B Hugh said, "Having said that, the second half of the Zen Sutra, together with the supplementary books, are all carved on the jade tablet, and there are still several magic weapons that have not been taken out. The inscription on the tablet will be hidden on the fifth day after the sutra is stopped. Although today is the second day, it is not suitable for the later Zen Sutra to sneak a peek at the second time. I have other things to do. You can’t leave this tablet. You are really careless." Zhu Youmu said, "This is a hindrance. Brother Qi Daohong also has planned to apply for Tuhong." Brother Ning has gone "with Shen Tuhong." You have made a lot of contributions this time, especially your diligence. Brother Qi talked a few days ago about having a good future. We still have to go to the master’s abode of fairies and immortals. We don’t have to wait for a fixed number, so we have to rush to arrive on the fifth day. Never delay. You go first. "Shen Tuhong has long been looking forward to leaving." I have been grateful to your predecessors for many years, but I will return to my legacy today. "I thanked Xuejun Jiang for the first time and then said goodbye and walked separately. I met Li Ning’s lesbians and talked about the past.

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Ying Qiong asked with a smile, "Can you see Xiao Hanshan’s two daughters when you go to Daichishan?" Shen Tuhong replied, "My younger brother Li Hong will secretly help Xie Jia’s sisters to steal the heart lantern when they get back to Wuyi. He may have followed the excitement when he was young. Although he has a strong spirit and a high mana, he is very happy when he sees someone who is in the early days. I am afraid that when I go with two women, I am not very worried. When I blame the mountain, I once went invisibly to spy on the flat cliff outside the magic palace on the top of the mountain. A auspicious cloud rose quietly, and even the figure was extremely pale. If I changed my eyesight, I couldn’t see it. I wanted to try to look at it near Suddenly, two twin girls stood and sat together, and Hong Di was away from the sky at the same time. There were two evil fogs flying in the southeast, which were as thin as gossamer. I couldn’t tell the glittering light was flashing and dazzling, so I set up a girl and waved to me. Although I didn’t know how to do it, I didn’t know how to be seen by her. I was afraid that the demon party would help me in the future. I saw Hong Di, but the two women were victorious and eager to meet Uncle Li, so I came here. Shen Tuhong replied, "Although there are five people, three of them seem to be poisonous to Moshe. The golden light is the embodiment of two teenage children, each wearing a short suit and barefoot, with a fist on his head. The golden lotus is wrapped in a golden light, and it looks quite beautiful and evil. I can’t see what it is."
Li Ningwei said, "Sure enough, as I expected, these two people are really troubled by the evil deeds of the teacher’s mountain. If the two women in Hanshan listen to my other words, they will be scared away, or they can thank each other. It will also prevent Xie Lin from relying on the venerable person to destroy the magic treasure seal and Li Hong’s young illness and evil events. Of course, this is the cause and effect of the two of them, but after all, the Buddha’s strength will still be able to resolve the evil spirits in the future, and the teacher will not be willing to rest." I don’t hate the old man, and his magic power is very high. Qibao Golden Mansion also knows that it’s hard to control him except that the two women have the highest Buddhist skill and deep spirit, which can’t be taken away. He Ruan Zheng was entangled with his daughter and was trapped in the magic palace for two years in the past. If he was not determined to be strong, he was defeated and saved his enemies and friends. Fortunately, Li Hong was lucky in this life, and he was lucky everywhere. Although the spirit root show is not yet mature, how can he help Li Hong’s enemies? "
When everyone heard this, they were all worried and suspicious. Shen Tuhong and Ruan Zheng and Li Hong were having trouble. They were just about to ask, "Why didn’t Li Hong see it? Who are these two rival masters? " Yi and Li’s friends, who are righteous and impatient, are all in the same mind. Li Ning has asked Shen Tuhong, "Don’t you see that Li Hong is wonderful and poor in the Seven Treasures Golden Mansion, and the invisible magic tricks are all in good luck? It’s really brave to see Li Hong’s thousands of people coming and going. He used to go behind his back and take charge of the heart lights on behalf of two women. When he saw you, he was afraid of being dissuaded. In the invisible golden mansion, he saw that all evil spirits and powerful enemies came to prevent you from being outnumbered; I’m afraid you’ve missed the flower evil for a long time to learn from the enemy, which makes the two women show signs to urge you to walk quickly. People can disappear at will. Naturally, you can’t see that he can’t get rid of Ruan Zheng, not only get rid of difficulties, but also turn to evil. Even after nearly two years of hard work and perseverance, he won’t exert any magic. As a result, the other side will also be influenced and benefited. His opponent was a woman. This female father is the lotus flower above your head where two kindergarten teachers live. You must listen to me at this time. Why didn’t Dad tell Brother Shen a riddle? "
Li Ning said, "Sooner or later, you will know the details. It’s a long story, so I’m going to talk more." Second, although this person is now converted to Buddhism, he is still more famous. He is not interested in the same habitual person if he knows each other. If you know it’s him, you will be killed and forgiven if you don’t plead guilty. This is also the reason why you didn’t take part in Buddhism today. However, the spells he has learned and the two magic weapons are really wonderful. Parents should never underestimate their enemies. I expect that Xie Lin will build a strong enemy. If you know the name and origin of this person, you may be able to help him when you are in trouble. It is not difficult for him to see that you have not learned, and such good qualifications will not be tricky. However, you must tell the name and origin when you go, and then it will be difficult for him to meet again. There’s plenty of time for you to cope with what you said before. Remember that we’re a little late. The girl is in danger. Besides, although there is a savior, it’s still not for you and Zhu Shibo to collect the work. I’m leaving. Ying Qiong and others know that we can’t stay here. Li Ningxiao said, "We will fly out on the 10th, and there will be an accident here. It’s best to temporarily stay in the hole and wait for the enemy. Don’t go out easily. Although things are the same, we have to save a lot of effort." After that,
Shen Tu-hong’s plan to escape from the light has been hidden by Daqiai Mountain, but after observation, he can see that Li Ning actually flew around the past and didn’t know what to do. His heart is still thinking about Li Hong’s flying at a faster speed than when he came. Soon, he is not far from Kongtong Mountain, looking at the smoke and light of Zhulingjian, and Fang Han secretly thought, "This man is a monk, and his enemy is naturally a flower evil reinforcements. How can you not see his origin?" The mind is moving. Li Ning has flown to the local area and suddenly stopped the light. "The flower evil friend Lu Jing actually came here with his teacher’s orders. Now the two evils in Yunnan are at loggerheads, and the magic of the savage monk is quite high. The true shape of the flower evil has been taken. We arrived just in time. Lv Jing has not yet arrived at the flower evil. It will be difficult and complicated in the future; If it’s late in the day, and the land is short of feelings, it’s necessary to take action first. Although the Zen sutra won’t fall into their hands, it’s the third day today. The video of the Erxie Crystal Ball can be found out that the jade tablet is forbidden by Buddhism, and you can’t understand the subtle back Zen sutra. In a day or two, it will be hidden. If you are cast magic, you will sink the tablet into the ground and even take the front Zen sutra. It’s also a matter that I got up, and the Buddhism is hidden and disgusting. I still know that you can ambush near the cliff and see
Shen Tuhong looked ahead again and saw that the cliff top of Zhulingjian had been uncovered by magic. The 36-phase gods and demons were all surrounded by their weapon implements, and all kinds of brilliance were set on all sides. In front of the cave, there was a beautiful middle-aged man with a spirit tactic in his right hand, and his left hand was holding a small incense burner with a quaint shape and a five-inch talent. From the center of the furnace, a blue smoke was emitted, and it was as fine as a finger, and it was as strong as it was straight, and it became thicker and thicker. It was a huge dome screen that covered the cave with demon light and thunder.
