Now he feels good, bathed in a mysterious light, and more and more aware of his chest, which is hot and terrible, as if he were really sleeping and waiting for him to wake up.

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Chapter 367, shocking upheaval!
"Sooner or later, I will give birth to a statue of bone!" Pu clenched his fist. He didn’t lose his mind because of the impact of happiness. He clearly realized that it was not enough for the bone to be born completely by solid foundation and spiritual water alone. It would take a long time to accumulate, and it might not be helped by an external spiritual water.
But he knows that the future will come true, but he can do it because he has seen hope today, and he will inevitably be born from nirvana, and so he will one day be bathed in divine fire and become stronger than the past.
Solid spirit water is very strong, which contains all the gods’ efforts, even the ancient saints need it, but this time Pu drank too much, but the result was absorbed by the chest light.
Suddenly, it was dark at dawn, and there were a series of ghosts and wolves howling in the darkness, and the shadows were flashing, which was particularly scary!
Ma Zhi exclaimed, "The enemy attacked the enemy and attacked everyone. Don’t be separated from me. It will be dangerous to be alone! Come close to me quickly! "
How many enemies have come? I don’t know What enemy is it? I don’t know What is the enemy’s purpose? I don’t know if it’s dark and my eyes can’t visit at all!
At this moment, covered with a black mask, Li Yeen’s face was indifferent, and then he lifted his right arm and rushed out of a huge ice sword, chopping the earth directly and pressing it down towards Ma Zhi.
"Ga Bang"
Ma Zhi’s bones shook all over. Although he temporarily blocked the blow, he put too much pressure on him. His powerful body will collapse and his arm will be sprained directly.
Ma Zhi did have some great tricks, and Ma Zhi wanted to offer them, but considering that he might have to face more enemies, he didn’t move immediately.
"Newcomers? If you are a cat, please meow. If you are an individual, please report your identity! " Ma Zhi shouted, "I won’t kill a pawn. Express your name quickly."
Real horse wisdom also knows that this trick is to deal with the enemy who is strong and strong, that is, there is no nonsense, pure waves and saliva!
Hum! Ma Zhi heard the response. It was a man, a woman, a man and a ghost. Obviously, the response was made after special treatment. The enemy was careful enough. It seems that it is not so easy to fool.
At this moment, this side of heaven and earth seemed to be torn apart, and a powerful divine power suddenly broke in, crushing the dark lines of the enemy cloth and making everything clear.
A corpse is completely condensed into a human figure by Guanghua, holding a big sword and chopping several hidden enemies vertically and horizontally. They are as vulnerable as scarecrows, and almost a sword blooms in clouds of blood and fog.
It’s not like a sword anymore, it’s like a thor’s hammer. If it’s shot down, one person will crush it. It’s a magic weapon to stop it from cracking.
Almost for a moment, more than a dozen hidden enemy departments were destroyed, and no one could escape.
This is an attack by Pu, that is, a thunderous attack on the top of the five war generals, which is higher than the extraordinary sharp double! What a hero!
Li Yeen’s eyes are splitting, and the rescue is not too fast. It will be over before he rushes over.
Li Yeen shook a banner violently, and suddenly the wind and thunder were all over the sky and the earth trembled.
Li Yeen angered and killed the Guanghua condensed figure (Pu) war in the past.
All kinds of occult techniques, such as virtual printing and virtual operation, will crack this world quickly.
Now Li Yeen is no longer the four martial arts gods when he was in the ten levels of hell. He has risen to the level of five war generals, and the strength of Pu is quite small. At present, it seems that it is the case that whoever wins and loses in the end will have to fight again!
Ma Zhixin’s awe-inspiring practice to the Five Warlords is really terrible. He has a sense of urgency and must become stronger. As far as Ma Zhi knows, although there are more than a dozen people in this earth, it still puts great pressure on him. He has a warrior’s perfect level of repair and Li Yeen has reached the initial level of the Five Warlords! It’s very lucky that Ma Intelligent won’t die after Li Yeen’s violent blow.
