Longyou Power kicked out, and immediately one person was kicked out of the bitter water, just like the Huangmaochang, and was directly kicked by Longyou.

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The three of them looked at each other and were shocked. If you look at me, I dare not go.
Even if you don’t have the skills, the strength and speed of Longyou are not what these people can imagine. An acceleration of Longyou instantly reaches a hook next to one person, and another person is directly knocked over by Longyou!
This is not a level. Only two people look at each other and their hearts are full of fear. They dare not stay where they are and their calves tremble.
The two men were stared at by Longyou as if they were stared at by a black mamba. Suddenly, their bodies were cold, as if they had been splashed with a pot of cold water, and they were cold as if they had fallen into icehouse.
"What to do!" Two people in the eye is fear.
"What can I do to run?" The other man ran and shouted for his life.
Staying here is either a fracture or a death, and neither of them is stupid and runs away directly.
The three people who left the land and were knocked over by Longyou had a face of fear, especially the yellow-haired one who had long regretted the disaster, and now he has fallen to this point.
The other two people fled Longyou, and they didn’t care what happened just now. Many people gathered in the street and looked at Longyou’s eyes. I don’t know what it was like.
Many people in Longyou walked beside Huang Mao in their different eyes, holding Huang Mao’s long hair and giving it to him. Huang Mao suddenly scared his legs and his eyes trembled in horror.
Longyou scolded and threw him to the ground.
"I tell you I’m from Honglongtang, and if you mess with me, you won’t have a good game. Not only you, but even the woman around you doesn’t have a good game." The yellow hair obviously lay on the ground panting.
"Hum, it’s the first time I’ve been threatened by you for so long. I’ll see how the Red Dragon Hall dares to treat me." Longyou sneered.
However, Longyou learned afterwards that there was no such person in the so-called Red Dragon Hall, and a small league of dozens of people later learned that it had offended Longyou Wang and scared him to tremble and directly dissolved the Red Dragon Hall.
"Honey, let’s go. Don’t be so angry." Miranda Kerr looked at Dihuang Mao in disgust and hugged Longyou’s arm to move on.
And the people around you are scattered, but their eyes are twitching in pain, but they have no sympathy for the yellow hair, so people are doomed to die.
The heavy snow is getting worse, but the number of people on the street is increasing instead of decreasing because of the heavy snow.
Snow is falling all over the sky, snowflakes are flying, and more than half of the people in the street stop to stare at the sky with a little pleasure.
"How long has it been since there was such a heavy snow? I remember that the snow was so heavy ten years ago!" A native old man swatted off a snowflake falling off his shoulder.
Snowflakes break into a stream and penetrate into the old man’s clothes.
"Fortunately, there is such heavy snow this year!" The man’s wife said that the old man looked happy and relaxed a lot, but they didn’t need a scene they liked, a big hand to hold and someone to accompany them.
"Husband, Chinese people are so happy," Miranda Kerr said involuntarily.
"Chloe Chinese people are very happy, but their lives are in dire straits." Longyou said this sentence deeply.
Nowadays, China is so unfair as Longyou said. Not everyone has got what they want to live. Some people are happy to die, while others have spent their whole lives in hardships.
Longyou is not a man of god. Although he has constant opportunities and a magic hand, there are too many Chinese people. He can’t save so many people. He can see who is in trouble and lend a helping hand. Even if he saves many people, he can’t change the situation in China.
"Honey, let’s make a snowman, too!" Miranda Kerr excitedly pointed to a piled snowman in the distance and cried excitedly.
"good!" Longyou nodded
For Miranda Kerr, the dragon tour is almost responsive. I am used to the wandering life, and suddenly the whole person has relaxed. After that, no one can predict the will of God, and who can violate it?
It’s wonderful to have a person walking hand in hand.
The two squatted down to gather the heavy snow, and soon the snowman’s bust was piled up, and the thick snow was condensed together, and the sun shone with charming luster.