Shen Tu Hongfang was thinking when he heard the savage monk Ma Tou Ghost King shout, "Lu Daoyou, my raw materials may not be easy today, but both your friend and I have to do this. At this time, I don’t want to ask them to read the text according to their own needs, but she still takes you away and asks her what she thinks?" With listening to the flower evil interface, "When the barbarian Wang Ge came, he was already ignored. His condition was hidden in front of me. Except for a few elders and Buddhist monks, he was able to interpret the scriptures. Although the Buddhist scriptures at the back were still hidden, it was difficult for him to understand the situation. I was taken by him. At this time, there was a Buddhist treasure for self-defense. Of course, it would hinder the future. After a while, the barbarian has been trying hard for many years, and the demon will vanish. It is a blessing that he can escape. This is another trick to wait for others. Two pretty monk smell speech face more ugly folded with huffed, "the dog men and women don’t know good or bad! Buddha is so wronged that you won’t listen to me today. You don’t know how bad you are. "When you say this, you will raise your hand. Two blood-flaming lotus flowers in the previous stage suddenly appeared in front of the cave, but it slowed down the savage monk and shouted," You should pay attention to not surrendering my lotus flower to the same place, and your magic weapon will destroy people and become ashes. "Before the words were finished, a piece of auspicious light rose from the hole to the top of the screen and stopped. Shen Tuhong saw Li Ning signal that he was busy and appeared to fly with the magic gold ring and the heavenly sand, followed by it.The sound sounds far away like the back of the mountain, but the momentum is extremely fast. It’s perfect that two strange people in yellow clothes have appeared in the air, standing in the air, one with his left hand and one with his right hand, as if to grasp the two blood lotus flowers.
Shen Tuhong just saw that it was a day of disability and the lack of land. I don’t know how to show up for a flash, but suddenly I didn’t see a Buddha’s light and jin hong’s shot at the same time. When it came straight, it dazzled and spread, covering the thirty-six tall and ferocious-looking ghosts and monsters. At the same time, there was a piece of blue clouds flying in the southwest sky. It was originally an instant question and at the same time, it launched a potential disease like a savage monk. I caught a glimpse of Shen Tuhong’s sudden appearance, and it was like a golden star shooting, and I realized that this treasure was The lack of land can’t help but make a big surprise, but my heart is still gnashing my teeth until the last fight. The Buddha’s light has covered the ghost, and it’s getting more and more hectic. It’s already a blue light curtain. Suddenly, the auspicious light surges, and the Buddha’s light flashes, and the ghost’s smoke disappears. The soul stands by a huge earthquake, knowing that it has been injured, and finally the ghost has been destroyed by the Buddha’s light. The skill of fighting back is deep. There is a warning sign that the mind has stopped and never reacted in a coma. I know that the other savior, Panic struck the hand and held up the magic light to escape. Unexpectedly, Shen Tuhong was the most resourceful and steady enemy to subdue the magic gold ring. He was already ready to respond to the magic light, but he didn’t even think about a finger full of chardonnay and rain. Venus changed to the monk and rushed to the gold ring. Jin Xia flew up and saw the monk in a hurry. Suddenly, he remembered that two blood lotus flowers were the corresponding treasures of the soul in the magic religion. Wouldn’t it be good to reduce many fierce flames if it could be broken and harm people in the future? Mind micro Jin Xia immediately flew to the blood lotus, just to meet a red-handed sand starlight and then roll it back, and then wrapped it in two miles, and it exploded with the blood rain, and Jin Xia disappeared again when it flashed. Two pretty monks saw it so badly, and when they were busy, they heard an old man’s accent and shouted."I’ve never played Reservoir Dogs, it’s cheaper to come late. If you live more than ten years, you’ll still have to die. Let’s escape." Two pretty monks have escaped from far away and felt like a thunderbolt. Where do you dare to delay and escape to cut the flower evil and hate people?
