Chapter 57 Development of Acacia Sect

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Li Chengzhu sat in the counting-room chair and looked at the account in his hand. Su Mudan Su Zong stood aside respectfully, but he sincerely admired this powerful and generous patriarch Su Zong, and he believed that he would be able to get rid of the immediate difficulties and really take the road to prosperity.
"Did the gift department record all the gifts received by Su Zong’s old patriarch?" Li Chengzhu was really excited to see the huge figures in his account. These things could have been all his own, but he owed a lot of money because of the unfavorable leadership of his father-in-law. Before he touched them, the baby was sent out.
"Everyone who comes to congratulate the patriarch has a special record," Su Mudan respectfully replied.
"Darling, which sect is Humen on this day? Is it related to me? The hand is six pieces of stone! And this heartbroken valley is also very generous. How big a ring is it for five thousand stones? " Li Chengzhu touch some saliva hand continue to leafing through.
Su Mudan wipes his face and sweats. This patriarch really makes himself unable to see through the cultivation of power, but he knows nothing about the cultivation of immortals.
"This day, Humen and heartbroken valley are small sects near Albizia Sect to send gifts, probably to climb some friendship with Albizia Sect."
Li Chengzhu’s dry cough is a shame for his ignorance.
"Real patriarch, you don’t have to go to see these books. The accounting office will naturally manage these things well. If you receive a gift, the Acacia Sect will remember a favor. If there is anything that they can do, they will naturally not care."
Boss Li is so sad, how can he not watch it? These are all my own things. It’s all right if I don’t touch them. I threw away my account and asked, "Did Su Zong receive the gift partially?"
"Well, most of them have been sent out, and many gifts have been received at this ceremony. Apart from the salary owed in previous years, there is still a small amount left …" Su Mudan’s heart is also hesitant. Although these leftovers are not many, they have to be sharpened. Many laws of Acacia have fallen into disrepair and now they must be stabilized. But anyway, these things are also new patriarchs. If he wants to be himself, there is really no way to stop them.
Li Chengzhu, with a wave of his hand, said, "Forget these things, just consider them as debts for the old patriarch. I can’t get these things myself now."
Su Mudan heard that the new patriarch and the old patriarch were just not the same. Sure enough, he lived up to his expectations and quickly bowed down and said, "Su Mudan thanked the patriarch for thousands of brothers who asked for love."
"Thanks for what? As you said, it’s me. Who can develop it if I don’t develop it well? "
Su Mudan’s face turned red, and he remembered that the new patriarch had heard it. He hurriedly accused him in panic. "I hope that the patriarch’s adult will not dispute with Mu Dan a lot."
"Su Zong’s old words really don’t need to be so burning. If I do something wrong, I will trouble Su Zong to wake up more. After all, I have only been in the celestial world for more than five years, and I know the root of human accidents in the celestial world. If I make a joke myself, I’m afraid I’ll lose my face when the time comes." Li Chengzhu sincerely said that when he just took over the acacia Sect, he had to win people’s hearts. This Su Zong always looked upright and didn’t look like Cheng Liuhong’s first-class and had to work hard to bring her to his side.
Su Mudan looked at the new patriarch with a twinkle in his face. He saw that his face was sincere and didn’t make a gesture expression. He knew that his words came from his heart and hurriedly bowed down and said, "Xie Zongzhu believes that Mu Dan will do his best to help the patriarch."
The heart is pulled up Li Chengzhu heart a relapse smile happily said, "Su Zong old woman is not so rigorous, it is good for you to smile more. If the old society keeps a straight face all day, how dare the younger brother tell you if there is anything? Besides, Su Zong always looks good when he smiles. You don’t have to be so stingy and not even show a smile, do you? "
Su Mudan’s face turned red and a penetrating smile was pulled out on both sides. "The patriarch’s teaching is that Mu Dan must pay attention."
Li Chengzhu grabbed the neck. The old man really laughed more ugly than crying. He asked, "By the way, Su Zong, please tell me about the business and income of Acacia."
"It’s the patriarch!" Su Mudan should be a.
Li Chengzhu boss pulled up a chair in front of him and said, "Su Zonglao, you’d better sit down, so I’m not used to it."
"Can Mu Dan sit in front of the patriarch?" Su Mudan looked scared.
"Well, when I sit and talk to you, I always need to look up and my neck hurts. Just sit down. Wouldn’t it be better if we talked face to face?"
Su Mudan smiled when he heard this. Now that the patriarch has said this, it seems that he is pedantic. Although the younger brother always says that he is pedantic, he can’t let the new patriarch realize this. He sued and sat down.
Li Chengzhu nodded Su Zong’s natural smile looked much better than a forced smile.
"There are four veins, two meteorite veins, one fine copper vein and one fire crystal vein in Hehuanzongmen, which account for most of the income of Hehuanzong, but the quality of mining stones is not good in recent years, and the demand of Hehuanzong is rooted in the decline of mining veins for many years."
Li Chengzhu knew that meteorite and fine whisker copper are indispensable auxiliary materials when refining, and there is a great demand in the cultivation of immortals.
"There are two other fruit orchards, which account for another important harvest, but the growth of fruit orchards is slow. It will take nearly ten years for these two orchards to mature, and the water far away can’t solve the thirst. It turns out that the old patriarch made a marriage for the shadow girl and received a cat’s paw vein and two other orchards as dowry, but …" Su Zong suddenly realized that it was a little inappropriate to say this in front of his new patriarch, and quickly closed his mouth and looked nervously at Li Chengzhu to see his milli-reaction, so he was relieved and uneasy to continue. He said, "Every year, the younger brother of the Acacia Sect will bring something he has learned from his travels to show his filial piety, but these things are all voluntary. There is no ancestral legacy to enforce the filial piety, but they also account for a part of the income. In addition, if there is a bride price for the younger brother who cultivates the immortals in the celestial world, he needs to bring a different amount of bride price to visit him according to his younger brother’s grade, but over the years, with the absence of Acacia Sect or because his younger brother has not cultivated enough, there are few people who come to practice the immortals. This can be said to be the least."
Li Chengzhu jumped his legs and listened to Su Zong’s old narrative. The income of Acacia was previously heard as Liuhong, and the weight of it was very different from that of Su Zong, the manager of the current accounting office. Li Chengzhu didn’t expect that the income of Acacia really had these aspects. How can these be enough to maintain a demand for thousands of sects to operate?
"Su Zonglao, don’t you think that the income of Acacia Sect is a bit monotonous?" Li Chengzhu questioned.
"monotonous?" Su Mudan face hung a little suspicious "I don’t know what the patriarch refers to? All major sects have always made a living like this, and I am no exception. "

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