Tianlong 36 hands Tianlong broken bones!

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Claw conveniently pull abruptly to each other’s shoulders a large piece of flesh and blood together with the bone to catch blood suddenly spewing out!
"ah!" King Jia Ye immediately let out a scream and was about to get rid of Xiao Fan’s sudden retreat, but Xiao Fan’s hands were caught towards him again!
"Luo boom boom boom! Swish swish swish! "
The paw prints all over the sky are rapidly enlarged in the eyes of King Jia Ye!
"Poop!" Jia Ye king’s body was caught by Xiao Fan in the blood gushing. It was just a breath when Xiao Fan had a bone flesh removal operation!
The bones and flesh and blood components grasped by each claw are exactly the same, and the speed is so fast that Jia Ye Wanggen has no chance to resist the competition!
Seeing that his body has been torn by living at this time, most of the ribs are still attached to the spine, which means that he has maintained a bust and his legs are not separated.
But in the face of Xiao Fan’s increasingly fierce offensive, the king of Jia Ye was completely desperate
It’s only a matter of time before you are torn apart!
"Damn it … how can you be so strong?" Jia Ye Wang Kou spouted blood and roared up. Immediately, his body suddenly shook, and a red light burst out from his celestial spirit, followed by all the blood being forced out, forming a thick fog that blocked Xiao Fan …
Chapter 924 Demon Awakening
There is a pungent fishy smell in the blood fog, and it is also mixed with a poisonous smell that makes people worry! Let Xiao Fan couldn’t help taking a few steps back and covering his nose and mouth with disgust!
Soon, I took advantage of this opportunity that the package of red light and blood fog soared into the sky and fled towards the distant sky at a horrible speed!
Followed by the red light of King Jia Ye’s angry and heartbreaking voice, "Xiao Fan, you wait for this revenge for the king, and you will not swear to the king!"
"Hum? You deserve to say that you are human? " Xiao Fan pulled pull corners of the mouth immediately feet flashing behing golden light "but … you want to escape before me? It’s a dream! "
"No, Xiao Fan let him run. He ran back to his master to pick you up. Be careful!" Frost suddenly stopped Xiao Fan and looked up and stared at the red light. Immediately, he released all the ice crystals wrapped in his body and jumped up and chased the red light!
"Er … frost …" Xiao Fan couldn’t help staring blankly at the sight.
"It won’t be long before we can meet again and have something important waiting for me to find out. You should be careful. Harmony is not the most terrible thing. Be alert …" The frost figure has disappeared from everyone’s sight and a heart sound echoes in Xiao Fan’s mind.
"What on earth is she exploring?" Xiao Fan puzzled and frowned. If Jiahe Xiang is not terrible … Who else is more dangerous than that?
Is it ….. Nine Yang xian jun?
Xiao Fan heart faint speculation.
"Er … where’s that … just now?" Violet came up and asked.
"I don’t know what she’s going to do!" Xiao Fansong shoulders rather nai.
"God that just the master … do you know? I have said that I have this strength so that we can have a bottom in our hearts! " Ksitigarbha bodhisattva came up with a full face of shock and cried at the top of her voice
"Do you know that man just now?" Kai ling pulled the ancient setting sleeves low asked.
"Well, I know that it was the first woman named Ning Shuang when Xiao Fan was in the Six Realms!" Ancient setting nods "but … it is said that she has long been imprisoned by the law of chaos, but I don’t know if she will be here …"
"Chaos rules imprison her?" Kailing one leng immediately shook his head. "There is nothing wrong with the root. She should always stay in the virtual space over the years and she is my teacher …"
"Er … is she your teacher?" This time it’s Gu Ning’s turn to be shocked.
"I just thought of this when I saw the frost!" Xiao Fan licked his lips and said, "Qi Ling’s cold is exactly the same as her means!"
"No, it’s much worse than me with the master!" Qi Ling shook her head. "It’s a pity that I have followed her for several years, but I don’t know her name or her identity, and I don’t know if she stays in vain …"
"Since she appeared this time, it means that everything will come out soon! I have a hunch that she will tell us everything when we meet again! " Xiao Fan said with a smile
"Xiao Fan’s escape technique just performed by King Jia Ye is very similar to the world!" Malaria surly said
"Well, although it’s not as hot as the boundary escape technique, it’s a good thing. It seems that … they really have it with the Shura protoss!" Xiao Fan nodded his head.
Just then, three figures came from the Buddhist world, and they came to put out the fire to see the holy bodhisattva, the golden light bodhisattva and the salvation bodhisattva.
"Xiao Fan enemy? Here we come! "
"The enemy? I have been beaten away for a long time, waiting for you … We people don’t know how many times to die! " Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva rolled her eyes and said grumpily
"Er … Lingshan War, when we also spent a lot of strength, the speed of our journey was very slow …" The golden Buddha with a simple face was embarrassed to scratch his bald head.
"Hehe, forget it. Anyway, we are also thrilling!" Xiao Fan smiled with a wave of his hand. "Is the situation in the Buddhist world stable?"
"It’s Lord Xiao Fan that the Buddhist world has done our best to control Zhongling Mountain, which has been surrounded by groups and groups, and there is no more counterattack!" Thin and kind-hearted, the bodhisattva folded her hands and saluted Xiao Fan.

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