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Handkerchiefs are also clothes, and we agreed to pay for them, but we didn’t even leave a couplet.
You have something to say.
Finally, someone in Juck Zhang is willing to listen to me about this divination! I’m choking!
Chapter 1 Sister Ji Shu is going to start making money! Make money! Make money!
Chapter 5 Chapter 5
Ji Shu and the master sat on the bench at the bottom of the overpass, and Lin Cuilan finally nodded at noon.
"Master Ji Shu believes you. Since you say so, the master has also tried to buy a set. If there is any news in the housing distribution office this time, I will be able to know the ambition as soon as possible. I will contact you with this little dare, but I dare not."
"That’s right. Now that the master is buying ambition, he certainly won’t dare to say those frivolous words."
"I have saved some money over the years, and my wife left me a sum of money. It is enough to buy a suite with more than 10 thousand yuan."
Lin Cuilan is a senior textile worker, and she can earn more than one month’s salary. Besides, she eats and lives in the factory, and she usually spends almost no money to see how much money Lin Cuilan has saved.
So Jishu is not surprised that she can come up with so much money.
Ji Shu saw Lin Cuilan’s eyes wondering, "Is Master worried that I have no money?"
"Well, if it really doesn’t work, I’ll lend you my money to buy it, forget it, master."
JiShu chest a hot "teacher, how can I want your money? I’m going to make money myself! "
Lin Cuilan took Jishu’s hand. "Where can you make 120,000 yuan so quickly as a girl? Don’t go astray! "
Jishu smiled.
"I’m going to run as a master during the day and night shift. Trust me!"
"What business do you run?"
"Treasury bills!"
Jishu explained a little that Lin Cuilan had always been aware of discretion, but he didn’t say much, although he was dubious. He told Jishu to pay attention to safety.
After the bus sent Lin Cui Lan Jishu away, he directly called a "numb", that is, a time-flow action tricycle, and went to Wukou train.
Walking into the train, a breath of the times came to my face!
Born again, Ji Shu has been wandering around the village and the factory. Today, I went to the city center and was in a good mood.
Ji Shu went to the ticket office to buy a train ticket to An City, and bought a newspaper from the vendor, so he sat in the waiting hall and waited.
It takes less than two hours to go to AnShi by high-speed train, but now it takes one hour less by green leather train. I’m afraid it’s already late at night when I get to AnShi.
Ji Shu took this hard-board train ticket in the 1980 s and felt a lot of changes with a small ticket.
Looking at the ticket, Ji Shu noticed that there were pockets of golden oranges in the corner of the waiting hall.
It’s not bad to buy something to eat on a business trip. Ji Shu went over and picked up a bag of orange spun yarn net to make it look beautiful.
After paying Qian Jishu, he was about to walk when a young man with a big suit and a back leaned in.
"Is my little sister leaving for the south to find a job?"
Jishu saw him with a shiny black man’s leather bag and a bp machine around his waist, like a small boss.
"Not visiting relatives. My uncle will meet me soon."
Ji Shu is alert to the fact that this is a train, but he is not worried that someone will dare to tie himself up. At most, he will encounter fraud and thieves.
In the eighties and nineties, there were many thieves lying around the train.
Ji Shu remembers that at that time, Liu Caijuan couldn’t wait to sew money in her pants when she went to town, just for fear of encountering thieves.
In this era, abduction of women and children often happens. There is an old master’s daughter in the factory who was lost in the train two years ago and should have been abducted.
Without a mobile phone and a camera, a person who is missing is as hard to find as a drop of water falling into the sea.
Ji Shu turned around and left. The little boss said regretfully, "It’s okay."
Ji Shu sat back but couldn’t help but quietly watch the little boss go and strike up a conversation with another young woman.
Ji Shu peeled an orange and observed it while eating.
The orange peel is thin, sour, sweet and very original. Bite it off and the juice will burst out.
The little boss accosted another girl in a canvas travel bag. Does the girl look old-fashioned from the countryside or red-faced with a military green cotton coat?
Ji Shu stared at the big clock on the wall of the waiting room. There are minutes before her train leaves, and the horse will start checking in.
But the little boss and the girl were still chatting and actually sat together. The little boss handed the girl a business card and the girl accepted it with a smile.
The girl came and walked towards Jishu. She should also go to Ann City, but now she is sitting with the little boss on the train to Sue City.
When Ji Shu stared at it, one minute passed, and a girl was still sitting and chatting with a small boss after eating a big orange. She was so anxious that she was sweating.
Tube he JiShu up and walked over and pulled the girl "xiao yun! Looking for you for a long time! "
The little boss was surprised. "Do you know each other?"
Ji Shu directly pulled the girl behind him and leaned over to bag her canvas and turned to hand it to her. "Uncle Xiaoyun came to pick us up and go to Anshi. Don’t run around!"
Small boss a surprised JiShu leaned over again "I advise you not to follow me. My uncle is a policeman who specializes in catching human traffickers."
The little boss was about to send a stiff smile when he heard this.
This is the waiting hall, and several guards are staring at him not far away, afraid to expect "then you are busy"
Then he turned and walked faster and faster, and soon he was submerged in the crowd.
The girl said in surprise, "I don’t know you!" "
"Did that man tell you that he could arrange work for you directly?"
"How do you know?"
"That man is a human trafficker!"
It turns out that the girl’s name is Tian Qiu, and she is from the countryside around Wushi, and she is a female worker in a furniture factory in the town. Because of her conflict with her family, she decided to go out and find her sister who works in Anshi.
The little boss told her that he opened a factory in Suzhou, specializing in foreign trade jeans, high salary, food and shelter, and the girl promised to have a look without much thought.
Ji Shu said that the girl also surprised out in a sweat.
How can the factory owner in Suzhou randomly pick up girls for jobs on the train in Wushi?
This matter is not reasonable at all!

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