Iron and I looked at each other "sloped" and laughed.

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"Hey, where are you going?" Lin Chao just appeared at the door. "Can you take me?" "We’re going to visit ghost city. Do you want to go?" I mean, it’s not my fault that many people burn more oil anyway!
"Yes! Just go and take some photos. pop looks quite happy. "it’s interesting to be with you."
"That’s up to you.
Anyway, I’m going to see if I really don’t want to do something with more personal influence-maybe lunch is invited!
From Zhengtian Huaxia Hotel, we didn’t have the 217 National Road, but crossed the city and headed for baijiantan district along Kebai Road. I don’t know if I went back to the expressway and left a shadow on Zheng Qu. He begged for a car, so I didn’t care about him because I was too full.
But I really don’t know this road!
This road obviously goes out of the city from the east of Karamay, directly from the Gobi Desert, obliquely inserted into the Baijian Beach, and then turn to the 217 National Road, and go along this road and cross the Wuerhe District to reach ghost city.
⑥ n There is a difference between rape G and Sichuan. For example, if you go from Chengdu to Shuangliu Car, the houses on both sides will continue. Even if there is farmland near here, there is definitely a house-or a building!
There are absolutely no houses on both sides of the G highway, and even if there are, it is occasionally a three-five-red brick bungalow or an oil pipeline transit valve room
In this desolate place, I can see the blue sky and white clouds as far as I can see, reflecting the morning sunrise, but it has a unique flavor
I still know this place in ghost city, where Brother Fage filmed Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon last year. It is said that the former Iceberg Visitor also took a view here. It is an Yadan landform, and the scenery in this area is by no means comparable to that in Sichuan.
It’s not far, but it’s not near. After two and a half hours, we arrived at the entrance of ghost city.
It’s very simple here. A bamboo pole was crossed, and then a row of red brick RVs rushed out as soon as they arrived. Two young men shouted at the edge of the bamboo pole, "Hey, go to ghost city and buy a ticket for ten yuan each."
Another hand holding a don’t know what ticket went to the front of the window and said to zheng qu "four tickets for four people.
"I’m here from Karamay Public Security Bureau to investigate something. Zheng Qu stretched out his hand and pulled out a jǐng official card." Call me your boss here. "Yo, you’re … you’re …" J ǐ ng official card is a huge pair of guys who quickly tilted the bamboo pole. "Please … Please …"
"Please ask your sister, I yelled directly from the side." Are you here to mix tickets? "
Half an hour later, in the administrator’s red brick room, four of us drank bitter brick tea and looked at the whole topographic map of ghost city. We just didn’t find anything interesting in the past.
"Why don’t you go in and have a look?" Lin Chao doesn’t know if it’s unbearable because there are no photos to take. "It’s the most realistic to look at the scene to find something.
"Is that the administrator captain didn’t understand why we just nodded as soon as we spoke?
It’s really dizzy to look at this map. I don’t know if this guy used his brain to write the names of the nine canyons, namely Lover Valley, Snake Valley, Broken Bridge Valley, Desperate Valley, Jiuqu Ileum Valley, Crane Valley, Condor Valley and Falcon Valley, in order. Don’t create new ideas to match the picture! -almost all of his places are casually painted with stones.
Snake Valley is a snake and Crane Valley is a crane. I don’t know if I really couldn’t get it at the beginning. I actually got a QQ smiley face doll in Lover Valley. Desperate Valley is a QQ crying face doll!
"This is really creative.
Tell me what you can see in this picture.
It’s really necessary to see for yourself!
We drove the car straight to Devil’s City and finally didn’t give the ticket money!
It was this sunny afternoon that greeted the Gobi sunshine that I first set foot in this mysterious land!
Dazzling sunlight shone on my face from the sky, and I wandered around a hillside resembling castles, temples, pagodas, monuments, figures, animals and strange rocks. I suddenly felt very familiar when I looked at these various landscapes, dazzling steep cliffs, colorful agates mixed with rocks, silicified wood everywhere, fresh plant fossils, marine fish fossils and bird fossils!
In a dream!
This is the place I saw in my dream!
But I feel strange again. All this is similar to what I saw in my dream, but I still haven’t found the place where the sky, fire and rain fall!
Maybe it’s still inside!
That road around the dirt road in ghost city is less than five kilometers deep and reaches the periphery of ghost city-what about it?
"Bring the dry food and water for the car. Let’s walk in and have a look. When I said this, I sent a message to Lu Dao." Little Black will stay here.
Section 26 Sky Survey Ghost Eyes
People often have such a situation that they take a guess and evaluate many things that they don’t know very well, and then imagine that things will go well and encourage themselves to implement it.
Me too!
Ghost city scenic spot, which had been manually proces, went quite smoothly, but when we stopped and walk into this virgin land, we found that it was not that case-we struggled with the aggradation all the way!
These eluvial soil are like dust, so they will be loose and soft at once, and they will not focus on one foot and deep roots. My journey is miserable. When did I walk through this environment?
But it’s not easy for me to walk, and the three of them may not be relieved!
Looking at Zheng Qu and Tie, there is nothing too high in interest. There is a slap in the face of Lin Chao, and the angle is very happy with the light all the way.
I remember that there is a data saying that the walking speed of people is about 47 kilometers per hour, while the speed of cycling is 1525 per hour. According to this rough estimate, we can burn high incense if we can reach 3 kilometers per hour!
Just thinking about it, Zheng Qu suddenly shouted, "Brother Liu looks like it’s going to rain. I look up at a thick black rain cloud flying in the sky and I can see that it’s raining with the naked eye." It’s time for this rain to come. "I scolded," I came to sneak attack when I was in the middle of nowhere. "
"Brother Liu, let’s hurry up and see if there is any place to hide in front of Zheng Qu." There may be a place over there.
At this time, everyone arrived at the place quickly, even though it was aggradation, and did not show weakness. After running for five minutes, they ran to the place-hey, don’t tell us that we found a Banpo cave.
It’s really flattering to say it’s a cave, but it’s just a depression, which is estimated to be about five or six meters deep. The four of us scrambled into it, and I suddenly remembered something "sloped"!
Lu Dao, Lu Dao, this time, I see that you have not changed!
This kind of gloating is not my patent, and you should not think that you are better than me. Generally, ordinary people have this mentality of "hating people and laughing", and I just don’t hide it!
I despise it!
Of course, I am even more disdainful to tell these three guys who don’t understand the situation what to laugh at!
There was a flash of light mixed with a crisp thunderbolt, and then it rained cats and dogs, and the wind roared and swept through the bean. The rain spots poured into the ravine, and we quickly took a few steps inside, only to splash a lot of raindrops on our heads.
Flash, then thunder, and then thunder, and then the heavy rain above us enveloped the world like night! -since we met this kind of weather, we didn’t have to "eat first, eat first". This guy is usually not awake. At this time, he caught the question key "It’s past three o’clock in the afternoon."
I don’t know what’s delicious about this kind of Zheng Qu. Hum, it won’t be a problem if I eat so much early until noon. Then I’ll go to eat barbecue and grab rice later!
I’m so tired that I have to live up to my stomach!

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