However, it also has the advantage that a small amount of antimatter can achieve amazing explosion effect, and it is extremely concealed to make bombs!

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Generally speaking, the explosive power produced by the annihilation of 1g antimatter and positive matter is about 40,000 tons, and the N equivalent is about 3-4 times that of Hiroshima original bomb.
The antimatter sealed in that crystal ball just now is similar even if there is no 1g, which is absolutely powerful enough to sink the whole vault.
When the time comes, even if there’s anything left in the vault to be buried, sooner or later, the heart will be wiped out.
It can be said that Nie Yunsheng suppressed a large-equivalent antimatter bomb into the power of a war patrol missile, and it took Flint two people to live.
Yun Nie couldn’t help admiring the thought of the crystal ball.
This Cloros took great pains to design this trap.
Although this thing looks like a super bomb, it is absolutely wonderful.
It is not only perfectly disguised as a valuable process filled with trace antimatter that is extremely difficult to detect, but also triggered by the nearby free spirit!
Life’s spirit is big or small, but it will always escape outward if necessary.
This is also the basic principle that Yun Nie’s mental scan can find the surrounding life.
The crystal ball department should obviously adopt some unknown technology.
That is to say, if someone is nearby, it will activate, and when the free spirit reaches a certain critical value, it will explode like a triggered mine.
This trigger mechanism has a sense of mechanical targets, but the more intelligent life forms around it, the faster the bomb will detonate, so it is more likely to cause great damage to the enemy instead of being detonated by a group of robots trying to test cannon fodder.
Obviously, the target of this thing is not ghost captain, but Kinloch and his pirate leaders.
From the appearance, explosives, trigger device, this bomb can be described as refined.
But also beautiful and hidden, and can carry out lethal blasting on the living body with great pertinence.
Yun Nie, it seems that Kronos invited this blasting expert, which is not only water-poor, but also very informative, with little master level!
But more make NieYun meaning is the crystal ball side revealed something …
Judging from the desperate medicine today’s spiritual mining device, the royal family of Woolf Empire has explored and developed spiritual science and technology no less than Nie Yun.
Yun Nie, a rare spirit master in the Imperial Ministry, feels that it is necessary to take more precautions in this respect …
Broken star domain
Grimm looked at the news just now with a stupid face.
Cloross … Dead? !
I’ve just finished the latent result … My contact and immediate manager, Cleros, he’s dead!
[Chen Yongren calls Sir Huang!
I’m sorry! Your call to Sir Huang has sacrificed Over!
Chen Yongren "…"]
That’s probably how Grimm feels now …
Chapter seven hundred and forty-nine Peeping screen
Somewhere on the periphery of Rockstar was built in the secret base of meteorite.
The dim chamber of secrets, Shadow, projected two beams from her eyes and formed a virtual shadow.
"You … let me down!" Half-empty shadow, calm tone, no emotion.
"I can wait! Please punish my Lord! " The shadow fell to the ground and the whole person fell into shadow.

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