As soon as the barbarian monk fled, there was a golden light and auspicious clouds, and there was a monument separated from Zhu Youmu and Li Ning from the original site of the cliff cave in Ran Ran. Zhu Youmu nodded and said, "I’m anxious to escort the monument back and forth, but I don’t know what to do, so I hope the Taoist friends will be lenient. Let’s visit us another day." Say, Buddha’s light disappears and I don’t know where to go. Look at Shen Tuhong. Before the cave, there stands an old man with white hair, white beard, red jade, yellow shirt and Zhu Lu, Spend two people prostrate themselves to know that they are overseas closed palaces and secluded places for many years, and they have recently come out and walked around. yang a, the old man, wanted to visit the old man before. He pointed to Lu Jing and said a few words. Qingxia flashed and flew to the crowd to see that Lu Jing was full of sorrow and indignation, and the flower evil was still so slim and graceful. He held a cloth pocket in his hand and saw Shen Tuhongxian. Lu Jing introduced it and said."This time, thanks to the help of Taoist friends, I am glad that this cloth bag is a monument to God, and the treasure and the previous income are nine pieces of magic gold rings that the Zen master left behind except Taoist friends. There is still a dragon ball outside the golden lotus throne that Li Daoyou got from the western god mud. There are five treasures and forty-nine magic pills in my bag for the time being. It’s not yet time for Daoyou to bring back a wonderful fairy mountain. A real person has assigned me. This time, because Lu Daoyou knew that I was in a critical situation, he took the responsibility of his master and held Shanbaolai in Shimen Town, which was polluted by several evil laws. The old man in yang a knew the cause and effect of this incident, but neglected the Buddhism to cover it up. He didn’t figure out that the section of the mining master escorting the sacred tablet was put on display by overseas. He This situation is getting more and more unpleasant, for example, when the master of mining and shielding had made good friends in his previous life, Lu Daoyou was even more affected. In this way, Lu Daoyou was still punished for going back to the mountain to make 19 furnaces of magic pills, and after being refined, he still had to be whipped for begging outside for several years. Although the alchemy suffered from the practice of mending, it was hard to ban the shadow whip. The most powerful thing was that the magic weapon of the predecessor of begging was not much stronger than ordinary people, and he was not allowed to be paid a penny and asked for help from friends. He was hard to survive. "
Words not to say that finish suddenly listen to someone behind the interface way "flower girl don’t have to worry about friends at this time and take care of your own business first" three people a look at it is busy with li ling muddy before asking questions and then said first."I like to go against the odds with Camel B, and listen to my friends’ advice. Although it’s not as sexual as before, sometimes I still can’t hold back the flower girl’s strong mind. I can’t help but consult with Camel and Old Ape beforehand to know that Zhu, Li Er will arrive today, and everything has been decided. We didn’t have to come in advance to make the monk take the real shape. As a result, it is still difficult for the flower girl to delay the years and make more complications. This is like taking a drastic measure to give Yunnan Er an evil meal, so that it is difficult to make it difficult to refine the gods in the future, and the power of the magic fire is thus reduced by more than half. Compared with this cheering, it is still difficult to be satisfactory. I originally wanted to ambush the monk separately with the camel couple and calculate the death of the gods and demons, but I didn’t expect that the camel would have something to do with him. The old man will come to yang a, and we all know that if he doesn’t make a move, he will be hot. His island palace has been closed for twenty-six years, and Emei Prefecture has not been able to go to the nearby Palace for a walk. It is not calculated that the monk will be lucky. I didn’t know that he came in such a thunderstorm and the rain was so fierce that he didn’t even reach his hand. Because he was attacked by you on several sides and even suffered from damage, he was scared to give up and go back to the right way to escape in the opposite direction. We can see that the monk is still very energetic and will be determined to practice Zen in the future, although he will Difficult will be able to get through the camel wife Han Xian wants to meet the old man and plead for Lv Daoyou until he flies fast. He has rushed forward to listen and tell Lu Daoyou that the punishment is still not magical but not confined. That whip is also lenient and I have not chased him to know that you will be worried that I will try my best to help him no matter what happens after you come here to deliver the letter. "Lu and Hua both thanked Ling Hun."I’m not happy. I have to be courteous and courteous. There are also two of you who have to rush back overseas to take responsibility for a disaster in the future. The magic weapon in this life must also be prepared. You must put on the brocade gown left by your master and wear the dragon ball. You should be mindful that Emei will shout that Master Daxiong’s dharma will fly away. There is a lot of suffering when you have this treasure to protect the Yuan God, but you must pay attention to it when you are cremated by the magic." Hua and Lu immediately promised to say goodbye and fly away together.
Shen Tuhong saw that when they left, the flower evil was not so good, but Lu Jing secretly gnashed her teeth and was very angry. A noble nun who was so good in ambition soon ate two demons in Yunnan and was cremated to ashes. After fourteen years of refining her soul, she was miserable and neglected. Yuan Shen was incarnated by such a cruel friend. A love can’t help her. Seeing that he was indignant, Ling Hun laughed. "They were originally tell it to the judge who had already robbed the fifth female, and the nie rewelding was even heavier. In this life, she was relieved by the master Fentuo’s touch and the party, and after fourteen years of suffering. It’s just that it’s hard for a savage to force Sanskrit scriptures out of this woman’s mouth, and it’s still annoying that this woman is willing to give them away. You and she are also quite thick, as if you were angry, and you didn’t find something to do when the teacher didn’t come back. And your apprentice was afraid that you wouldn’t take him, and you repeatedly forbade him to come here to visit. He was so anxious that he couldn’t stay outside the mountain pass. I wish you could see through the eyes, and you should take him away. "Shen Tuhong said," I don’t trust Li Hong to go to Daichishan and his party before his mentor came back. I don’t know if I can go, but I don’t know if it’s inconvenient to take Long Wa. I want to charge him a few words about Daichishan before I take him with me. I also want to show my uncle that this girl is really respectable and pitiful. I Still ask ShiShu for instructions. "
Ling Hun laughed. "I thought about these two things. You should go to the big blame mountain first. You still have everything to do. When you go along with my invitation, you should not be noticed by barbarians. They were two pretty young Haixinshan in Yushu Wulong, Yunnan Province. They used to take medicine when they were walking on ice. Unexpectedly, a volcano erupted nearby, and the ice method turned around to avoid the wind and misled people. The magic palace where a brain figure lived was precious. The mountain period was once every 350 years. Not only did they not die, but they stayed in the palace for 190 days. Besides giving magic, they also There is a broken-headed monk in Kunlun who was ordered by his martial uncle to ask for advice with the magic sutra. The barbarians will find people who are evil and unbreakable after being refined into magic. The monk is a Han monk who became a monk hundreds of years earlier. People were even more vicious and surly because the blood god Deng Yin fought for the secret book in the magic religion, but he was defeated. He swore that he would never be born if he didn’t report this revenge. He looked like a savage. He left the Zen sutra to bully him and lived in the mountainside. He knew that the blood god had been punished and would go to the bald thief before the West Kunlun. Being isolated from the outside world is a kind of penance. After many years, I have avoided a disaster, and I have become more and more self-reliant. I don’t know how to cultivate a monk’s life. It’s extremely difficult to know the subtle secrets of the barbarian. If I go there, I will think quietly. If I remove this person’s merits and demerits, I will be more affected by the magic fire and thunder every day. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to give the barbarian a little bitterness? I think the dragon’s face is beaming through the canopy. If you don’t trust me, you can enlarge him and go with me when you’re ready to wait in the cliff cave of Beishan Mountain. "
Shen Tuhong’s mistake was expected, but Ling Hun had already flown away and rushed to the valley. As expected, Long Wa sat alone in Taniguchi and looked at the probe. She was so happy that she left some gold and silver for Naimu at his home and went to other places. Long Wa’s intimacy with the teacher was abnormal. Since meeting, she was always full of joy. Could you tell me about the enemy’s situation and his love for him after going back and forth through Shen Tuhong’s magic wave pool? He was naive and easy to see. He asked in detail, thinking, "Although this bone is poor, it is very clever and sincere to take him out to The elder’s name is Mana and the origin of various demons and evils, but Que Xianjing in the magic wave pool also heard himself talk about it a few days ago, but he didn’t ask about it, but he also wanted to admire it. It’s really rare that he could pay attention to the importance of each place at an early age. "When he is happy, he will answer questions in detail. Long Wa remembered that he took the master with him to fly with the sky, and the wind blew away, which made it convenient to answer questions. At this time, he even listened to the situation and talked about it, but whether he would do it or not. It was not far from Landing in the valley, the two sides seem to be locked in a stalemate, but it is not as outdated as the second time. It is obscure to see that Xie and Li are in charge of this class of demons. Li Hong is not weak in heart. Those two Taoist children wearing lotus flowers want to clear the way, so as not to make the tree clear. According to the situation as seen, Xie and Li focus on refining the poisonous hand. Moshe relied on the protection of the Seven Treasures and Golden Mansions and didn’t make much moves. He guarded Li Ning’s instructions, and he didn’t intend to help kill the demon and delayed it a little.
