Chapter 737 Autocracy is not?

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? Suddenly!
After being suppressed, the martial arts moves suddenly changed and their power increased. Although they have just displayed their new skills and are still somewhat unskilled, their power has still increased significantly. You should be familiar with them in the coming battles to bring out the power of the department. Please show us the Pinyin domain name.
The devil princess just said that she would let him win, and his fighting skill has risen to a higher level. Even the public brothers present know what happened no matter how stupid they are.
"Temple, how can you teach him extreme fighting skills?"
Xi is going crazy, and his huge mouth spits out people’s words. "Extreme fighting skills have never been granted to civilians, and it is too much for you to be qualified to practice you!"
The magic feather Teng dragon is not a huge empire, and they also inherited some dragon veins, which are not recognized by the dragon orthodoxy.
Therefore, this race is not in the holy order, and even if the royal family practices, it is also a god-level method.
Just as his chief financial officer, Yi, is the most pampered child in one body, what he practices is nothing more than extreme methods and lighter skills. The whole magic feather Teng dragon is qualified to practice god-level methods, except for the royal family members, there are all the top family owners.
After all, this is a ruling race, and the royal family is the real ruler. Otherwise, even a princess can’t be domineering.
In many countries in the divine world, the marshal’s position in China is definitely not that of a princess, but in the hierarchical magic feather Teng dragon, his status has dropped by a grade.
"It’s not a day or two since I went too far. Besides, I gave it to him because it’s not a clan mentality. What can you do?"
The demon princess did not hide the demon color at all, but showed her arrogance incisively and vividly.
"You …"
Xigen can’t find a dialogue. Although she hasn’t done this kind of thing before, it’s even more similar. Has she done less other things?
And as she said, even if the Magic Feather Tenglong can’t compare with those huge countries, there are only two or three complete magic methods, but there are still many kinds of magic methods. Except for the unified practice of various factions and the military, which faction has some undisclosed secrets?
The secret code of wind attribute named "Extremely Whispering Fighting Spirit" has never been heard of before. It’s not certain that the root is the princess’s private collection. Who did she give it to Shao Xi? She is not qualified to say anything.
He can vent his anger to Chen’s cold body, but he can get "Extremely Whispering Fighting Spirit". Chen’s cold is getting better and better with the exertion of lighter skills, which is not something he can easily wriggle.
Light and shadow circulation battle lunch break
As time goes by, the efficacy of Tyrannosaurus rex pill is decreasing, although the vindictiveness and magic of Dan medicine will not run out.
Finally, more than two hours later, Xi’s violent state disappeared and his strength returned to normal level. More importantly, this strength-enhancing drug was in a buffer. Even if he had another Tyrannosaurus Pill, his life would be in danger if he had another battle strength.
Extremely fighting-cut the wind!
The war situation has become more and more skillful with Chen Han’s display of fighting skills, and with the disappearance of the efficacy of Tyrannosaurus Pill, the fighting power of both sides has not only become more and more flat, but Chen Han has gradually gained the wind.
Body-shape drugs can improve strength, which can be leveled with the help of new tactics. Now the effect of drugs is gradually disappearing. Where is it or Chen Han’s opponent?
Extremely warlike-pale wind and anger!
Hee was bombarded with attacks, and her huge body was as high as 1,000 meters, like falling leaves in the autumn wind to resist the strong wind.
Chi chi chi …
More and more firm but gentle forms a huge optical network, and the gap between them has become an equal-order battle with the disappearance of drug efficacy and skillful fighting skills.
It’s not even cold when it’s almost a long time. The opponent is worse. Are the two sides even?
I have to admit that the body of Magic Feather Tenglong is extremely tough, especially the body state is revealed. The firm but gentle shock wave keeps hitting Xi’s body, but it can leave a half-foot-deep wound. This kind of wound is like an ordinary person cutting some skin compared with a kilometer-high body.
Just because you can’t die without hurting your stomach doesn’t mean you don’t feel pain. Because the wounds are extremely dense, Cheetos have never eaten bitterness and screamed with pain.
"Master Princess Temple has been injured," Hee said after Gong.
"What’s good about not being injured?"
The devil princess smiled and suddenly remembered something. She stared at the attendant. "You mean thing, who are you to talk to me?"
Behind the princess, two old men, one of whom waved lightly, and the attendant who had the fight for the emperor’s early repair was taken out by a palm shadow on the spot, and his white cheeks swelled up instantly, showing a clearer print than the palm of his hand.
That fellow also knows that Xi-ti’s defense is extremely strong and his body is huge. Even if he falls in the wind for a moment, his life will not be in danger. At most, it is just some skin injuries.
Since the young master’s life is not in danger, why bother to offend the devil princess?
Thought of here, he got up from the ground and hurried behind his companions, not to mention talking like just now, and even dared not look at the devil princess.
"What if I kill him?" Chen cold sound to China asked
China’s face changed dramatically, and the voice stopped saying, "Xi’s father is the current owner of the Kosai family. Although he is not the strongest family of civil servants, he is second only to our family. If he is killed by you, not only will you die, but even our family will be implicated."
"So that’s it. Can I mutilate him?"
"This ….. our generation struggle is very common. If it’s not too big, my parents won’t interfere, but you may have some trouble when you are disabled. After all, we need to compete with our own family. Before our family declares that you have no merits, your identity …"
"It’s just trouble. I believe Marshal can solve it, don’t you think?"
Chen Han, who has been impatient before I can earnestly analyze the interested words, has a long smile. "Princess Hall, are you willing to maintain the fairness of the battle?"
The devil princess can’t help but stare blankly. Her name is enough to make the children in the city of Wang afraid to cry. For example, if a child doesn’t sleep at night, his mother will tell him’ If you cry again, let the princess take you away’. Usually, the child is immediately scared to cry again.
She knows how evil she is, and she knows that even her brothers and sisters are afraid of seeing her when civilians come to the princes and ministers, but she enjoys this feeling very much.
But it is precisely because she is very aware of her’ fame’ that even China hides far away when she sees her. How dare such a little guy talk to himself in such a calm tone?
The corners of her mouth stirred up a lovely arc. She thought for a moment and said, "Of course, even if you kill him, I can guarantee that no one will intervene in the battle."
"Temple you …"
"You need to follow orders."
She glared at her two followers so hard that they couldn’t even say anything to discourage them.
There are only two people in her entourage, and the entourage around the group of male brothers adds up to more than 20, and more than half of them have bucket emperor level repair, but the gap between the same bucket emperor or the method god may be different in heaven and earth, just like Chen Yan’s combat power is hundreds of times.
Two attendants shook their heads at each other with a wry smile and waved a majestic quarrelling to completely block the fighting area, and the group of male brothers, especially the city, changed their faces.
"It’s funny that the little guy isn’t afraid of me, but … hee hee, maybe it’s not long after he first came to Magic Feather Star. Will he run away when he sees me like these guys?" The demon princess has been thinking about how her demon plans to trick people.
"hee, the battle should be over."
Chen’s cold corners of the mouth provoke radians that are surprisingly similar to the smile of the demon princess. At the moment when the smile is raised, two arrows roared away.

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