Ma Zhi feels that Li Yeen, the second child, has arrived, and most of them are stronger than the second child, and Li Yejin, the boss, has also arrived!
In the blink of an eye, Ma Zhi has sensed that there are more than a dozen enemies attacking him. The most powerful one is Li Yeen!
The situation is more critical. This is a critical moment of life and death!
Bodhisattva, "You should all go quickly. It’s not advisable to stay here long. The enemy has come a lot and we can’t beat it! Let’s go, I’ll break it! "
6 plan to go, the policy advocates that everyone should go quickly, but these enemies are prepared. Is it really that easy to escape?
At the moment, the five war generals are desperate to attack the dark sky. Goodbye to the sunshine for the time being!
However, the words of Bodhi just fell into the sunshine, disappeared again and returned to a dark world. This time, even the words of Bodhi can’t let everyone see the sunshine again!
Ma Zhi, Sun Wu, da ji, the Dark Wolf King, the Golden Monkey King and others left at once. They stepped on mysterious footwork and scattered to escape. Soon after they disappeared from the sky, they rushed out for a kilometer or two. There is nothing wrong with everyone. They all scattered to escape in the same direction and were most overbearing and intercepted by the enemy!
"Pony, you are so cunning. But how easy is it to want to escape? Sister hasn’t been able to pamper you yet. Stay! " Shi Tianxing’s sweet and greasy voice is far blocking the road ahead. The supreme leader of the allied forces intercepted Ma Zhi and others gave it to their own department to stop him!
It’s dark and shiny, and anyone can see her delicate body clearly! What does Shi Tianxing look like? Is it beautiful? She is as holy as a lotus flower, her skin is as glittering as a piece of precious jade, her long black hair flutters in the wind, her eyes are as light as a pair of aura, her eyes are as bright as a black gem, her eyebrows are as curved as catkins, and there are thousands of amorous feelings when she walks, which has a different kind of ultimate temptation.
Her white dress flutters and her long skirt dances, which makes the proud jade body outline curves undulating and graceful, making it a devil’s figure that can be described as charming.
However, the county is shining with holiness, brilliance, stunning sex appeal and moving, but there is such a halo over half an angel and half a witch, which gives people the illusion.
Chapter 36, separation! What a strong beauty!
"Who are you? I know you very well? What do you mean, stand in my way? Do you want to hit on me? " Speaking of which, Ma Zhi can’t escape for a while, so he talks nonsense with this beautiful woman. At the same time, his heart rises with a suspicious heart and whispers, "Was that light and shadow her just now? What a powerful woman! She is the one who displays her talents and lets Bodhisattva tear this dark sky! Don’t say that this woman is stronger than Pu, and she has four martial arts gods. The level of training is lower than Pu, but she is even stronger than Pu. This woman is not simple! All the other enemies are just like niggers, but this woman is shining. It seems that this woman must be the boss of these powerful enemies! "
"I want to bubble you? /Are you handsome? Very close to death and glib! You are so cheeky! "
Shi Tianxing smiles sweetly and doesn’t wear makeup, but people are more charming than flowers, which makes people know what is beautiful and charming and what is a smile. The stunning appearance is extremely confusing.
This woman can laugh. Obviously, she won’t admit that Ma Zhi still has a chance to escape. On the other hand, Ma Zhi’s surface seems to flirt with the beauty in front of her eyes, but she is really wary of being attacked by his enemy!
At this moment, a distant divine light rushes to Huayun, and a clear posture emerges. Actually, Shi Tianxing is very similar, but he is wearing armor, and the cold light of silvery metal armor will support more beauty and have an alternative temperament.
This god didn’t enter her chest and abdomen, so leave some magical power to fluctuate.
