Muying was shocked all over, only to know that he had just misunderstood Li Sheke. Muying is also a stubborn person. Now that he has worshipped the teacher, he will go with the master.

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Gently pushed Li She a tear and couldn’t help but drop it and complained, "Why didn’t you say so earlier?"! What do you say now! "
Cai Yan was also moved by this scene and shed tears. "xianggong" just can’t say that this is the condition for saving Ying Jie. "Then Mu Ying said the situation just now.
"Ha ha, I see. It seems that I am too selfish." Mu Ying laughed at himself. "You’d better give up a woman like me."
"no! How can I give up! " Li She once again held Li She in her arms.
Mu Ying suddenly gave Li She a hard push and kept wiping away her tears and cried, "Give it up! We are not suitable at all! "
"no! You are my woman! You can’t run away, whether it’s this generation or this generation, you are my woman! " Li rushed to Muying like a hard worker, and held Muying tightly in her arms.
Tong Yuan couldn’t stand to see it here, too, and said, "I didn’t expect you to be so loving. Forget it, I won’t break you up and travel around the world again!"
Muying heard this whole body strength a shock holding Muying Li she immediately flew out and fell heavily to the ground, and her body was injured. She immediately vomited out with a pain in her chest and blood.
Mu Ying was cruel and said to Tong Yuan, "Master, I will go with you, but I will take these women to rely on and need my help."
"You can want to think it over whether to abandon you this little lover" Tong Yuan laughed.
"He and I are destined to be passers-by. If it is predestined, we will meet each other someday. If it is predestined, it is meaningful to stay beside us." Mu Ying has already thought about it.
Tong Yuan laughed. "It’s very gratifying to hear you say that. Yes, people should pay attention to a fate, but you can’t run. It’s not that even if you stay, you won’t achieve the same fate as the teacher is destined to have a mentoring relationship with you. Hahaha!" This is like saying to Mu Ying as well as Li She.
Sat down to the ground Li She kept shaking her head "no! You are me, you can’t leave me! "
Mu Ying said without looking back, "Li is destined to meet me and I’m leaving."
Chapter two hundred and forty-nine Snake corpse
"Little friends! Life in the world should pay attention to a fate word, don’t be obsessed with it for a while. "Tong Yuan Naidao was heartbroken, but Li She listened again."
Tong Yuan pointed to the snake again and said to Li She, "This fierce snake is a treasure, so I will give it to my little friend." Then I took Mu Ying away. Fortunately, twenty or thirty women followed.
"ah!" Li she looked at Mu Ying’s distant figure and screamed at the top of her lungs, which made Wen-chi feel distressed and wiped away her tears.
"Don’t be like this, Xianggong. Sister Ying will come back," Cai Yan comforted.
Li Sheqi cried, "Yan Er, you don’t know how I hate myself so much that I can’t even protect my own woman."
"Don’t" xianggong ",didn’t you protect me? You will protect my generation later!" Cai Wen-chi threw himself into Li She’s arms and said
Li She’s dim eyes lit up and her heart seemed to have faith. "I have to protect Yan’s son for me. I can’t be depressed. I want to be strong. I can’t let you leave me again!"
After the shock, Li She will never be decadent again. Looking at Mu Ying’s departure direction, she secretly vowed that I would never let go if I had the chance to see you again. Even if you ran to the ends of the earth, I would catch you!
Think of just now Tong Yuan talk eyes can’t help but look at the fierce snake slowly walked past, according to the preliminary calculation, the snake at least 17 meters long to ridiculous even a dragon so much!
"Come on! Peel it! " Li Sheda drink a way
Immediately before the foot soldiers, Li she knew that the whole snake could not be taken away, so she simply didn’t want a skin. If it is made into clothes, the defense should be quite good.
Li Xie thought it was good, but when he really wanted to start work, he encountered a problem. The foot soldiers couldn’t scratch the snakeskin at all, scratching their heads in front of the snake corpse.
"Let me do it!" Yu Jin drank a lot and attached strength to the knife and scratched the snake’s skin. He was hard to scratch. "If this snake is not dead, I can’t scratch it with aura."
More than ten meters long snake body has been completed by one person, and others are helpless. Zhou Cang’s arms have been folded, which obviously can’t help.
"Xianggong, look what that is!" Cai Yan’s surprised tone attracted Li She’s attention. Looking in the direction of Cai Yan’s finger, it was the fierce snake that was going to transform into a dragon’s paw. There was a dazzling red light in the bulge.
Li She was curious and didn’t scratch her skin. She was just about to ask Yu Ban for help when she suddenly dismissed the idea and scratched again.
This time, the snakeskin was successfully scratched. Li was overjoyed. I didn’t expect that the dragon spirit attached to the blade could really scratch the snakeskin.
"The" xianggong "is amazing!" Wen-chi also aside happy way
Li She was pleased with Cai Yan’s praise when she was absent, because the golden light shining at Li She’s eyes lit up the area where Li She and others were located, causing the foot soldiers to look askance.
Even Zhou Cang couldn’t help wondering, dragging two broken arms and saying, "What is this?"
"Dragon spirit!" Li she must have replied that because the information in front of her is very clear, the dragon gas accounts for one ninth and can be absorbed.
Absorbable? What kind of absorption method is it? It can’t be swallowed directly. This is a bit big! Think of this Li she took this nearly half a meter wide golden light seems to be a mass of light and there is no weight.
Before Li was involved in the reaction, Jin Guangshan got into Li’s body "Ding! Congratulations on smoking dragon gas. At present, you are two-fifths dragon gas. Please continue to refuel! "
At first, a quarter after these days of cultivation, plus this time, the dragon breath has reached two fifths, but more than half of the whole dragon breath still needs to be refueled.
However, there are still some questions in Li’s heart. Isn’t it that Draco will be divided into nine women? How come even this snake has dragon spirit!
Actually, it makes sense for Li to think about it. At first, it was said that the dragon spirit is a new dragon spirit, and naturally there are old dragon spirit left over from the past. Every war is actually a dragon spirit struggle, and sometimes there will be many people who already have the whole dragon spirit. At this time, war is bound to be inevitable.
For example, in the Three Kingdoms, Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun all owned the whole dragon spirit. Naturally, no one fought against anyone. After that, all three died and were later settled by Si Mazhao who owned the whole dragon spirit.
Li She, who added some dragon spirit and didn’t add attribute value, was quite disappointed, only to find that Yu Jinzheng hurried over and wondered, "Wen Ze?"

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