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Schneider’s mask frowned, which sounded like he was ready for an accident.
"I’m fishing. Please tell the vice principal that I want something to be delivered before."
"I’ll tell you when it’s white."
"So hang up first."
Lu Chen hung up and looked at the neon lights. The city in the ocean was like a bubble, and the dream was like a bubble and fragile.
The wind blew harder and the clouds fluttered and covered the moon and the stars.
It looks like rain.
After two days of continuous rain on April 20th, it finally cleared up.
The keyboard rattled in Minamoto Chisei ward.
When the Bss in the screen fell down, Liu Chen stretched himself, and Minamoto Chisei got up and went to the balcony to light a cigarette.
"The weather forecast says it will be sunny and sunny."
Minamoto Chisei said to Liu Chen behind him that it is hard to imagine that the S-level Commissioner, the ace of the college, played the game for two days.
If it hadn’t rained two days ago, Lu Chen and Li Yi might have gone out to play more crazily.
"When has been set? How about protection? "
Lu Chen confirmed
Minamoto Chisei nodded. "The artificial island of firefly has been evacuated this afternoon. Genji Heavy Industries has paid for the island, and a large number of heavily armed colleges and universities have been deployed to support it. Today, the dragon horse owner went to see Major General Nios."
Everything is ready. Minamoto Chisei looks back at Lu Chen. "Brother Lu, do you have a good reading manual?"
Lu Chenxiao is a little embarrassed. "There are a lot of games to play these two days, and it seems a bit unrealistic to learn how to submarine in two days."
Minamoto Chisei sighed lightly, "If it is not an emergency, you should ask me for confirmation before you do exercises."
After thinking about it, it seems that I am still not at ease. Minamoto Chisei added, "… Ask me first in case of emergency. Remember that thing was modified by your equipment department."
Lu Chen suddenly became fascinated. He remembered that there was a big skull on the front page of the manual, which meant that the submarine still had the equipment department, which could add the explosion function.
"I read the manual, and now the Deliyast has been equipped with a small nuclear reactor. The submarine power plant can also be used as a bomb if the nuclear reactor is overheated or the password is set before entering the equipment department."
Minamoto Chisei paused, "Brother Lu, a small nuclear explosion caused by deep sea, I won’t say more about your field."
Liu Chen waved his hand. "When the equipment department is installed, the bombs are stable. The password is very long. I can’t always press it randomly."
Minamoto Chisei looked serious. "God, I will wait for you on Yamato. If you notice anything wrong, contact me at any time and I will pull you back immediately."
"Brother Yuan, I’m still at ease when you are at the helm. It’s his business that I’m not at ease."
Liu Chen looked at the sunny day and wondered if it would be such a fine day again.
Minamoto Chisei some doubts "what? We are ready. With the help of warships, we will never let the dragon army enter Tokyo. "
Lu Chen leaned close to Minamoto Chisei and whispered, "If anything happens to me, I will go to Tokyo Peninsula Hotel to find’ Xixi’."
Minamoto Chisei some meng "xi xi? What’s that? "
Liu Chen smiled and said, "You’ll know when the time comes. By the way, if the situation is really serious to that point, don’t tell Painted Pear Clothes about me."
Minamoto Chisei stared at Lu Chen’s eyes and shook his head. "I promise you this. Did I lie to Li Yi and say that you didn’t wait for her to go back to Castle College?"
He patted Lu Chen on the shoulder. "Don’t be silly. If you have something to say to the pear-painting clothes yourself."
April 29th.

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