Then I told the old lady that she went on, and the old lady also went to call the three turtle slaves for a moment. Both of them met Zhang Zhongxuan in their thirties with a cold face and said, "Liang Zhan and Liang Guang have seen the public."

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Zhang Zhongxuan nodded, "Give you two an hour and an hour to find two beautiful women for me. Remember that it is for ourselves."
Liang Zhan and Liang Guang should be excused.
Zhang Zhongxuan looked at Liang Zhan and Liang Guang’s back and showed satisfaction. Zhao Zifeng has been doing business for many years and has built a huge network in China. When he was just in the mountains, Zhang Zhongxuan just sat in Demao Town for a moment and people found it to show its efficiency. Of course, although Zhao Zifeng’s business was so big, it was not set up in the foothills such as Kunlun and Shushan. After all, these local towns were covered by various factions, there must be some pondering. Zhao Zifeng also had no need to argue with these people for some omnivores.
In a short time, the old lady led three feminine beauty and other women to come over. The three women were Diruolan, Yi Ju and Jing Mei, and they came to Zhang Chongxuan. They were not as sticky as those coarse branches and powder, but very quiet and brought to Zhang Chongxuan a lot of happiness by leaning against Zhang Chongxuan.
Zhang Zhongxuan is not very interested in the three girls. "You three are not one who can play the piano, one who can play the flute and one who can dance. Then play it for me."
When the three girls heard Zhang Chongxuan’s words, they naturally arranged them and performed in front of Zhang Chongxuan, while Zhang Chongxuan sat at the table drinking and watching.
Aside from Niuer, his eyes were straight at this time. He kept staring at the three girls, all of whom were wearing silk gauze clothes to show off their bodies. That shallow attack on clothes even drew the outline of the secret zone of the three girls, which made Niuer drool and his desire kept rising. If Zhang Zhongxuan was not around, he would have rushed like a tiger.
Zhang Zhongxuan is also strange. He wants three women to play over and over again, but he is too slow to start work with three women. Although strange, Zhang Zhongxuan is a rich man, and they naturally do it.
After a while, there was a noise outside the door. At this moment, the door where Zhang Zhongxuan was located was severely kicked in. Two people came in. When they saw Zhang Zhongxuan, they both blurted out, "How could it be you!"
Zhang Chongxuan looked in and smiled faintly, saying, "Qin Shishu and Huo Shishu are good." Zhang Chongxuan said that Qin Shishu and Huo Shishu are the twelve elders of Kunlun, Qin Kangyuan and Huo Wei respectively. But they have a very low profile in Kunlun, but they have a weakness that they are lewd, so they are bought by Fu Shouyi. This purpose is to support him to become the head of Kunlun.
Qin Kangyuan and Howie smiled embarrassedly and were about to leave when Zhang Zhongxuan got up and said, "Now that the two uncles have come, why don’t we have a crop together?" Zhang Zhongxuan said, reaching out and holding Qin Kangyuan and Howie’s respective hands.
Qin Kangyuan and Howie’s eyes all showed a look of shock. You know, although their repairs are not very high among the twelve elders, they are also masters of flying upgrades. Now Zhang Zhongxuan casually reached out and grabbed his hands without knowing the situation, which naturally made them white and Zhang Zhongxuan far away from them.
They were pulled to the table by Zhang Chongxuan and sat down. I don’t know that Zhang Chongxuan sold medicines. They all looked at Zhang Chongxuan and waited for Zhang Chongxuan.
Zhang Zhongxuan didn’t look at the two of them, but instead said to the old lady by the door, "I’m still going to prepare bowls and chopsticks for the two elders."
Zhang Zhongxuan said, and played the Yilan Three-way "Okay, stop."
If three girls came to Zhang Zhongxuan, Zhang Zhongxuan stretched out his hand and pushed Ruolan and Yi Ju to Qin Kangyuan and Howie, the two people, "take good care of them", while he stretched out his hand and put Jingmela in his leg.
Qin Kangyuan and Howie, you look at me, I hope you both turn a blind eye to old frame on the edge. After all, they are the elders in Kunlun. It is natural to be measured when Zhang Chongxuan comes. They naturally refuse to accept Zhang Chongxuan lightly. Qin Kangyuan said, "Mu Ran’s nephew has something to say."
Zhang Zhongxuan took a look at the two men and said, "When Mu Ran first arrived in Kunlun, he also hoped that the two uncles could take care of them a lot."
"You are our nephew to take care of, needless to say, if you need help, we will naturally help if we can do it." Howie said.
Zhang Zhongxuan let Jing Mei signal if three girls and two cows go out first, and four people naturally go out as they do.
After watching four people leave, Zhang Chongxuan reached into his arms and pulled out a thing to show Qin Kangyuan and Howie. Qin Kangyuan and Howie exclaimed, "Kunlun Order". They said that they got up and saluted Zhang Chongxuan.
