Wen Leyang, an egg, has seen it. Although it is not too exaggerated, he is also strong or weak before he walked out of Hongye Forest. Now he is slapped by others and doesn’t even have a chance to resist.

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Wen Leyang’s fastest response was that he smashed the past without saying a word, and his body sank in inertia, and his strength was even faster than that of an angry cheetah. When he was in Wenjia Village, no one could escape him as fast as a flash punch.
The raccoon dog didn’t bother to hum. Although her expression changed with her mood, it was still beautiful, but it was like a pair of masks that didn’t match each other. At this moment, her face was changing. The ferocious has been replaced by high pride. The serial three-hit fists of Wenleyang are all rubbed with fur, soft and long hair, and the raccoon dog smiles and raises a slender palm and five fingers, which swing out like a hook.
Wenleyang suddenly drank a lot, and he had already jumped at the sign of being in the middle. His waist was shaking strangely and his body was twisted like a twist. His fists were filled with thunder wind and hit the ears of the raccoon dog. It was Wen’s wrong fist, but he didn’t even raise his fist. As soon as he swung up five fingers, he gently pressed his face, and it was cold and sharp, stinging from his eyes and went straight to his mind.
Seeing that Wenleyang’s head was about to be crushed like an egg shell, the raccoon dog was suddenly surprised.
Wenleyang felt that his face was thin and five fingers were killing him, and the spring breeze quietly brushed his forehead. Immediately, his fists fell and his fists contained all kinds of poisonous force, and the gas was violently squeezed, but the raccoon dog still seemed to be in place as if it had not been moved.
Another angry rebuke of hot pepper has turned up the soul-fixing needle like Lin Chunyan’s blaster, and two long needles are crazy and trembling, and they can be tied to the long Qiu girl.
Mu Mu’s reaction and movement are a little slower than Wen Leyang’s. When she attacked, Wen Leyang had finished the first round of Wang Quan.
The raccoon dog’s eyes lit up and pride was replaced by joy. This woman can change her expression without facial movements.
The raccoon dog stretched out his hand in the meditation needle without trace, gently flicked the pepper as if it had been struck by lightning, and snorted all over the sky. The complicated needle shadow immediately dissipated, and Wenleyang caught her in the middle and quickly retreated.
Finally, the charge signal was "Bang", a muffled sound. Wen Xiaoyi’s "magic weapon" shot. Black smoke rose from the cave and a choking smell of gunpowder filled it.
The raccoon dog giggled. "Your magic weapon is really dirty!"
There is obviously a hidden vent in the cave, and the black smoke will soon dissipate completely. The raccoon dog is still spotless. He cheerfully looks at several young people. "I’m so confused that the zombie baby didn’t remember until he saw the soul-fixing needle." He said to Wen Leyang, three of them playfully stretched out their tongues and said with a happy face, "I’m sorry just now, it was my carelessness!"
Say that finish the raccoon dog suddenly flicker WenLeYang big horror quickly pulled two girls to retreat, raccoon dog has helped the egg white and tender palm behind him with a five-way piercing scar immediately disappeared has been lying on the ground, the egg stiff turned a neck face and floated a silly giggle.
Pepper did not consider the danger and hurried to take two steps to take the egg back to her arms. Wen Leyang was also a little dumbfounded. I didn’t know if I should make moves. I was a little busy and busy, and I was loading gunpowder on the big horn. But my little girl was also a face of depression. The big horn followed her to mix the society twice. Once it was an ape, once it was Wen Leyang’s half-fan, and the enemy was an untouched one.
"Also said don’t know him! The wrong boxing and corpse dance is his specialty! " The raccoon dog is like a happy little girl with a bright light in her eyes. After a little meditation, she pointed to Xiao Yi’s big speaker. "Is this thing weird and tight? Has he got something new in these years?"
Xiao Yi, who speaks kung fu, has already loaded the gunpowder and is eager to try it on the megaphone. The raccoon dog giggled and waved his hand. "Stop hitting this thing and it’s all black smoke!" As her eyes lit up, she reached out and took out a small embroidered bag from the fur and threw it to Xiao Yi. "Try this later and mix it with your things and put it in a magic weapon to type it out!"
Since the raccoon saw the wrong fist and the corpse dance, all the emotions have turned into spring, and the morning sun is friendly and warm to the three young people.
Xiao Yi wait for a while’s embroidering sac immediately raised a layer of blue arc light against her little face, and the embroidering sac was slowly filled with silver powder.
"Remember that it is enough to pick a little nail every time. These terrible things can be precious and tight." Li raccoon asked a few more words before looking at Wen Leyang. "He … are you his brothers?"
Wen Leyang tentatively asked, "You said he … was the grandmaster of Tuoxie?" He and miss Luo Wangfu are both ancestors of the wrong boxing and corpse dance.
The raccoon dog curled his mouth and gave a bulging look. "Who knows what his name is? No one changes his name every day, but … I remember him!" " Said the raised his hand in the stone wall quickly drew up.
Chapter 36 Witch
Raven Wenleyang, Xiao Yi and Mu Mu looked at each other at the pickle jar with limbs and a pair of eyes on the stone wall. I don’t know what to say. Wenleyang muttered to himself that his grandmaster should not be a water tank.