The local nearby cave Dragon Baby is very powerful. Let’s not say that when it comes to evil spirits, it will be a bit fierce. The beast can’t help but learn Li Hong’s spells and invisible silk symbols, but it’s not enough to defend the snake. If it comes to evil spirits, it’s harmful. Although the silk symbols can fly invisibly, but they don’t know where to escape in a strange place, and it’s even more worrying to find a teacher to escape to the top of the mountain because of something urgent. At this time, the cicada leaves are really redundant, so they are taken out and handed over to the dragon baby. The method I immediately knelt down and asked for permission to say, "I don’t know for a long time after my master went, but I can see a lot of fruit trees nearby. If I know how to collect and withdraw, I can go in and out at will, and I will never go far away." Shen Tuhong also felt that this place was a narrow and secluded cliff cave, and the young and lonely dragon doll was really stuffy. One couldn’t bear to go out of the circle and couldn’t go back to his original place. I wanted to see you again, holding my hands in front of my knees, and looked up at myself sincerely. I was so fond of you that I even sent and received I don’t know if the dragon baby has added yang a’s old man’s two elixirs to the Tao’s heart, and his wisdom has greatly increased. Since he received the door-to-door method and studied hard every few days, he has actually entered the country greatly. Because he often banned the school by this method, every time he watched and memorized it, he couldn’t have great power because of his poor skill. It is difficult for outsiders to find out that the invasion is a matter of withdrawing and recovering, but he will do nothing. He is even more cautious. Shen Tuhong got up and flew away when he saw that he was so diligent and more assured of nature.
Longwa was very happy to learn the access control method for the first time. After Master left, she practiced outside the cave, but it was still a day when cicada leaves were invisible. As soon as she saw that the valley was hidden in the chaotic mountains and cliffs, there were even high forests on all sides, and the caves were lush and lush on the left, but they were very secretive. How could anyone come here in such a place? I can’t help but grow bolder and remember that Master once said that the access control law is so powerful that outsiders will never see it. Even if outsiders are suspicious, forced entry into an immortal will hurt them or they will be in a coma. Although the beginner’s skill is too poor, he can always give birth to a little wonderful desire to find something to try, just as the cicada leaf is also a beginner’s forbidden circle. As soon as you go out of the circle, you must be invisible as you can, and you can’t think to yourself, "It’s convenient for anyone to come here. Master also said that if you worry too much, what harm will it do in a short time?" Then I put away the cicada leaves and walked out of the circle to find a fake rock. When the enemy threw it into the forbidden circle, I saw a golden glow flash across the stone according to the method issued by the teacher. It was not invaded at all, and I became more and more happy. I even tried it several times. No matter whether the stone or the branch touched the forbidden net, it was not enough to find a living thing to try. I didn’t know that local wild animals rarely looked around first, but I couldn’t help walking forward. After walking for half a mile, I suddenly remembered that the forbidden method was terrible for myself, but I had to kill a biological life in vain through exercises. Isn’t it a sin for small creatures like rabbits to kill people? As soon as I turned busy, I walked back to the cliff, and it seemed that there was a flash of resplendent splendor, that is, the hidden dragon baby experienced a light as thin as gossamer, and I didn’t see it clearly in the setting sun. At the same time, I remembered, "I asked the master before that I would never go away like forgetting?"Although master doesn’t do anything, he always goes against the teacher’s orders, and his own bones are poor, so it is easy to have this fairy fate. It is necessary to be diligent to learn flying swords and spells in the future. Can you learn to be busy at this moment? Besides, Master has been there for quite a while, and he must have been about to turn around. When he went on a trip, he said that he was going to meditate in a cave. It would be nice to be able to work and please the master. "I thought that the forbidden law had been withdrawn and I would go in."
This place is a dangerous cliff. There are two caves near it, which are relatively tall but quite dirty. Although the cave is small in topography, it is good outside. There is a stone floor with a vine hanging in front of the dangerous cliff. It is not easy for people to find another forbidden appearance. A side wall will never know that there is a cave. Shen Tuhong is cautious. After the forbidden circle hides rattan grass, it is irrelevant to walk to the cliff unless someone uncovers rattan and leans in. When she returns to the cave, she thinks about things for a while and then walks in. She just meditates on the forbidden restoration work and suddenly hears it very badly. It’s urgent for Longwa to know that Master’s flight is much more subtle. Instead of going out rashly, she will take out the spirit leaves of the cicada and be ready to transport them at any time. She leaned over the cliff and looked out through the forbidden circle. Two white lights have been shot down from Ling Fei to reveal two white teenagers in the valley. One is long and graceful, holding a knife, and the other is jade ruyi, with a sword waist and a white gourd in her back. A short, chubby man with big ears and ugly face with double swords in his back, each holding a mirror and looking at the mirror obliquely in all directions. The long-range light is like silver. From time to time, he looks at the mirror-like light in his left hand mirror to see what he is looking for. His face is also extremely nervous. Recently, Long Wa has been able to distinguish evil from right and wrong. "It’s a big fault that the two men are fighting hard at the top of the mountain. The sword light and the treasure light are not like evil, and they are on the top of the mountain. On the contrary, they have never been away from each other for a long time and
The dragon doll looks back at the cave, and there are actually two more 15-and 16-year-old children, each wearing a lotus shorts, bare feet, bare arms and legs. They are all stars, beautiful eyebrows, like a crown of jade, wearing a golden lotus flower, with hair in front and hair hanging over their shoulders. The appearance is very British and American, and the height is almost the same as that of a painting. Hong Haier is much better-looking. One of them has been seriously injured. His head is covered with blood. He leans against the wall and sits behind him. I don’t know what it means. Seeing that the dragon baby suddenly disappears and flies away, it seems very frightened. First, he took a quick look outside and turned his hand around and said, "My two brothers are forced by an enemy. My brother is injured. There is a net in the enemy. It is difficult to escape here and it is malicious. I know that if you are in front of me, there will be a report. If you don’t recognize it, you will be found coming to you As soon as I saw that their costumes and looks were similar to Li Hong’s, Long Wa Su became fond of them. After that, I suddenly remembered that "when I came to the Magic Wave Pool, I met two young children wearing golden lotus flowers. It was this kind of dress, and I also said that these two young children had a lot of connections. This time, I helped the demon party because I was stupid. I was afraid that Uncle Li didn’t know the details, so he wanted to make an enemy and wanted to solve it with the camera or to help him escape in a hurry. Unexpectedly, I met these two teenagers and chased them." The reason for the dragon doll is that Master often says that you should be humble to others.I met Li Hong for the first time, but he was a child. For the first time, I will never be humble to others with all my heart. Although Master did not elaborate, it is said by Master’s peers that these two people will be rescued.
