However, the number of servants and soldiers is very large, and they take off in groups, occupying half the sky.

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Each ship is equipped with a limited number of short-range anti-missiles, and each frigate has six groups with 40 vertical launch units. The destroyer is slightly better, with 112 vertical launch units in the first 64 and the last 40.
The problem is that not all launch units are equipped with short-range anti-missile and anti-missile is also divided into short-range and long-range
In short, each frigate is equipped with 24 short-range anti-missile missiles, in addition to 12 long-range anti-missile missiles and 12 anti-submarine missiles.
The destroyer is in a better condition, equipped with 56 short-range anti-missile missiles, 24 long-range anti-missile missiles and 32 missiles of other types!
The missile volley is about 1.5 seconds apart. The frigate can last for half a minute. The destroyer is a little longer but less than a minute and a half!
However, with so many servants and soldiers, the single-ship volley fire density can’t cope with so many servants and soldiers, and the navy has to order two or even three warships to fire at the same time.
The southeast carrier battle group has a surface warship, except for an aircraft carrier and a supply ship, there are three frigates and three destroyers, all of which are equipped with 240 short-range anti-missile missiles, which can land on the troops for more than three minutes to defend and support!
The battlefield is changing rapidly, and three minutes of missile volley can kill at least four or five thousand servants. However, aliens are far more than that. Until the fleet has exhausted all short-range anti-missile missiles, there are still a large number of servants flying high.
The supply ship has brought a lot of short-range anti-missile to supplement the fleet loss, but it is very complicated to reload the vertical launching unit, and the sea conditions must be very good. The crane must slowly load each missile one by one, and each missile must be accurate and wrong.
There is no port near Luzon Island, and there is no reloading condition. The last missile flew away from the direction of the warship fleet and misfired directly, and no missiles rose again.
Warships also have long-range missile defense, but this thing has a range of more than 20 kilometers recently, and it can’t deal with servants a few kilometers away at all
At the key moment, the Youzhou started the anti-unification fire to Misha Island!
Aircraft carriers also have anti-missile systems, the number of which is much less than that of escort warships, with a total of ten.
At the same time, the Youzhou ordered the destroyer to ensure that Anjian was as close to the coast as possible; He also ordered the troops who entered the jungle to retreat to the beach; Finally, the Youzhou reported the situation of Duluo Island to the North and requested the level of support.
The destroyer immediately sailed to the coastal jungle and the troops retreated at the same time.
The fleet was not far from the coast, and the landing troops did not go deep into the jungle. At the same time, both sides moved warships to the beach, and the distance between the landing troops was rapidly shortened.
Both the warship ceasefire and the retreat of the landing troops fell into the eyes of the soldiers, and it was not long before the aliens hidden in the dark knew the news.
The alien horse ordered the servants to follow a large group of servants to take the opportunity to rush up, and they flew higher and higher, and finally wandered out of the scope of the second wave gun and gradually flew to the side of the armored vehicle.
Qi Jingwen’s heart welled up a little vigilance, but he observed that the distance of a servant-soldier convoy was still in its early five kilometers, just outside the effective range of the second wave gun.
Crowds of servants raised their arms and fell from the sky.
There are too many mercerization, and the speed of armored vehicles can’t get up quickly. It’s no surprise that mercerization hit you.
As soon as Qi Jingwen’s heart reached his throat.
However, after the mercerizing dissipated, Qi Jingwen found nothing unusual. As a result, no car was damaged in the mercerizing rain.
Qi Jingwen immediately laughed and touched the servants. Maybe something would happen. I didn’t expect the mercerizing range to reach five kilometers at all!
Qi Jingwen really wants to drill out and point at the soldiers and soldiers of Heaven and let you fly to heaven again, isn’t it?
But before he finished laughing, the servant soldiers suddenly changed to flying and jumped to the motorcade without flapping a few wings!
Although it’s not the right direction, it’s not far away
Qi Jingwen’s expression is instantly solidified, and the alien’s little urine must be regardless of the servant’s life and death … His thought just came out of his mind, and the servant had folded his wings and rushed straight from the sky like a bomb!
Qi Jingwen’s heart is pounding. A servant soldier is more than three meters tall, and then he has to have three hundred pounds of such a heavy thing to fall from that high place. What is the result of really hitting an armored vehicle with a hard shell?
He immediately tore heart crack lung to shout "dodge dodge flash-"
Being able to enter the mobile infantry is used to fighting. After the veteran found the abnormality, he immediately took the armored vehicle out of the snake without Qi Jingwen’s command.
