"It’s not necessarily that this method doesn’t work. It’s mainly because people are too stupid."

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Sunset countries and White Bear countries are so powerful that they can maintain national order. At present, the mode of taking the fire is harmony and support.
Don’t need to move their own strength.
It will also enable migrant workers in these countries to get mysterious materials, mysterious crystals and so on while lying down.
But this model of cherry blossom country will not work.
He plans to pilot the second mode, which is to secretly lay out the stage of Yueqi Dance Incense from thousands of sides.
But these have to wait until the paradox door is knocked out.
He cast a glance.
The girl with a cold face and a thick murder is fighting in the evil group with a sword.
She’s just entering the third sleep, and there’s nothing to see. She’s looking for another figure.
Thousand-faced figure
I really can’t find it!
Unless you lock your perspective on the face, you can’t find the trace of this intelligence head, but you don’t know when a nearly invisible silk thread is wrapped around the whole world like a big net.
Then, in a daze, the statue just stepped out of the gate of paradox, and it didn’t take long for the evil level paradox to fall down.
Crash to the ground
And he still can’t find a thousand faces.
"Well, there’s always no big problem here."
Lindongcheng north
Grey fog, tide, evil roar, terrible giant shadow enveloped the sky
The battle here has entered the most intense stage. The continuous explosion of Lei Fu Huozhu and the awakening ability of investigators and special warfare players have added a gorgeous color to the whole battlefield.
Wang Fan and other students have already retreated to a place three or four kilometers away from the core of the battlefield.
They clenched their fists, their bodies trembled slightly and their eyes widened.
Both nervous and as if the blood were boiling.
"I wish we could take part in such a battle when we can. I can’t wait to rush to kill two evil spirits and suppress the alarm."
"Come on, you’ll feed the paradox with a shovel."
"Feed us with fire beads or awakening weapons, which can also deal with ordinary evil spirits in a week!"
"Is it can deal with knocking at the door, but there is a hair in this battlefield? It is better to instructor they casually throw a few fire beads "
However, even the students and instructors in this battlefield are smaller than others, and only a few figures can shine brilliantly.
Some students are excited when their faces stick to the telescope.
"I saw that the one who didn’t fly in the energetic wing was the three captains of the special team-the top and strongest in our Donghuang country-Luo Cha!"
"Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa ~!"
"Brothers, brothers, introduce a few more."
Investigators appear on the screen many times, but the appearance is only popular science, and investigators are not famous for their stars.
These budding new students in the Bureau of Investigation know little, let alone many special teams that are more mysterious than the Bureau of Investigation.
Many students didn’t know there was such a mysterious department as the special team until today.
But there are also "the second generation" among the students.

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