When two children saw that the dragon baby appeared as promised, they were very respectful and more pleased with the farewell words. When he set up one, he leaned forward and took the dragon baby’s hand and smiled. "I also know your magic, but your stealth method and these five lines of prohibition are very wonderful. I first saw your forbidden method, which is quite like the enemy’s all the way. I found that we removed the forbidden enemy and immediately found it. Although we still had a way out, we were not hurt at first, but we were also very malicious to you. After you disappeared, I remembered that such actions were not light-deficient, so I told you to prevent it in case There is a setback, but you have such courage and loyalty at a young age. At this time, we came from Mo Wen to each other. We didn’t ask our enemies to hide the hole with us before they left. You can’t go out, and your invisible magic weapon is very wonderful. I can’t borrow it. In case the enemy knows how to ban the search, you and my brother will stand together and go out of the hole together. I will let you go by yourself. If you promise to ask you for a bite in the future, I will do it. Will you also give you two magic weapons? " Longwa is also a blessing to the soul. Remember that Master dispelled the secret words and thought, "There are many magic weapons in the ancestral hall of Master. If I want to be sincere and sincere, I will be rewarded. Most of the magic weapons are refined by demons and demons. I have seen how good the master and uncles are. Who wants it?" I replied casually, "I know that the two Taoist priests are very powerful. This time, they must have been deceived by others. It is good for Master to reward outsiders in the future, and I don’t want to ask for something in the future. If the two Taoist priests can promise, they will be very grateful.""It’s very kind of you not to tell the truth. It’s hard for people to find another magic weapon. Otherwise, I’ll give it to you now. You can’t afford to be greedy, and I’m no longer reluctant. In the future, my brother will give you a word."
Dragon Baby suddenly remembered that Master didn’t make him fly away invisibly like a man when he was away from the cave? Words have been exported to save regret. I shouldn’t have promised that two teenagers in the valley outside the cave would look around with a mirror and search very carefully. At this moment, I suddenly found two children who were talking outside the cave. One of them was lifted up by his companions and made a gesture. One of them was close to the front side, and the dragon doll was secretly guarded. Besides, I had promised that people would turn to enlarge it, so I took out the cicada leaves and put them out to show my practice. Two children were happy and thanked each other. The words were not finished. In 2008, I found myself standing outside the cave, holding a mirror and looking around with surprise. One of them said, "Brother, it’s strange. Don’t let these two kids slip away, but it’s a waste of energy." The other one said angrily, "It’s absolutely impossible to escape from the situation according to my two mirrors. When we chased them, we knew that the kids were good at metaphysics and changed their blood, and we put the wishful five clouds in the dark for a long time." It’s a pity that Li San’s Taoist friends were injured before he accidentally ate his two drops of blood and turned them into two phantoms and fled to the other side. Wait until you are alert. You will break the phantoms, and my mirror will look at them. Although you can’t find them here, if you escape from the vulva mirror for thousands of miles, people will be destroyed. Now the shadow of the mirror is invisible like magic, but the hidden mirror is invisible, and the smoke is really strange. I expected that if you don’t find the lock, you will be forced to make a vow. It will be a hidden danger in the future! " "Don’t take a look at the treasure mirror to hide," said Gao Dao. "But the master said that this treasure’s miraculous effect is still not extremely rare. If the Xuanmen of Emei and Qingcheng schools are banned or the Buddhism is confined, you can’t see that someone in the Orthodox Church is secretly helping the imp hide?" Dwarf road"Teacher younger brother, you’d think that Xie Jia’s sisters are Buddhist brothers, and the elders of the orthodox religions have many connections. Li Hong is a master of the cold moon and a real person. Is it right for him to help me when he kills evil spirits?" "It’s hard to say," Gao said. "Didn’t you see Li Hong call his big brother that pockmarked, big-headed Taoist friend? If he didn’t block a kid with a magic gold ring, how could he hide? Today, I still suspect that he is interested in selling human feelings, if he is not as affectionate as Li Daoyou and he is, and he killed two demons with his own eyes. Do you really want to be his spy? We didn’t ask this question before, but now it’s a potential situation. If you don’t spread the small system back to the mountain, you will be unwilling to rest. When Master is about to close the certificate, you have measured that the three monsters in the tomb have been delayed for some days. Don’t you have to worry about this? " At this time, there was a cloud flashing in the sky, and the two teenagers seemed to have something urgent to happen. They frowned and flew away with a broken foot.
Dao Tong said, "The enemy who was helped by you was quickly removed because of fear. Maybe there are other urgent things that don’t want to find our bad luck again. Now, although the enemy flies away and holds two mirrors, it will be easy for him to find out when he leaves this cave. At this time, some of us are injured, and we can’t use a lot of mana to fly. It’s much worse than before. I still hope you will be the same. This magic weapon for protection will send me five hundred miles away and I won’t worry about him chasing you." Long Wa was shocked when she heard this, and it was against her teacher’s Fang wants to argue that they are inconsistent? Suddenly, I heard someone whispering in my ear, making a quick promise that "it won’t make you go that far if someone picks you up". The sound is extremely low. It is expected that Master will stand firm and be injured at the same time. A sweaty face and a sad face seem to be hard to support. It seems that he is hesitant and shows an unhappy look, so he quickly replied, "I was waiting for Master here, but I was afraid that I would go far away. Now I see that this Taoist priest is seriously injured. I must be eager to go back to the mountain and heal him. I will find a good way to give up and take responsibility to accompany the two Taoist priests Daotong heard the news and said, "Come on, I won’t let you send Naishi far away to force two girls and a child from Xiao Hanshan, the enemy of this big blame mountain. Is your master a big-headed Taoist friend as mentioned by my former enemy?" Longwa replied, "It’s the double surname Shen Tu." Daotong added, "Do you know any Ruan Zheng?" Longwa had heard the master say that she was busy answering "That’s my uncle’s family who hasn’t seen it for a long time". Tong Chao was injured and looked at it. "I won’t break my word and be strong. If you don’t want to go with me, you have to take the risk to explore. Please leave."With the order to remove the ban on the dragon baby, according to the method of receiving words, I saw the glittering light flashing, that is, I just flew over two hills with Ling. The Taoist priest suddenly turned to Gu Xi and said, "The enemy didn’t know what was going on, but he left today. These two people hated it and had to be sent far away." With the instructions, I fell to the ground and said, "This place is 60 or 70 miles away from your original place, and I want to send you back. If it is urgent, I want you to trudge through Xu Tu to repay Germany for details."
