Seven silvery lights are flying all over the sky, and several monks are chasing those seven silvery lights crazily. But even if they can’t get a set of seven fairy swords, all monks also hope that they can get at least one fairy sword, even if it’s just a fairy sword, it’s a good thing. If the scattered fairy gets a Chinese fairy, it can at least enhance his combat effectiveness by ten times. If the monk gets a Chinese fairy in the Daodao period, he will obviously have enough money to settle down after he soars into the celestial world.

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Often hundreds of monks approached a silver light at the same time, and hundreds of people used the forbidden method to grasp it at the same time. Behind the silver light, thousands of swords, baoguang, Lei Guang and various spells gave off flames and flooded in. Thousands of monks joined forces to attack even iron men. Are these monks? You can’t escape from such a violent attack without a fairy-level protective magic weapon.
Seven paths of silver light passed by, several bodies were blown up, several blood dripped from the sky, and several pieces of flesh and blood were turned to ashes. Red-drenched Yuan gods rose from the shattered body and were waiting to flee to the distance. Thunder rolled and thundered for several days, and the Yuan gods came to nothing with unwilling screams, which was even more miserable. It was close to the silver light, and the silver light flashed a sharp shock wave across these Yuan gods, and they were slowly cut into small pieces, which was even more miserable than the death in the year. The smashing of these Yuan gods made these Yuan gods scream and make normal people crazy.
However, few monks in the sky are normal, and they have become crazy because they are greedy before the treasure.
Two years and nine months before Youlinxiao appeared, these monks attacked each other, and many relatives and friends died in other people’s hands. Now new hatred and old hatred are rolling together, and their hands are getting heavier. Gradually, they need to burn life and blood to make their lives explode. Some monks who killed their red eyes were dazzled by flying around in front of them, and they were impatient. They burned their lives and blood in desperation, which made their lethality rise to a great level.
During the period of Daoism, the Godsworn issued a thunderbolt, which is equivalent to the thunder method of five robberies and scattered immortals. Every thunderbolt is like a mushroom cloud erupting in a 10,000-ton small nuclear warhead, and the ocean erupts with clouds of bright light, which whizzes past large tracts of Godsworn’s bright light and disappears.
Gradually, the breath of killing gathered together to form a bloody evil spirit that frightened monks. This is a mixture of hundreds of thousands of monks’ residual souls, blood gas and dying grievances to form a bloody evil spirit. Just as soon as it took shape, several foreign monty monty came from the void, and the whole white star was covered with a thick layer of lotus flower to kill. The monks’ hearts hovered. They had forgotten what would conflict with each other. They kept burning their own spirits and launching their strongest attacks.
In the Yuan Dynasty, the friar burned the life essence and blood. In the virtual realm, the friar burned the life essence and blood. In the Daoist period, the friar burned the life essence and blood. Gradually, even the practitioners like Xuxing and Leitiandong were tempted by the monty in the blood evil spirit, regardless of burning their own essence, and released the life god thunder.
Great changes have taken place.
Thunder moves, imaginary line, their strength limit of these seven robberies and scattered immortals is close to the fairy. After they burn their lives, they burst into lethality at that moment, which is equivalent to ordinary Jin Xian attacking dozens of golden Lei Guang across the long emptiness. It seems that they have all been torn apart by this day, and dozens of huge flames have emerged in the ocean. Every group of Lei Guang obliterates everything in Fiona Fang. This is a kind of pure destructive energy, and no one can be lucky.
"Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom,
A huge white star has a continent inhabited by their life god Lei Zhen Bobo, and billions of people have been beaten to pieces. There are hundreds of miles of huge gaps in the mainland, and the mainland is slowly sinking. The mainland people’s god Lei Zhenbo was shocked to death at the first time. It is impossible for anyone to be lucky.
In the depths of the ocean, the earth’s crust was blasted with a hole thousands of miles in diameter and tens of thousands of miles in depth. A huge amount of geocentric poison fire spewed out a column of black fireworks, and the fireworks and seawater collided with each other and made a loud noise. If the hole is not repaired as soon as possible, the whole white star will enter an irreversible process of star extinction in about an hour, and the whole planet structure will be completely destroyed. Eventually, the planet will end its life in a gorgeous explosion.
