Moreover, the other party’s anonymity is the key point. So far, this point has not been reached in the report. However, experienced security personnel have guarded various abnormal bodies and know that anonymity is probably a taboo. Fortunately, the other party has not said it.
In the face of this situation, he naturally agreed that the other party showed human-like wisdom and he could not neglect it at will.
The abnormal body is terrible, and he deeply feels that he can communicate with him and express some goodwill, so naturally he can’t make friends at will.
The plane will land soon, and many task forces have been waiting here for a long time.
There are many bases in the world defender’s base, and they are also assigned to an abnormal body, and it is very dangerous to have a special plane to pick them up. It is a special mode of transportation.
Qin Mu Ye, who is rated as a beta and has little harm, can fly.
There is also a special person to communicate with Qin Mu Ye. After all, the head of this base also has information and has done enough homework.
When facing an abnormal body, taking it lightly is equal to death.
"This treatment is much better than before, but you don’t know that the place I stayed before was almost like a prison brig."
Qin Mu Ye looked at the luxury room from beginning to end filled with the word enjoy.
Look at that appearance. It seems that the treatment of Qin Makinohara’s base has been added. Otherwise, we can have these things and they are all brand-new and have just been added.
"By the way, we shouldn’t get out of control, right?" Qin Mu Ye asked such a sentence
This made the field staff feel uneasy-what do you want?
"No, it’s an accident that base 631 is out of control. Ten years is just such an example," said a supervisor nearby.
"That’s good. I’m telling you, at that time, when I was sleeping, that thing was old and malicious and dripped water into my face. But that thing dripped water into my bed. What is this called? This is called killing people. If I go out, how can I meet people?" Qin Mu Ye said with indignation
And the people in the field all look a little weird. Alpha-level anomalies are surging in the spring water, and you can face it. Is the degree of this disaster sure to be beta rather than alpha?
"Don’t worry about this. We hired the highest-grade property plus the base, but we passed the third-party inspection. This is the inspection report, and there will never be any leakage again." Based on Qin Mu Ye’s wonderful understanding, the supervisor was prepared. This is a small matter.
"I won’t read the report. It doesn’t matter what I say, but how I do it." Qin Mu Ye said slowly
At first glance, Qin Mu Ye looks like an uncle, but in fact he is really an uncle. It’s ok for the defenders of the whole world to be an ancestor.
Although there is a hierarchy of abnormal bodies, this division comes from the defenders of their world, not the abnormal bodies.
Even if the beta abnormal body encounters some stimulus or taboo, there will be uncontrollable changes, from the original harm, small harm to great harm and so on.
It is also true that although Qin Mu Ye’s ability not only shows harm, it is the beta abnormal body.
Evaluating the abnormal body level is not the so-called strength, but whether it will harm Wen, otherwise it will be called the disaster level, and it will be the strength level.
Therefore, the disaster level is not fixed but changes in real time.
"Yes, yes, we promise to do this." The other party naturally bowed.
Then it was briefly introduced, and then it was left.
One by one, the cold sweat behind them is almost soaked, and it is the first time for them to meet such wonderful and abnormal bodies, so that they can communicate well and everything can be said to be very smooth.
"Yeah, interesting." Qin Mu Ye glanced at the dead angle monitoring in the corner and didn’t care about it
If you don’t put monitoring, that’s the problem.
We should know that most abnormal bodies have real-time monitoring, except for a few inappropriate abnormal bodies like sight and vision, but they also have other types of monitoring methods
Doing these things is naturally the first time to monitor abnormal body problems. They are these.
Of course, some research has been done, but the research has not triggered some changes too deeply, but even the fur has formed a lot of black technology.
"I’m afraid this marriage will be better than when the body is there." Qin Mu Ye couldn’t help poking fun at 1.
Thanks to this, he is not the protagonist, otherwise, he is probably a member of the world defender?
That would be terrible. Not only is life in danger every day, but you can’t see the light. After all, it is a secret organization.
In this world, the defenders of the inner world have organized a heavy burden to make such a modern world quiet and peaceful.
Chapter 594 Join in the fun and get a wave of AOE?
"Is it strange that there is no protagonist?" Qin Mu Ye was a little stupid and forced him to find that there was no protagonist in this sub-world. He did see the protagonist option before.
"Or is it that my identity is not enough to stuff me into a supporting role?"
Qin Mu Ye recalled that he might have felt lucky before he was placed in a supporting role when he called the spirit world, but now it is more beneficial to arrange him to be the leading role than to be the supporting role.
Think about Qin Mu Ye becoming the leading role, sending a hero to the emperor, and even if it is involved with the hero, it will take off.
Then it must be high. I don’t want to arrange a supporting role for him
The situation in this world is estimated to be more extreme, otherwise it is impossible to regard him as a walk-on because he suspects that there is no leading role or supporting role. To put it more bluntly, the defenders in this world are leading roles and those researchers, task forces and so on are supporting roles.
Promoted from a single individual to a group
Otherwise, a group of ordinary people can actually detain these abnormal bodies?
In the thriller universe, the two major forces have long been killed, and even worse, such a strict system has been formed to ensure the safety of the whole world.
This one is typical of the fate of the body.
"Do you think there is any need for the daily question of the Lord’s Pavilion today?" A researcher came in smiling.
"Oh, ask," Qin Mu Ye said slowly.
It’s also a delay for the other party to laugh. It’s the 36th day that Qin Mu Ye came here. Every day, it’s called a comfortable and little environment, except for daily questioning.
Probably just asking about him by innuendo, and occasionally asking about Jishan, but Jishan has been sleeping recently. After all, it may be more comfortable to sleep when the novelty is over.
Qin Mu Ye for this question also don’t exclude this can ask what ugly Yin Mao anyway, just say it.

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