Longwa originally learned the stealth flight escape method from Li Hong, which requires that there must be a certain place where she can’t fly at will and travel hundreds of miles away. She replied, "Dozens of miles away will go back." The two children have already supported each other and flew to a golden blue light, breaking into the clouds, and in a blink of an eye, Longwa thought that Master knew how to save people and was willing to send someone to pick up the cicada leaves. She looked around and found people returning to the future or mistakenly listened to the road, and the escape method was almost waiting for action. I didn’t know that the escape method failed after three attempts. It was almost sunset, and No matter how fast you run on the mountain road of 60 or 70 miles, you have to stay for two hours, and you are worried about finding your way back. Just as soon as you step by step, you suddenly listen to a burst of laughter behind you. "How dare you secretly help the enemy to let them escape?" Long Wa was shocked to see that it was Li Hong who couldn’t help shouting "Uncle!" Bow down and ask urgently, "Did Master ever blame me? I acted according to master’s tone. "
Li Hong pulled up and said with a smile, "You’re a kid who specializes in playing tricks and being haunted. This is cheap and you picked it up again. However, although the chef brothers are competitive in times of crisis, they can’t take care of many things. At that time, if they don’t allow him to help, they will suffer losses. Even the cicada leaves will be taken away. Your master is glad that he can act according to his mind when he sees you. At first, I hated his two-party evil and helped evil, but I didn’t want to hurt them. Your master came again to persuade me to force them to go back, but It’s a coincidence that Sun Dong, a real person in Yudong, and Shi Shu, two disciples, met Xie’s two sisters in Wuyi, and they deliberately ingratiated themselves to please them. Because they heard that Brother Tian helped evil spirits by fire, he knew that the magic refined by Brother Tian had won his master’s body, and the old man was really close. Although he didn’t take part in Buddhism, his magic was extremely strong. His two brothers were the most loved and learned a lot, and they even had a unique flying sword. The golden front and several magical magic weapons are very powerful. I am afraid that Xie’s sisters will fail, but they will bring a few treasures of Zhenshanbao to my master. Just in an emergency, I rushed to two places. Your master deliberately released the golden ring and blocked the Buddha’s light. Brother Tian can’t go back. Just like this, Tian Qi was seriously injured and exhausted. Fortunately, Tian Yao’s blood was divided to protect Brother Nai, so he had to escape. When the two of them please each other, they send out five clouds while chasing after each other in a mirror. It is necessary to be right with others, but they are afraid that the master intends to catch up with others, and it is difficult to defeat them. It is difficult to force them to take control and force them to lose. If one party goes back, it will let go and stop fighting forever without complaining to Naishi, and they will not think about what the other master and disciples are. Is it that Brother Tian’s nature is forced to be low?And this time, if you don’t destroy the sun injured by the demon light first, you will be chased by people in danger even though you have a master’s treasure to keep people from living. "
"As usual, these two brothers share the same fate. When they see a bad situation, they will stand up and take risks. The flesh will flee to the Yuan God, and the two sides will form an indissoluble enemy. Old people cherish these two people and one of his former daughters, and they have made a lot of accidents before. The magic returns to the Buddha, which leads to penance for many years. Today, they can’t bear fruit. It is to protect them. Your uncle Ruan’s high mana is like a legacy. Recently, his temper has changed slightly, and he almost died the year before last. With these two people, he wants toHowever, they are very confident, and the friendship law dissuades them from being suspicious of your master, such as resolving it. It happened that Uncle Ruan came invisibly at the same time and called me out of the golden building to talk about the origin of his Tian brothers in a hurry. Unfortunately, due to the limited fate, your master was too late to stop you from knowing that I was hostile. He was working with you, Uncle Ruan, protected by the heavenly sand, and had a strong enemy. I couldn’t be in two places at once. I came to the camera invisibly to resolve me. When Brother Tian arrived, you met Sun. The two of you came to me on your own, and your master made you promise that you were trying to hide the three of you and try to fool Sun, but when you escaped from the cloud net, you came to the strong enemy again. The cloud net, the sky and the original mirror complement each other, and the mountain has eaten the sand of God, and the magic method is also what Sun thinks. The two of them fawned too much on the treasure, but the exhibition was not far apart, so even the monster covered the top of the mountain together. As soon as he saw the heavenly sand, he would retreat because of the cloud network. Because you were separated by the cloud network, Uncle Ruan hid the treasure, but he came in a hurry and didn’t see it clearly. When they arrived, the magic fire and thunder rushed to the cloud network and almost destroyed it. When they were alert to collect the treasure, their master hurried back to the mountain with her gizzard. Finally, the cloud network was not broken, and the demon man rushed to eat the sand and destroyed two powerful magic weapons. I saw I don’t know why they are so bold and funny when they speak well, but their magic power is not weak. At first, Brother Tian was born again and again, and his bones were very thick. He should have achieved a little immortality. Soon after, he was reincarnated, and he ate him. The old devil was rescued from danger and returned to the gate. They were also really loyal to Naishi, and they vowed not to follow him. Party A changed to the orthodox religion with his teacher. Although he was always strong in nature and resentful, he sometimes helped me in times of trouble, but he was as bad as Naishi.In a previous life, someone once pointed out that they had never made a promise. They kept their word, and what they promised would be done. This time, they and Xie Jia’s sisters had a grudge against each other, not to mention that it would be wonderful if you resolved it in the future. "
Longwa knew she had to get up and smile. "That cave is narrow and dark. Does Martial Uncle still want me to go back?" Li Hong laughed. "You are so bold. Do you still want to go to the top of the mountain with me?" Long Wa Gong replied, "I dare to go anywhere with my uncle. I still want to hear about stealing the heart lamp." Li Hongdao said, "There are many lively things, not just stealing a heart lamp." At this time, I will take you to ask your master when you are in an emergency. Today, the situation is even worse than that of Zhulingjian. Although Moshi died early, Yuan Shen will also be finished, but he has refined three bodies, Yuan Shen Xuangong changed, and Xuanyuan Johnson’s evil method is very strong. More people will be escaped, and a little residual soul will be recovered sooner or later. It is still a hidden danger and a demon party will be around to take advantage of the gap. Then the cicada leaves will be invisible and follow me. I can’t even say anything. "Long Wa promised with great joy.