But the heavenly servant soldiers are also living cars, and no matter how they run, they can only move their wings at that speed, so they can correct their direction.
Servants and soldiers usually fall like raindrops, even if they are about to touch the ground, they don’t slow down, so they hit the ground and smashed to pieces!
Falling servants and soldiers are as dense as rain. From a distance, armored vehicles are flying, and they are flustered. They are near and far away. Every servant and soldier will become a splash when they fall to the ground. Blood and broken meat are flying everywhere. Every armored vehicle is covered with the flesh and blood of servants and soldiers.
This happened because the servants and soldiers were killed by the second wave when they landed. Otherwise, how could the hit rate be so low?
There are very few servants and soldiers who hit armored vehicles-although they are dead wherever they fall, death and dead armored vehicles are definitely two completely different concepts for servants and soldiers!
Qi Jingwen heard several muffled sounds on the roof of the car, just like the heavy body of the boat shaking in the wind and waves.
He was keenly aware that there seemed to be a slight explosion in the muffled sound!
Consciously looking up, Qi Jingwen was startled to find that every time he heard a rumbling roof, there would be a depression. The original flat roof eye had been smashed by servants and soldiers.
A servant soldier just hit the roof and smashed the good roof into an arc. The broken carapace and the flesh and blood mixed together slowly and slowly flowed through the gap in the roof 2.
Chapter 11 narrowly escaped death.
Being hit so hard, the train’s wave cannon instantly fails and fills the eardrum and disappears, just like taking away the cotton ball that blocked the ear hole, and the sound around it becomes clear at once. It seems that inferior headphones are replaced with high fidelity.
The dense impact made Qi Jingwen break out in a cold sweat. Armored vehicles are not tanks. If the servants and soldiers continue to smash, everyone has to explain here!
Thinking of the command of Youzhou, Qi Jingwen suddenly shouted "Youzhou Youzhou requests support!"
At this time, the destroyer was ordered to be close to the beach, and the target was only one kilometer away, while the armored convoy was about two kilometers away from the beach.
After receiving Qi Jingwen’s request, three destroyers started 12 rapid-fire guns, and ten barrels turned to the soldiers three kilometers away at the same time. Then the barrels turned and the muzzle suddenly spewed out several meters long flames. More than 10,000 rapid-fire guns poured fire at the muzzle of the soldiers every minute, and the airflow blew the water sparkling, and the shells went straight to the target three kilometers away!
The near-defense gun is a special defense weapon against anti-ship missiles. It is characterized by flexible response and amazing shooting speed.
However, the firing speed of the anti-aircraft gun is really too fast. However, in a few seconds, three warships and six rapid-fire guns hit all the boxes, and more than 10,000 shells formed a barrage, like a wall rushing to dive into the soldiers.
Servants and soldiers dive too fast to avoid it, and it is impossible to avoid it. In a blink of an eye, a large number of shells get into the servants and soldiers, and the shells and soldiers collide firmly.
No matter how strong the shell of the servant soldier is, it is impossible to compete with the shell. No matter where the shell is hit by the shell, there is a field where the shell is broken and blood is flying everywhere.
In the blink of an eye, there was blood and rain, and the dive of the soldiers seemed to be contained, and the situation seemed to be reversed.
However, although the artillery shells all over the sky seem to be many, the actual hit soldiers account for a small army. Most of the artillery shells hit through the soldiers and then continued to fly to the depths of Duluo Island.
At this moment, Qi Jingwen is very sober. With this rare opportunity, he did not hesitate to order the team to evacuate quickly.
The servants and soldiers seem to be contained by shells, but they are actually slightly hindered. Then a short time will definitely be a more encrypted impact!
First, the fleet has gone out of missiles, and now it has gone out of shells, and all the appropriate near-defense weapons have gone out. What can we do to cover the convoy?
Don’t be ridiculous!
When the driver stepped on the accelerator, Qi Jingwen suddenly heard a low roar from the engine. The speed of armored vehicles increased sharply and went straight to the beach when landing.
His armored vehicles were not slow, and several cars were smashed by servants and soldiers, so they couldn’t continue. The soldiers in the cars rushed out in a panic, took a big step, ran fast and flexibly chased the friendly troops, galloped the armored vehicles, jumped into the cars and got into the cars at the fastest speed.
That is to say, the servant soldiers smashed the train wave cannon, otherwise the soldiers had no hope of escape at all. If the hedging equipment broke down, the second wave would have to be shocked alive.

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