Overjoyed, the high-level parliament showed a large-scale immigration at that time, and hundreds of immigrant ships crossed the wormhole and arrived at the distant stars. The whole literary world was full of joy.

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However, the 13th year after the discovery of this wormhole, it was like a joke between fate and binary stars. This wormhole disappeared completely as if it had never been seen before, and it has never been opened again!
The accident caused a huge loss of more than 100 million people and a large amount of material wealth. After this painful lesson, double-star talents discovered the "resting wormhole"
In order to remember this lesson, at that time, Shuangxing made a 13-year extension inspection regulation and kept its extension number, which people called "the lost third star"
Strictly speaking, the accident was the reason why the earth was harassed by the binary ranger every 13 years.
"Mo … Murphy …" Leon’s voice trembled.
Yun Nie nodded smilingly.
"yes! That’s it! "
Chapter seven hundred and fifteen Language art
According to Karl’s research table "wormhole expansion technology", there is a certain probability that the closed wormhole can be re-drilled.
The areas where wormholes can be formed are generally the places where the dark energy potential difference is large and the cosmic tides are intense, which can also be understood as "unstable points"
That is to say, for the "resting wormhole", it is still possible to re-open this wormhole channel with the help of "wormhole expansion technology" if the fashionable short-energy tide is not completely calmed down.
It’s like just putting out a fire and making it come back to life. It’s much easier than rubbing a small fireball in your hand.
According to the information from the double star query, the lost third star wormhole has been closed for more than a hundred years.
On the cosmic scale, it almost belongs to the type of "the corpse is not cold enough" and "it can be saved" …
"Of course, this is a possibility, and the specific probability of success needs to be verified. However, the case of reactivating the resting wormhole has been made by the Woolf Empire Department, and the feasibility is not doubted."
Yun Nie didn’t put the words to death. After all, no one except Woolf Empire really had practical experience.
In case that wormhole is completely cold by then, it will be your own bad lives, not my false announcement.
"understand! Understand! "
Even a possibility, Leon has been excited and breathing heavily.
Finding the lost third star is of great significance to the binary star!
You know, in terms of the richness of the lost constellation, it’s just that the resources and value of S+ level can’t be completed in a constellation.
If there were no accidents, the population and materials were transported in the past, and the other party should have stabilized its foothold and developed to form a double-star text.
Due to the short-term loss of the mother tongue, the lost group should still have a considerable sense of identity with the mother tongue, and the basis for the confluence of the two sides remains.
Even if the other party’s leadership showed separatist intentions, but in order to ensure absolute control over the emerging colonial areas, we followed the past to expand the army. The actual number was not large, and the military industry and military technology were not complete
No matter whether it is soft or strong, the resistance to reabsorbing this "text" should not be great.
Not only that, it can save the lost foreigners’ doubts, but also greatly boost the morale of the army, which is depressed by the huge losses.
This is definitely a law to refuse the temptation for the two-star parliament that has just suffered defeat and prestige damage!
"Thank you!" Leon crush heart excited sincere way even look at Yun Nie eyes are different.
If he just believed Yun Nie’s "loyalty is treachery" statement by three points, it is now six points.
He really imagined that if the other side was hostile to the binary star, how could he hand over this technology?
Double stars get this technology, which is simply adding wings to the tiger!
Is it really possible for the enemy to fund the enemy like this?
"hey! Don’t thank me yet. I need to wake you up first. I also got a design drawing of wormhole expansion device from Woolf. It needs the joint efforts of binary scientists to make it.
After all, the seller is not really worried about being able to do this. "
"This ….." Leon leng immediately relieved.
The duck is cooked for you, and you expect someone to give you a slice with sauce?
"It’s not a big problem. We have a foundation for wormhole research and a design plan for wormhole expansion technology. I believe our research team will be able to completely restore this technology soon!"
Very good! That’s what you said!
One of the important reasons why Yun Nie is willing to share this technology is that he wants to borrow chickens to lay eggs!
Although the scientists in the Cloud Research Institute are strong, one can stand up to one, and they may be able to fully understand this technology on their own in a hundred years.
But binary stars are not bad! Don’t say that the number of research teams is ten million times that of you.
Moreover, the study of wormholes by binary stars has a long history, and its depth and breadth are even greater than that of the newly-introduced earth. The attack speed will never be slower than that of the earth.
Yun Nie is happy to watch the technology upgrade slowly rise!
If you share one happiness, you will double it! Happy but not?
A hundred years is too long, and I am racing against the clock!
Nie Yun was satisfied in his heart, but he said, "The technical theory may not be difficult for us, but some core materials and processing technologies of the device are not something we can break through in a short time."
However, in this respect, I have taken into account that I have spent another sum of money to buy two sets of core components of the wormhole expansion device from the Woolf branch. Should it be emergency or enough? "
The technical achievers of "wormhole expansion device" are very difficult to manufacture several device cores.
Even if there are design drawings, at present, the materials and industrial manufacturing levels of both sides, whether it is a binary star or a short time, can not produce real products
From theoretical breakthrough to practical application, both sides still have a marathon running.

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