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Behind Yan Wei, Xie Yun, Jiang Xi, Yu Juefeng and others have also appeared. Seeing the scene in front of them is a flash of startled color!
"This should be the center of the Broken Soul Hall!"
Dull for a moment, Xie Yun’s eyes flashed with excitement and excitement.
"It seems that we are the first people to enter this place."
Jiang Xi’s beautiful eyes flow and see the silence around her. There is a smile on her face, such as flowers blooming, spring warming and low mouth.
"Shout … smell of soul-snatching cases with underground stone heart milk. If you really have something, it must be here in the temple of soul-snatching! Your place is quite vast. I think it’s better to explore the road to find the underground stone heart. "
Yanwei exhaled a sigh of relief and the excited color faded to calm down slowly to Xie Yun and other people around him.
"According to Yan Wei’s Taoist friend,"
Xie Yun and others fuels slightly and then slowly explore in one direction with their respective family members.
The seven families each occupy one side of the metaphysical world, but they are not as friendly as they seem. There have always been many treasures such as underground stone heart milk that everyone wants to occupy alone.
Chapter two hundred and six Tongtian rattan
Chapter two hundred and six Tongtian rattan
The most central part of the Temple of the Broken Soul is filled with gray mist, and the suppression of gods here allows many monks to see it but more than ten meters in front of them.
The brothers of the seven families went in several directions to explore the depths.
Blink of an eye, the brothers of the seven families have been swallowed up by the thick fog, and their bodies have disappeared. It is depressing that the central part of the temple of the broken soul is calm again!
A moment later, I saw a stone wall in the hall being pushed and a figure suddenly appeared in this hall!
As soon as this monk appeared, he immediately found out that this place was different, and immediately became wary. A glittering and translucent jade bowl appeared in his hand and looked around.
"Is this the most central hall? So this place is the center of the Treasure Hall. I’m afraid it’s the place where the most precious treasures are placed. It’s better to take advantage of the fact that you didn’t explore it immediately at this time! "
This monk is a little fat. At this time, his eyes rolled for a moment and he decided to walk slowly towards the depths of the fog.
This person is impressively Xia Qi separation Wu!
And look at the jade bowl in his hand. It’s obviously a magic weapon. I’m afraid it’s a big gain in this hall!
As Wu also entered the center of the Temple of the Lost Soul, several major forces, such as the Sword Sect, the Five Elements Sect, and the Xia Zhou Demon Clan, also appeared here in a moment.
These forces appeared and soon found each other’s eyes flashing cold mountain, but they didn’t start to cold hum, and each went to the depths of the fog.
Obviously, these clans all know the origin of the Temple of the Broken Soul. The first time they came to this Temple of the Broken Soul, the deepest purpose was to smell the underground stone heart milk!
A series of figures were swallowed up by the mist and disappeared.
The center of the hall is still eerily quiet.
At this time, Xia Qi is in a small room, and a huge tree is fighting fiercely!
This tree vine has been psychic. At this time, the number of materialization is like tentacles, and the whole room is shrouded in the central Xia Qi and swept away!
Xia Qishen appeared several scars, but deep in her eyes, she couldn’t hide her joy!
He has already recognized this tree vine in front of him!
This is a rare vine in ancient times, and it can grow to nine days in the end.
At present, this tongtian vine is just a psychic, and its strength is naturally not so horrible. It is precisely because of this that Xia Qi will have the means to get away, but still stay here for more than half an hour.

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