Half an hour later, the whole snowman has taken shape, and the palms of Longyou and Miranda Kerr are red and cold.
"ok! Completed! " Miranda Kerr skipped to press the snowman’s nose to laugh and say
"Silly girl’s hands are frozen." Longyou clenched Miranda Kerr’s little hand and kept blowing hot air in it.
"Honey, that’s very kind of you." Miranda Kerr smiled cutely and her big eyes were full of warmth!
"I’m not good, who is good?" Longyou smiled and continued to stroll with Miranda Kerr.
"Honey, I want to have a snowball fight, too." Miranda Kerr’s eyes were attracted by a few people, and they moved away. Those people were crazy about snowball fights with smiles on their faces.
"No, it’s cold." Longyou curled her lips and was afraid that Miranda Kerr was ill.
"No, no, people are going to have a snowball fight. Come on!" Miranda Kerr squatted and grabbed a handful of snow and threw it at Longyou.
Longyou a slight flash to avoid the snow counterattack.
When two people forget to play happily in this snowy weather, they forget the people around them and forget everything and throw themselves into their own world.
After a long time, Miranda Kerr seems to be tired of playing, holding Longyou’s generous palm and moving on.
"Chloe will take you to buy clothes now." Longyou clenched Miranda Kerr’s palm and looked tender.
Before you know it, Miranda Kerr has deeply entered the heart of Longyou, and Longyou has deeply entered a special marriage in Miranda Kerr’s heart. I didn’t expect them to love each other so much.
Maybe Longyou didn’t go to America that day, or went late or early for a while, so he couldn’t meet Miranda Kerr, nor would he save Miranda Kerr, nor would he bring her to China, nor would he bring himself so much joy now.
At present, there is a huge shopping mall. Longyou directly took Miranda Kerr into it.
The attitude inside is very good. It’s a big shopping mall. Longyou took Miranda Kerr around the second floor and finally stopped at a booth.
There seems to be very few people in this booth, and there are many people in his booth, and Longyou doesn’t care. Of course, you have to go to a good quality store to buy clothes.
"Hey, how much is this dress?" Longyou asked, pointing to a red coat.
"That’s fifty yuan," the clerk said with a glance in the direction of Longyou’s finger.
Longyou muttered that the attitude of this member is poor and the price of clothes is outrageous. Although there are not many in the world of 50 yuan, the era of Longyou is already very expensive
Although the coat is beautiful and Longyou is rich, Longyou won’t spend so much money.
"Can you make it cheaper?" Longyou asked, haggling with others for the first time.
"I won’t reduce the price if I can’t go to another house without buying." The clerk was very tough and looked at Longyou and Miranda Kerr’s dirty clothes because of snowball fights.
"If you can’t afford it, just say so." The clerk muttered and was busy with his work.
"Hey, what do you mean?" Longyou was a little angry. He must have seen himself and Miranda Kerr’s clothes and inferred that he was poor and could not afford clothes.
"Chloe, do you like this dress?" Longyou turned and asked.
"Come on, it’s too expensive, honey. Let’s go to another house and have a look." Although Miranda Kerr kept her eyes fixed on the red coat, she gave it up with ease.
"Let’s go to another house and have a look at the clothes in my shop." The clerk said lukewarm and obviously looked down on Longyou.
"I’ll take this dress," Longyou said coldly. He took out a hundred dollars from his pocket and threw it directly to the clerk.
Longyou did this on the one hand because Chloe liked this dress very much, and on the other hand, she bought a mobile phone with her staff in anger, which was how people looked down upon her, and Longyou had to take money to gag them.
Chapter 134 You hit someone
The clerk took a look at Longyou without saying anything, wrapped up the clothes and gave the change directly to Longyou.
"Hum Kerr, if you like me to buy you the whole shopping mall department," Longyou put away his clothes and resented the attitude of the staff. No wonder there are so few people here!
"Hey hey husband, that’s very kind of you!" Miranda Kerr holding longyou arm lovely said

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