Ma Zhi’s surface is calm and he is horrified. "That’s this woman’s busy. She just took back her busy! I am a dozen two? I can’t beat all of them, but I have to face two such abnormal women at the same time? Am I going to reimburse this star hole today? I’m a real unlucky guy. When we came, our whereabouts were hidden enough. These enemies should not be able to trace me. What an accident! These enemies are aimed at me. Is it that mysterious forces have assassinated me again? Invited the supreme leader of the Star Alliance? That’s a lot of money. Kill me at all costs! Is the old life so precious? "
Shi Tianxing sweet smile "what kind of know me? Have you ever seen separation? I must capture you alive today so that you can be a * * * * member of Toy Boy from now on! "
Ma Zhi feels in trouble. This woman is particularly difficult to deal with.
Shi Tianxing smiled and looked forward to it. "Come with me to ensure that you are out of danger. You are worried about your life. I’m curious about what you practice the ordinary Five Dragon Boxing to turn it into an avatar. I’m curious about how you captured the exquisite pagoda and controlled it. I want to go into the exquisite pagoda to see if I’m still curious about what’s the secret of your life jewels that day! I must accept you as my Toy Boy today, and I will send you back to my hometown, Tian Shu Star! Don’t toss about in vain! You can’t run away without you! "
Ma Zhi frowned. He didn’t want to go to Tian Shu Star, but this stunning beauty was so powerful that he could hardly get rid of it.
"Pony, you can rest assured that I am not willing to kill you! At that time, we can travel together to visit the earth, Ziwei Star, Qian Shan, Wanshui, and all corners of the country. What a wonderful journey! I am looking forward to it! " Her red lips are moist, sexy and moving, with a ray of smile. "Let’s go and leave Pu’s lair first! This old man will die today. You don’t miss him! "
After that, Shi Tianxing held out a few points of fine jade and sealed Ma Zhixiu so that he could give full play to the weak strength of mortal fighters. Ma Zhi secretly called for hardship. "Uncle was captured alive by a beautiful woman today. It seems that he will die of old age. I wonder what happened to Sun Wu, da ji, Pu, the Dark Wolf King and the Golden Monkey King?"
Ma Zhizhi rebelled in silence and didn’t say much, then followed Shi Tianxing to a deserted place with a dilapidated palace.
Shi Tianxing stepped in lightly and then said to Ma Zhi, "I have repaired the gate of this area, which can send us tens of thousands of miles away and quickly return to Huaguoshan."
Ma Zhi questioned, "Aren’t you going to Tian Shu Star?"
Beautiful as a fairy, Shi Tianxing smiled sweetly. "Going is going! But you have to accompany me to travel around the earth first! "
Ma Zhi carefully observed that the orientation of Daowen was really not Tian Shu’s star eye. There was no better choice to save his life. He decided to take a risk on Xuanyutai.
Immediately Guanghua foaming at the mouth a powerful energy fluctuations.
The door of the domain opens and cracks, and the two men step in, but they are a little far away, unfamiliar and don’t want to get too close.
This Shi Tianxing doesn’t know what sealed Ma Zhixiu. After that, this beauty is alone. He won’t let his subordinates follow him. Of course, this noble woman must have followers with her, but her bodyguards are hidden or far behind.
After a long time, the darkness disappeared and the light appeared in front of them. They crossed smoothly and a pure land like flowers and birds appeared. It was Sun Wu’s beautiful home before, and now its owner has changed and it has become the headquarters of the Star Alliance Army.
The streams are gurgling, the plants are fragrant, the mountains and rivers are beautiful, and the pavilions are dotted with clean and natural mountains and rivers.
"This is my place of residence. You can rest assured that there is enough Wan Li in that area just now."
Don’t worry Ma Zhi confidant Fei looked around at the scenery and was ready to hide. He thought Shi Tianxing was very difficult. "Spoil me?" This monster is very beautiful and sexy, but I can’t afford to be loved by a female monster! I always like human beauty and don’t like stone beauty! "
"Pony, I have shown enough sincerity to you. You need to guard against me everywhere." Shi Tianxing gathered her hair and smiled. "I don’t want your destiny. I want to see what’s strange about your Eucharist?"
Ma Zhi was caught alive by a monster. It’s strange that these monsters haven’t frisked him or bound him in form until now. It’s a seal!

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