A scattered fairy from Baiheng Xingxing Zonglao Association roared angrily, "You sons of bitches ~ you did a good job!"
It’s easy to live, and the scattered immortals and monks are all pale and speechless. If Bai Hengxing is really caught in the process of star extinction, the lives of more than 10 billion people in Bai Hengxing will be completely ended, and this sin will be counted as their head. Even the most vicious and tyrannical scattered immortals among them dare not bear such a great cause. This is enough to turn them into fly ash and huge retribution. Where do they have the courage to digest it?
Maybe those blood-eaters in the Shura Gate don’t care about the karma caused by the destruction of a planet. This is an additional effect brought by their special skills. Other monks don’t have their ability to treat human life like dirt.
The imaginary line muttered to himself, "Fortunately, fortunately, our life thunder broke out in vain and didn’t directly bomb Bai Hengxing otherwise ~"
All the scattered immortals nodded in bereavement. If they had ordered one of the gods Lei Zhen to directly bomb Bai Hengxing, Bai Hengxing would have been blown into rubble all over the sky. Fortunately, they took care of sweeping the sky and flying monks. No one was crazy enough to bomb Bai Hengxing.
"Stop this fucking hole quickly! Otherwise, in the future, all of you will not want to escape! " The old man who was wrapped in fireworks and slew a dragon burst out from the big hole with smoke and sudden fire. Several black flames chased him as if he were a spiritual living thing. There were more than 30 scattered immortals, more than 200 monks in the Aikido period and hundreds of virtual monks who rushed to the huge gap in the depths of the ocean at the same time.
They have seen that the old man who manipulated those black fire tongues to kill the dragon slayer is a few rare geocentric poisonous fire beasts. This monster looks similar to the earth plesiosaur. It is covered with black lava and is born with the power to manipulate geocentric poisonous fire. Generally speaking, its strength is almost the same as that of three robberies and scattered immortals, and no one can pose a real threat to them because of its geocentric poisonous fire protection. These geocentric poisonous fire beasts are the best mountain gate. Guardian is even more to refine the extremely material of the horoscopes, but they can refine the extraordinary horoscopes!
These scattered immortals and monks not only want to block the big hole in the earth’s crust and eliminate this catastrophic disaster, but also want to catch these poisonous fire beasts!
Even at this time, the greed in their hearts is still not dissipated.
Lin Xiao grabbed Bai Jile, who was scared by a bloody killing just now, and carefully ordered him to stay in the blazing clouds after the explosion of the thunder. Lin Xiao Dan spit out a magic weapon of flying swords, rings and bracelets floating in the void where there was a hundred feet of light green light. All of them were sucked into the quiet glass pagoda by the green light.
There are two fairies in this virtual treasure, a dozen of them are of very good quality, and hundreds of them are of different quality. Most of the fairies are of medium quality, so many experts in scattered immortals, Daoist period and Yuanshen period perished. Although most of the magic weapons perished with themselves, the only magic weapon left behind also made Lin Xiao earn a lot of money.
The residual blood evil spirit still exudes strong Shaqi and blood gas, and there is no place to kill dragons and old people here. They keep releasing their gods and want to search for Lin Xiao, but where can I find him? The old man who slew the dragon and others can send out letters to order their own families to continue to block Bai Hengxing’s external relocation array and look for Lin Xiaoluo at the same time.
Lin Xiao carefully walked through the blood clouds all over the sky and quickly inhaled all the treasures in his sight into the quiet glass pagoda. Even after crack day’s fairy sword was not pulled back, it was only when the scattered immortals broke out that the residual force fluctuation of the famous thunder interfered with the monk’s knowledge that the cover of blood evil spirit quietly left this area and almost collapsed.
It was not until driving the golden light rushed out of Lin Xiao thousands of miles away that I landed on a small island with Bai Jile carefully. I felt a little relaxed and a cold sweat instantly soaked Lin Xiao’s skirt.
Just now, so many godsworn released their lives all over the sky, and the number of godsworn Lei Guang went up in smoke, and one god Lei Ling exploded. Lin Xiao felt that he seemed to be sitting in a movie theater somewhere in the sea watching the doomsday sci-fi blockbuster, and the scene when the thunder broke out was also comparable to that of the brain simulating several nuclear warheads and shooting shots all over the sky.