Li Hong was waiting to get up and look at the thunderbolt from the top of the mountain, which was full of stars and clouds. Some demon clouds and fog that had been hidden before were scattered by lightning from Taiyi God. With four or five dark red, dark green and dark gold demon blood flames, they fled separately with extremely piercing screams. They were so anxious that they disappeared into the distant dark clouds. They couldn’t help but laugh again and again. "My second brother Ruan was taken in." Long Wa asked Li Hongchao and looked at the front hill and laughed. "Your master and uncle Ruan knew that it would be outside the curtain. And Sun and Yu have never seen your face in a hurry. They are bold and ruthless. When you are an enemy party, you will not be in a very dangerous situation. They have to be in harmony with God and sand. They can’t make me come to this camera to secretly protect me. Unexpectedly, they are interested in the evil spirits. Xie Jiashi’s sister sent the heart lamp and went back to Xiaohanshan. This is not to mention that the most irritating thing is that you, Uncle Ruan, were ordered to go to the small South Pole to break through the magnetic pole light of the big Yin Yuan to help the gold. Stone brothers, when they met a generous real person, they rushed back to China to borrow the nine-doubt tripod from Yang Xian and the ancient god dove, which happened to help bird friends carve Buddha and slave, and the three monsters in your tomb had a deep hatred. After a few days, he would come here to help me. He also liked the rare second meeting. Master released me for three months’ leave. I was just about to make an appointment with him to visit the small Antarctic light and see the wonders of the mountain outside the aurora circle. He unexpectedly left without saying goodbye and I kept it with you.
Although Longwa made out with Li Hong, he was really anxious, but what he complained about was that it was difficult for the teacher to persuade him. He just didn’t know what to say. Suddenly, someone said, "Hong Di, you are wrong about me and my eldest brother. You need your help on this trip; If you leave without saying goodbye? " As soon as Longwa saw the words, two people suddenly flew down. One was Master Shen Tuhong. The speaker was a handsome boy with a heavy pupil and a strong eye, dressed in a blue robe and a sword hanging from his waist. He knew that Ruan Zheng, a fellow master, was a good friend, and they quickly ordered Shen Tuhong to laugh. "My second brother said that you saw the demon people fleeing and Xie Jia’s sisters went back to the mountain, but they didn’t see me. I didn’t know that you were sweeping the cave. When my second brother walked invisibly, it would be difficult to make a complaint. I also said that I wouldn’t come. It was still naive to find out the way to do it." Li Hong laughed. " However, I want to take a trip with Brother Ruan to see the gold and stone brothers in the South Pole, and I’m afraid I’ll eat and touch them. I’m sure you have to listen to my words and say something deliberately to find out your breath, or you two will have the nerve to leave without saying goodbye. Really, I can’t tell if you haven’t left? The magic weapon of my second brother’s previous life has been ordered by my eldest sister to return it to my eldest brother a few days ago, and I have received a pill of western magic mud for you. How can you need help? If you coax me, you can’t. "
Ruan Zheng smiled and said, "You have made a big impression on the aurora in the universe. My two-phase ring has greatly increased in power recently. Although it can control the aurora deviation and bring a tripod with nine doubts, it is necessary for you and your eldest brother to help you. It is difficult and necessary to go back from the earth’s axis with the high mana of Teacher B, but he must wait for the opportunity and lose less energy before passing." Li Hongdao, "Where are we all going?" Ruan Zheng said, "After his mother is very filial and sexy, she has been taught by Zu Yi and Ling Zhu’s old kindness, which not only makes her stay in the local area for three years, but also makes her return to China after refining the door with me." Li Hongdao said, "Although the aurora is powerful, even with my magic weapon and the Buddha’s light enclosure, a mortal can pass through this blessing. It’s not shallow to listen to the eldest brother’s saying that his bones are a little poor. At this time, I will achieve a lot in the future." Shen Tu-hong’s escape from the local nearby grottoes, although the culprits have been eliminated, will eventually lead to trouble. If he wants to dissuade Ruan Zheng, he will nod his head first and think again. At this time, with the help of the three people’s magic, he will have something to do, so Li Hongxian will tell his personal experience.
Back to DiErLiuYi hatred kind of spirit birds and bones wear heart Teng phantom of the opera lingering sad death rob the golden lotus degrees urban fairy child.
It turned out that Li Hong got up from Zhulingjian and left Linghun for Wuyishan, and thought to himself, "Xie’s sisters are the beloved daughters of Master’s former life, so they don’t want to help themselves? What is the talisman of the hidden spirit? Why can’t it be borrowed? The former Emei heard that this grand gathering of immortals in Xiuning Island was really due to the fact that many immortals on the island were robbed. My father used this once-in-a-century grand gathering to ask my parents and all the magical elders for help. My father had to go to Xianbin three times before and after the longest trip. After the meeting, he was very different. The master would have to stay in the island, but if he didn’t allow himself to be a master, he would also help his sister steal the truth. "I can’t figure out why, but I didn’t know that the Tibetan spirit had the heart to do this, and the magic was high. Recently, It’s a wonderful way to make good advice and make an accident, but you’re not on guard against the remote control of your mind. It’s also calculated that when you get to Wuyi, you must remember that the charm must be handed over to two world sisters, so you can get rid of the evil spirits forever. Don’t forget the future trouble. It’s especially wonderful that you just arrived and haven’t walked in when you saw two girls from Xiaohanshan flying in to meet each other. Xie Lin asked, "Where’s my dad?" Li Hong smiled and replied, "I just returned to Master and returned to Xiuning Island, right?" Suddenly, I remembered to get up and take out the amulet at the bank and said, "Uncle Ling, who was hiding in the road, handed me a amulet and asked me to give it to my elder sister to see." As soon as Xie Lingang received a piece of hongxia flashing amulet, two lines of handwriting flashed and hid in her heart, so she put it away and told Xie Ying that Li Hongzheng and Xie Ying had just realized that the character of the amulet had disappeared. "It’s a long story. Let’s go in and talk about it."