"Qin Kangyuan has seen the head"
"Howie has seen the boss."
Zhang Zhongxuan said, "Parents are welcome to sit down first."
Zhang Chongxuan has Kunlun to see the order in hand, such as seeing the owners Qin Kangyuan and Howard. Naturally, he didn’t say much and sat down according to Zhang Chongxuan’s meaning.
Zhang Zhongxuan said, "The Kunlun Order was still given to me when the master accepted me. He had known that I would have difficulties in inheriting the position of head, so he left me a bottom. When I went back to Kunlun, I think I was in a position where two martial uncles knew that Fu Martial Uncle had passed away. Needless to say, but Tan Martial Uncle defied the master’s instructions. I can directly show the Kunlun Order, but now it is my Kunlun. The three schools of shushan and kongtong have an eventful autumn. If there is any chaos in our Kunlun, it will probably make me fall into the abyss. At the beginning, Master Qian Ding told me to be the heir to the head of Kunlun and to do the most important thing to revitalize Kunlun. I never flashed the Kunlun Order and promised to compete with Tan Shishu’s niece Hu Na for the head position. "
Qin Kangyuan and Howard naturally dare not say more, "I want to be real in Kunlun and I am still blessed in Kunlun."
Zhang Zhongxuan looked at the stiff two and laughed. "Qin Shishu and Huo Shishu will be so restrained again. Since I came here to see you today, I just want you to talk easily. Although I was in the pie, the master had already confessed, even for Fu Shishu, the master had already confessed, but the trouble caused everything to change again."
Qin Kangyuan and Howard were shocked when they heard Zhang Zhongxuan’s words. Since Fu Shouyi and Zhang Zhongxuan knew about it, naturally they and Fu Shouyi and Zhang Zhongxuan should know that their faces were unnatural.
Zhang Chongxuan Bai smiled faintly. "The two uncles assured me that Mu Ran’s work was one thing and the other was the past. The two uncles were on the side of Uncle Fu, and Mu Ran wouldn’t blame them. But I invited two uncles on this trip. I am sure that I want to be the head of Kunlun and I need the help of two uncles."
Then there was a knock at the door and Liang Kanyin came in. "The public is ready."
Zhang Zhongxuan said, "Bring it in."
Door a beam as and Liang Guang each came in with a person is sitting on the side Qin Kangyuan and Howie eyes are straight staring at the beam as and Liang Guang behind people fierce look.
Liang Kan and Liang Guang each have a woman behind them. Both of them are truly beautiful, and their clothes are also very well matched. They not only show their gentle and graceful figure, but also make the two women look brighter. In this way, they come in like fairies, and they are naturally one day at a time compared with Ruolan.
Qin Kangyuan and Howie are both old lechers in the romantic flowers. There are not a few women who have seen beauty, but they still show their yearning look when they see these two women.
The two women bowed to Zhang Chongxuan Yingying and said, "Yan Hui and Hui Juan have seen each other."
Zhang Chongxuan side Liang Guang and Liang Kan said, "Go back."
Liang Guang and Liang Kan went out.
Zhang Zhongxuan pointed to Yanhui and Huijuan and said, "Two uncles, Mu Ran, have come prepared and want you to help me with these two women. How about I give them a meeting gift?"
Qin Kangyuan and Howie looked at each other and both nodded their heads, not because they were accommodating, but because Zhang Chongxuan put Kunlun in front of them to be accommodating, because Zhang Chongxuan had the Kunlun head, which naturally belonged to Zhang Chongxuan, which was also compliant with the two of them. What’s more, they could naturally agree by adding two beautiful women.
Zhang Zhongxuan got up and said, "Then the two ShiShu will enjoy it slowly. By the way, these two women are not people. They can be disposed of by me." Zhang Zhongxuan said with a smile and went out. He didn’t worry that they were not on his side. Although they were lewd, they promised to keep their word, and the brilliant splendor and coma Juan were trained by Zhao Zifeng. People specially put them in charge everywhere. Hua Dan was absolutely loyal to them. Naturally, there were two women to monitor everything.
When Niu Er saw Zhang Zhongxuan outside the door, he thought that he had just seen the two female conduits. "He won’t give the two women to the two elders. This is really a big deal."
Zhang Zhongxuan took a look at Niuer and then at Ruolan, three people. "Niuer, keep these three women for yourself."
When Niu Er heard Zhang Zhongxuan’s words, he was happy. The way should be to watch Zhang Zhongxuan leave. Niu Er andao himself didn’t talk to the wrong person. In his heart, he has decided to die. Zhang Zhongxuan worked hard. Looking at the three women and cows, he smiled and hugged Ruolan and went to the other room.

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