Cleveland’s pupil also suddenly shrank up.

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Xu sneered, "Why don’t you dare to continue?"
Cleveland said angrily, "Who says I dare not continue?"
So Cleveland also smashed six cases of wine.
Unexpectedly, Cleveland just smashed six cases of wine and picked up six cases of wine in succession.
Six cases of wine and three hundred thousand dollars gone.
At the moment, the cheers of the people around have also turned into exclamations.
Xu smashed $775,000 in this short moment and exchanged it for Huaxia coins, but it was more than four million!
Cleveland is completely guilty.
If you buy a sports car, you can buy a sports car for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but if it’s such a wave …
Hit it!
Cleveland smashed six cases of wine in succession with a red eye.
Xu shouted at the waiter, "We haven’t even finished half a road yet, but you have brought wine three times. Can’t you bring more?"
This sentence is said by the female store manager.
Looking at glistening and earning millions of dollars, the female store manager’s eyes are as bright as two sapphires reflecting sunlight.
The female store manager shouted at the employees, "You call all the employees together and bring all the wine you can!"
The waiter immediately nodded and led the team away from the scene to the warehouse.
Soon ten waiters came with sixty cases of wine.
Xu went straight to the female store manager and said, "I hope your speed of drawing money can catch up with my speed of throwing wine."
When I heard this, everyone was completely boiling.
My mother.
What are you talking about?
Is this too arrogant?
How many local tyrants in this world can say such a thing?
Xu just said it.
So many people were shocked and cheered and smashed box by box.
Box after box, box after box.
Soon Xu has smashed twenty cases of wine.
The smell of brandy is everywhere in the air.
This brandy is really good wine, and there are some waves in Cleveland, but … everyone feels very refreshed.
This kind of thing can shock people’s nerves and bring a strong sense of visual impact.
Xu smashed twenty boxes in succession, spent another million dollars and shouted at Cleveland, "It’s your turn!" "
The audience became many helpers in this scene.
People cheered for Xu in succession.
"It’s your turn! Your turn! Your turn! It’s your turn! "
"hey! Smash! Smash! Smash! Smash! Smash! Smash! Hey! "
"It’s your turn! Your turn! Your turn! It’s your turn! "
"hey! Smash! Smash! Smash! Smash! Smash! Smash! Hey! "
Cleveland’s back is sweaty and his legs and feet are a little weak.
Cleveland’s friends also took two steps back in case Cleveland borrowed money from them.
Cleveland is a rich second generation, not an entrepreneur. Although he can get a reward from his father to buy a sports car, the waves are too strong at the moment.
Xu has already lost millions of Chinese coins.
Cleveland swallowed and was forced to duck.
Cleveland bit his teeth and smashed it after all.
a boxful
Two cases …
When Cleveland hit the ninth box, the female store manager suddenly said, "Sir, you can’t hit your credit card again. There is no money left."
Cleveland suddenly turned into a pig liver color.
There is also a disdain for "qi" around.
Cleveland friends also added fuel to the fire and roared.
"Cleveland? Don’t you have two cards Didn’t your mother give you a card? "
The situation is compelling.
Cleveland’s body is out of control at the moment, biting his teeth, giving his other letter card to the female store manager and then continuing to smash the wine.
When Cleveland hit the fourteenth case of wine, his legs suddenly went limp, and his crotch was wet. I don’t know if it was because he was scared to pee or because he was contaminated with wine.
Cleveland suddenly burst into tears and said, "This is more than one million dollars. My more than one million dollars have been lost in this short time!"
There was a disdain sigh around.
No one will sympathize with Cleveland because everyone knows that it started in Cleveland.
It’s ironic that a rich second generation in Cleveland was won by a man he despised.
At the same time, people cast their eyes on Xu Shen.
Xu also spent more than one million dollars and spent tens of millions of Chinese coins, but he looked like a fine person.
What is the realm?
This is the realm.
Chapter six hundred and twenty-two Midtown vault shareholders
"This oriental is really rich. He spends so much money without blinking."
"Just now, I also thought this guy was overdrawing the credit card line. I didn’t expect people to be really rich."

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