A crowd noisily continued westward until they reached the treasure elephant country. The four men had just arrived here, and immediately an official of the government came forward to arrest them. Pig Bajie saw that these officials wanted to take themselves, and gently pushed them, and they were immediately pushed down by the roadside and smashed many shops.

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Great, four Tang Priests were arrested, and the government immediately sent more people to come. Tang Priests had no choice but to follow these officials to the yamen.
After arriving at the local court, the Tang Priest explained his route, and the magistrate said angrily, "You are a good monk in the Tang Dynasty. You not only killed the German shepherd of the hunter Huang Song’s family, but also stole the watermelon from Li Laohan’s family. Just now, when you were arrested, you broke several shops. Now these families are suing you and asking you to compensate for the losses. Can you plead guilty?"
The Monkey King said, "When did we kill the German shepherd of the Orion family, and when did we steal the watermelon? As for this broken shop, if you hadn’t come to arrest us, how could you have caused these troubles? "
The magistrate of a county said, "You still want to deny it, because the witness and the material evidence are all there. The hunter saw you kill his German shepherd with his own eyes, and Li Laohan chased you for miles, but you ran fast and didn’t catch up. As for those shops that were damaged earlier, it was because of your arrest that these things happened. What do you have to say now? "
The Orion bowed to the magistrate and said, "Your Excellency is the pig-headed monk, who killed my German shepherd."
Li Laohan said, "My Lord, that pig-headed monk stole all my watermelons."
Pig Pig said, "Orion, your German shepherd was killed. Who saw it except you? Li Laohan, your watermelon was stolen. Who can testify for you? "
Orion and Li Laohan looked at each other. Orion said, "Your master can testify that he saw you kill our German shepherd."
Li Laohan said, "You ate all my watermelons, and there are watermelons in your stomach to prove it."
Pig Bajie whispered a few words to the Tang Priest, saying, "You obviously falsely accused us. We didn’t kill your German shepherd or steal your watermelon. As for those shops, you arrested people at random and provoked them. No wonder we are. "
The magistrate of a county was helpless, and the master came forward and said, "This case is really difficult. Why don’t you ask Master Long to help solve it?"
The magistrate’s eyes lit up and said, "Go and ask Master Long to come and settle the case quickly. Wait for a moment, and I can judge for you when Master Long comes forward. "
Soon after the chief went out, he quickly found Master Lailong. This dragon master looks fat and ordinary, but the sharp eyes prove that this man is unusual. This dragon master is actually He Ming’s identity in Baoxiang country.
He Ming went to court, looked at these cases and said, "Orion, what killed your German shepherd?"
The Orion said, "Report back, my master. I saw that pig killed our German shepherd with a rake. There is a dog corpse as evidence. " After that, a chief carried up a German shepherd who killed him. He Ming took a look and nodded. "The ground was indeed killed by a rake, and the wound has been marked with the rake or the nine teeth. Li Laohan, your watermelon is also eaten by that pig head? "
Li Laohan said, "I saw the pig-headed monk stealing watermelons from my home, but I didn’t catch up with the pig."
He Ming went to Pig Bajie and walked around him three times. Suddenly he reached out and took something from Pig Bajie. He said, "This is evidence that the pig ate watermelon secretly, and the watermelon water stains on the pig’s clothes can also prove it. Did your officials ever see the rake when the pig head held it in his hand and resisted arrest? "
A group of officials nodded and said, "Yes, yes. That rake has nine teeth. "
Chapter 28 Let’s spend a year first.
He Ming Dow: "Both cases can prove that this pig head is a criminal, so please judge."
The magistrate said, "How can we judge if there are other shops that have been destroyed?"
He Ming Dow: "They are prisoners who refused to be arrested. Naturally, this destroyed shop is also because of them. Needless to say?"
The magistrate of a county nodded and said angrily, "Pig Bajie, a disciple of the Tang Dynasty monk, killed the wolf dog of the Orion family and stole the watermelon from Li Laohan’s family, and even resisted arrest and destroyed many shops. Now this official has ruled that the four monks of the Tang Dynasty compensate the losses of each family and put Pig Bajie in prison for one year as a punishment."
Hearing what the magistrate said, Pig Pig quickly begged the Tang Priest, "Master, please help me. My old pig will accompany you to the west to learn the scriptures, but I don’t want to stay here for a year. Brother Monkey, please help me. "
The Monkey King smiled and said, "Idiot, you should have stayed here when you made a mistake yourself, but it’s a big deal to catch up with us when you get out. Don’t worry, the master has my protection. "
The Tang Priest was soft-hearted. When he saw that Pig had made a mistake and was caught, he thought it was his own poor teaching. He said, "My Lord, I have made mistakes as a master, so let the poor monk suffer for him."
Sha Wujing said, "Since the master has suffered, I should follow him, and I would like to go to prison with him."