Lin Xiao didn’t even know that he was protecting Bai Jile from the real doomsday scene, especially because he incredibly collected tens of thousands of quality treasures and flying swords.
"It’s a pity that nearly a million monks have dozens of flying swords with them. I actually collected more than 40 thousand pieces ~ It’s a pity that those scattered gods are too strong ~ a lightning strike can’t have a magic weapon unless it’s a fairy."
Chapter one hundred and sixty-six Abducted
I sighed for a long time and patted Lin Xiao. I haven’t recovered yet. Bai Jile sighed, "This is the monastic world! Two stones and seven broken pieces of copper and iron can kill nearly a million monks in the monastic world ~ and the common people on that road ~ hey, hey, who did they provoke? "
Gently pulled pull white Ji Le a wisp of hair Lin Xiao sink a way "learn to make your heart hard! Otherwise, we won’t even have any residue left! "
The sharp smile suddenly sounded, "Ouch ~ Lin Xiao, the little baby, come to the ancestors. Even if the ancestors suck it up, you will let you leave a little residue!"
Lin Xiao and Bai Jile looked up with horror, and the sky was full of fire and clouds, and the fairy with a large number of monks surrounded this small desert island.
This time, the flame fairy who doesn’t stay at Lin Xiao’s mouth has pulled out a golden red rope and thrown it at Lin Xiao. If the rope turns into a red light, it will flash around Lin Xiao and Bai Jile for hundreds of times, and the two will be tied like a dumpling flame fairy. Gently stretch out your hand and grab the rope and carry Lin Xiao and Bai Jile at the high blaster.
It was an instant kung fu that Lin Xiao and Bai Jile were taken out of Bai Hengxing’s atmosphere, and the flame fairy laughed wildly. He grabbed Bai Jile’s face and kissed his body a few times, and a flash of fire took Lin Xiao and his disciples away instantly.
Instant Wan Li Flame Fairy took Lin Xiao and Bai Jile away from this star field and rushed into the remote place along the monastic boundary.
The dark sky is dotted with several stars, the flame is immortalized, and it has been rapidly moved for three days and two nights. Except that Bai Hengxing has disappeared from sight, the position of his stars relative to Lin Xiao seems to have not changed at all. According to Lin Xiao’s snatch from the map, Lin Xiao knows that they have left Bai Hengxing. At this moment, the flame fairy has taken Lin Xiao with them. They came to the core circle of monasticism, which is about four star domains away from a Feiyu star domain.
Here, the Flame Fairy finally gave up and continued to move the star that consumed a huge amount of fairy aura, but found a lonely planet to move the plane.
A fire rolled Lin Xiao and Bai Jile from the sky, and a desert on this planet was moved. There were a few monks and adventurers who were humble, and they were placed in the array. The flaming fairy roots of Lingshi were too lazy to waste their breath. She directly spouted a flame from her mouth and burned these monks to ashes in the early days of Yuanying.
Grinning, a few flame fairies rushed into the relocation array and selected a remote planet with the farthest distance to move out.
For half a month, the Flame Fairy took Lin Xiao and Bai Jile to a notorious wasteland in the monastic world.
This star field is probably familiar to Bai Jile. There are about 100 galaxies with trillions of stars entering the twilight, and they are burning in the air, giving off darkness without any thermal light. Stars and stars are covered with large and small black holes, and the lines of gravity are tangled into a mess. A large piece of meteorite looks like a messy chapter, but it has its own mysterious law. The speed of stars passing through meteorites is so fast that it is several times faster than ordinary sword light. Small and medium-sized meteorites are almost half the size of the earth. If an ordinary monk comes to this star field, it may be a meteorite.
Meteorites and black holes can be seen everywhere are not the most terrible in this star field. It is necessary to have a virtual environment to cultivate their bodies. Meteorites also pose a threat to the monks in the virtual environment. They can smash ordinary meteorites by chopping out the thunder method at will, which makes this desolate area less traveled. There are some extreme attributes, energy and some strange nightmares hidden in the meteorite stream, which are between ghosts and devil’s strange energy.

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