The raccoon dog dragged his jaw. "It’s not like it, but it’s got the marrow." Then he sighed easily and happily. "Where is he? Why didn’t you come to me in person? I must have pulled out his head when I went out! " The bold tone can’t cover up those beautiful eyes, which are full of tenderness and concern.
Xiao Yi thought softly about the big speaker and picked a little "thunder heart tuberculosis" into the big speaker. He consulted and looked at the raccoon dog.
The raccoon dog’s look immediately recovered and jumped to Xiao Yi’s side. His slender fingers pointed to the depths of the cave, "Go there!" As he spoke, he covered his ears with his hands and wrinkled his cute little nose with his eyes closed and his head as wrong as possible.
Little yikou pulled the trigger.
Suddenly a more terrible sound than a landslide tore up everyone’s eardrums like a shura claw!
Thousands of brilliant arc lights are like Raytheon waving a whip in his rage, rushing from all sides and plunging into the depths of the cave!
The huge pressure drove the cold Gangfeng to blow away all the heads. Wen Leyang, Mu Mu and Xiao Yi shouted that they couldn’t even hear themselves and screamed and fell backwards.
After a long time, it slowly dissipated. Wen Leyang was in a hurry to help the two girls up. Xiao Yi breathed a sigh of relief. "The recoil is even greater!"
The raccoon dog looks smug like a child who just presented a treasure. "This hole is blessed by his magic. You can’t see the power. If you hum outside … let’s try again when we go out later. You are satisfied, but don’t tell your master that he is stubborn, timid and money-obsessed …"
Wen Leyang gently coughed a dozen times and broke the raccoon dog’s words. He honestly said, "We … we are indeed ancestors of Tuoxie."
Obviously, the raccoon dog’s attitude towards them is changed according to the stunt of Rio Tinto’s oblique flow.
The raccoon dog frowned slightly. "grandmaster?" Then shook his head slightly to stop WenLeYang continued to wrinkle up his eyebrows and chin thoughtfully for a moment before slowly asking, "How many years have I asked you? How many years have passed since the first year of Zhongzong Ganlu! "
Wen Leyang didn’t know anything about Zhongzong Ganlu, but he firmly remembered that Grandfather Tuoxie had said that he came to the land of Shu in the Western Han Dynasty and stammered, "Is it Han … Han Dynasty?"
The raccoon dog still frowned. "What Han Han empire!"
Wenleyang sighed and said seriously, "It has been two thousand years."
With a thick horror, the accident is like smashing the smiling face with a red-hot knife. The slender body of the raccoon dog is trembling weakly. Wenleyang has run to hold her without pulling a small one.
The raccoon dog took a deep breath and barely suppressed his horror. He looked at Wen Leyang seriously. "Are you his disciples?"
Pepper is outspoken. Without talking in an isothermal way, she says, "We are all extension people, but … it’s been two thousand years. Why don’t you know?"
The original light eyes of the raccoon dog became a little dull and mechanically looked at Mu Mu. "There was no sun and moon in the cave, and I waited alone for 2,000 years." A sad radian hung on her mouth. "He said that he would come and take me out. From that day on, every moment in the future is 2,000 years, and the past 2,000 years are just a snap! Ha ha ha ha a snap of your fingers! "
Unwilling to tangle with pain makes the piercing smile full of cracks.
Mu Mu’s eyes are full of sympathy, but sympathy quickly retreats in front of curiosity. "You … how can you live for two thousand years? Are you a person or a ghost? "
The raccoon dog suddenly converged and smiled, and once again, his eyes oozed with quenching and ruthless color. He stared at Mu Muwen Leyang and held his breath again. Xiao Yi was still leaning against this woman by her side. No one can say whether she would suddenly be difficult.
Fortunately, the sharp eyes soon became complicated and took a look at pepper. "Why didn’t he tell you about me?"
Pepper pie pie mouth "we have never met grandmaster, and no one has seen his old man’s house since two thousand years ago. Besides, how can people live that long?"
The raccoon dog turned its attention to Wenleyang.
Wenleyang wussy nodded. "Two thousand years ago, Grandmaster Tuoxie summoned our three ancestors in Shu, and his brother was his brother. As a result, the thunder struck that night … that led him to escape."
Pepper reaction and WenLeYang grandpa two grandpa three snow a laugh.
The raccoon dog also smiled with sly warmth. "I know that three of his stupid disciples went back to the mountain that day. He was so happy that he didn’t expect to be blown up by my hole!" With that, he suddenly stretched out a spring onion-like finger and dotted Wen Leyang’s forehead. "What are you doing? If I wanted to harm you, you would have died three times."
Wen Leyang was caught by the raccoon dog, but he didn’t blush and frowned and asked, "So you … did you harm the Tuoxie grandmaster?"
Wenleyang hesitated whether he should turn his face. Fortunately, the raccoon dog smiled and shook his head. "Who can harm him in such a big event? I am the thunder heart that blasted his shelter hole! Then he chased it out in anger. "
Mu Mu looked puzzled. "Why did you lead him after you?"
The raccoon dog Gherardini glanced at her and Wenleyang HuaLiYouHua "You are guarding a silly little, of course, it’s not hard for others … you can’t see this silly little, but … he was not much better than silly little, smirking all day and looking ugly with fat."
Hot pepper Qiao face turned red and gave Wenleyang a hard stare, then took a thoughtful and furtive glance at Xiao Yi, who was listening to the story intently.

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