The magistrate said, "Monk Tang, the laws of our treasure elephant country don’t suffer for others. You’d better go west to learn from the scriptures."
He Ming Dow: "Your honor, Pig Bajie made a mistake, but Tang Priest was guilty for his poor teaching. Since he wants to suffer for Pig Bajie, let them go to jail together. Moreover, the four Tang Priests are monks, and I don’t think they have the money to compensate these families for their losses. You might as well put them in prison for one year to make amends. "
The magistrate nodded and said, "Tang monk, do you have the money to pay your debts?"
The Tang Priest asked, "We are all monks. Where can we afford to pay our debts?"
The magistrate said, "Since the four of you have no money to pay your debts, you can go to jail together. Retreat. "
The Monkey King quickly shouted: "My Lord, my grandson didn’t break the law. You can’t put me in jail together."
The magistrate said, "You four are together, aren’t you punished together?"
He Ming said with a smile, "My Lord, can a man’s father commit a minor crime? Does his son have to suffer? "
The magistrate of a county nodded and said, "Yes, this pig made a mistake. Tang Priest only made mistakes, but the Monkey King was innocent, but he should not be punished. "
Seeing that the Monkey King hated iron so much, the Tang Priest sighed, "Wukong, you are all disciples. Why from ruin? You need to know that brothers and sisters should help each other before Qi Xin can work together. How can you get to the Western Heaven to get the true scriptures?"
The Monkey King smiled at the Tang Priest: "Master. You don’t really want to stay here for a year, do you? Then how can we go west to learn from the scriptures? If you don’t let my grandson cast spells on mortals, I can’t wait with you for a year. We must find a way to leave this treasure country. "
Tang priest nodded. "That’s all right," he said. "You can find a way to resolve it, so that we can leave this treasure country as soon as possible and continue westward."
The Monkey King left the county government, and the Tang Priest was put in prison. He Ming naturally went back to his office. After He Ming left the county government, the Monkey King followed He Mingxiao behind him and went home. He Ming put down a banquet when he got home, but there was an extra pair of chopsticks at the banquet.
He Ming poured two glasses of wine. Laughing, he said, "You are clever as a monkey to find me. It’s just that I’m short of someone to drink with me, or I’ll have two drinks. "
"Ha ha." The Monkey King laughed and showed himself sitting opposite He Ming. "Should I call you Tiger Pioneer? Or Mr. Long? "
He Ming toyed with his glass and said, "The name is just a code name. What you want to call me is your business, as long as you know it’s me. ..”
The Monkey King nodded and said, "Also, this name is indeed a code name for you. You didn’t let that monk go to prison, did you? "
He Ming Dow: "Buddhism forbids stealing, killing and causing trouble. Pig eight quit to commit three kinds of crimes. He deserved to suffer. The monk himself was too stubborn. I deserve this jail time. Do you think it’s my fault? "
The Monkey King said, "Your calculation is really fierce. If this happens to my grandson, I’m afraid I’ll suffer, too. However, the prison robbery has been longer. The monk is now in a year of uncertainty. If he does this for a few more years, I’m afraid this great event of learning from the scriptures will be lost."
He Ming drank the wine and said with a smile, "That monk doesn’t deserve to die on this road, so he will go to the West to get the true scriptures. What are you worried about? "
The Monkey King said, "You’ve trapped that monk here for a year. If you set some doom for him, I’m afraid he’ll have to stay in this treasure country for ten or eight years anyway. By then, he will be over half a year old, and the monster behind him will be trapped for a few more years. Do you think he will live to the west? "
He Ming looked at the Monkey King with a smile and said, "I’ve stuck him for ten or eight years, so I can give him immortality."
The Monkey King’s eyes lit up and he said with a smile, "Yes, why didn’t I think of giving him immortality? As long as this monk lives forever, I can rest assured that I can cope with these disasters. Haha. "
He Ming Dow: "If a mortal wants to live forever, it takes thousands of years of hard work to achieve the Tao. Although the Tang Priest is the reincarnation of Golden Cicada X, he has forgotten himself. There is no other way to make him live forever except the spiritual fruit. The spiritual fruit that can make a mortal live forever is the ginseng fruit of Zhenyuanzi and the flat peach of heaven. Where are you going to find these two things?"
The Monkey King said, "The ginseng fruit will have to wait for another ten thousand years. My old grandson ate the flat peach in heaven, and now I can’t find these two things at all. But the old gentleman in the Supreme Master does have a lot of elixirs. If I don’t let my old grandson ask for two. This elixir of the old gentleman can also make people live forever. "
He Ming Dow: "The elixir of the old gentleman is good, but the Tang Priest is mortal. How do you want him to dissolve the aura of the elixir?"
The Monkey King scratched his head and said, "That monk is really troublesome. It seems that my old grandson still has to ask for a spiritual fruit to help him get out of the mortal fetus. "

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