Li Hong immediately withdrew the ban and extended it into the fairy house. Xie Linxian took out the charm and lifted it toward the entrance. Another piece of hongxia flew up, and even a few flashes disappeared. Then he sat down and said, "My dad came back to our place when he was young to get rid of the evil hand by using the heart lamp. Moshe followed my father’s wishes for fear that it would lead to complications and refused to lend me an idea, but how high my father’s mana was?" It’s hard to expect someone to help you secretly, but you can’t refuse to help you. "Li Hongdao" Don’t ask me to cheat the master to steal, even if I’m punished, I’ll do it. "Xie Lin Chen said," Does Hong Di look down on people and steal when I don’t get what I want? Just say that your father can plead guilty afterwards and force you to collude with the thief. "Li Hong saw her angry and panicked." I’m just a joke. Is it true? " Xie Lin laughed. "You didn’t tell Dad the first half of what you said, but it happened that Dad didn’t forbid it. I asked you if you would lend me your lamp?" Li Hongdao said, "If my hand is punished, I won’t borrow it." Xie Ying said, "I think it’s better to ask my teacher and Ye Gu for help when my father comes back." Xie Lindao said, "My sister is really pedantic, and she has already given directions, and then she has the opportunity to ask her teacher and Ye Gu for help. If there is a reason, she may not be surprised, but she will be alarmed by my father. It’s too late to ask for help these days. Dad doesn’t know whether to allow it? What’s so hard about sticking to stereotypes and saying that it’s worse to punish evil in the future? I take it for granted that I really hate that uber. It’s rare to do this except that he has a good opportunity to give up his father’s suspicion and become a thief. "Xie Ying stopped talking about Li Hong and wanted to ask Master if he didn’t allow it, he wouldn’t take it secretly.When you talk to your mouth, you forget about the two women when you talk, and it’s no longer the past.
Today, Li Hong was talking about the evil of flowers, and after passing through Xie Shan, Li and Xie suddenly walked into Xie Shan to greet the previous week and asked the second daughter with a smile, "Is the magic wave pool over?" The second woman briefly said that after Xie Shan laughed, "That poisonous Moshe will not stop your sister’s mountain soon, but he must keep an eye on it." Xie Lin took the opportunity to say, "Naturally, my daughters came here to ask Dad for help to get rid of this Uber." Xie Shan said, "This Uber Johnson’s most ferocious lewdness can really be removed early. It’s difficult for me to find a way, so let’s take it slow.""You Taoist friends in Xiuning Island want to borrow a heart lamp, but this lamp has a few more drops of eternal oil, and Ye Gu and I have successively gone to Xiuning Island. This Armageddon requires forty-nine Buddha fires, and snuff is a far cry from it. Although this treasure is wonderful and poor in oil, it can also be much worse in power. Hugh said that this once-in-a-century Armageddon will not necessarily be able to play its role, and Ye Gu will also need this kind of oil very much when she slaughters the evil spirits on the 47th island in the South Pole. It is also a rare chance that the evil spirits will die. In the tomb of Fahrenheit, I gave your father half of this divine oil because I had to refine it, but I didn’t ask for it when I was in Emei Mansion. Yesterday, I heard your father say that Yang Daoyou had refined the oil into just the right one. In addition, there is one thing that I have to do personally. I have to finish my trip to the mountain in half a month. You take this heart lamp and ask Yang Xian for the divine oil. She has now returned to Yitian Cliff, and she will be allowed to measure the three strange enemies in the tomb. If there is anything, you can do as she says and I need three. After seven years of diligent practice of Buddhism, two Buddhist monks, Jiao Tianmeng and Bai Mei, rarely leave the mountain. Although your spiritual wisdom is still full of childlike innocence, your former friends are hard to meet again. I don’t need anyone to look after you here. After taking the lamp oil, I will March three months before I return, but the oil must be taken back to its original place in 14 days. If you want to leave the charm as if it were the law, you will fly to Xiuning Island. "Xie and Li three people heard that you were happy."
Xie Shan pointed his hand at the cave wall, and a piece of jinxia flashed across the wall, and the heart lamp was a foot high, so he handed it to Li Hongfang for opening and closing. Two women laughed, "Dad’s heart lamp was originally hidden here, and in the future, my daughter can steal it if she wants to borrow it from Dad." Xie Shan laughed, "Are you as naughty as before?" Xie Lin smell speech first knelt down and thanked the mountain for giving her a look and smiled. "You are not proud that you two sisters are the only ones who have learned the magic treasure of evil influence, and you will come to borrow me as soon as something happens." Xie Lin deliberately smiled at Sakura’s mouth. "Learning the treasure of the original body is not a daughter’s intention now, so if you don’t count this lamp in the future, it will be counted." Xie Ying knew that his father’s mana was very high when the time was right, lest the talisman would fail for a long time. Xie Lin, knowing her intention, angrily walked aside and ignored Xie Ying. He said to Xie Shan, "My daughter has not seen Ye Gu Yang Xian for a long time, and she loves Hong Di very much for her daughters. Although her mana has been restored, she is still young. She wants him to go to the Dragon Elephant Temple to visit Yang Xian, so she will visit Ye Gu and others to get the divine oil and return to Xiaohanshan. I wonder if it is possible?" Xie Shan laughed. "You see, he’s young, but he almost didn’t resist him. He went to hinder Ye Gu, but he didn’t see the double cedar flat. Yang Daoyou has to go back to the mountain." Li Hong took out the lotus-shaped magic weapon obtained from Zhulingjian and said the origin. Xie Shan laughed. "I’ve heard people say that this is the Great Sage’s deity, the Golden Lotus Temple. I’m free at this time. You’ve met Yang Daoyou. Both of her students are very fond of you. I’ll have to wait for someone to come here.The two girls were eager to leave early and urged Li Hong to bid farewell together.
As soon as Xie Lin was impatient, he talked with Li Hong and said, "He will borrow the oil as soon as he gets it." Li Hong just promised to see a golden light coming from behind. He suspected that the elder father in the Orthodox Church wanted to see who was dazzling and approaching. It was Xie Shan, the same Buddhist monk, who called three people to see him first and then said, "Although things are destined to hide their spirits, they will be scheming again." I am really afraid of these evil spirits if I don’t allow them to do the opposite, but I forget others’ kindness. I have promised to borrow the heart lamp to protect you from going here. There are still things that I have to worry about. When I am done, I will be sent back by Ying and Lin. Your younger brother’s former good friend will not go back to the mountain and let him go. "Li Hongzao recognized that he was a former life, and he paid a visit to the Buddhist monk before he was so happy. He wanted to ask the hermitage that he had not eaten.
The two women were surprised to see their father coming after them, but they were ordered to be overjoyed. Xie Lin smiled and said, "It can be seen that Hong Di is still a good person. If he doesn’t allow it, won’t he be a wicked person in vain?" Li Hong said with a smile, "I made up my mind long ago. Although I can borrow your heart lamp without me, I can’t do it." Xie Yi said, "Hong Di, you are bold. We were defeated by the poisonous hand Moshe twice. This is really a monster. I heard that he has many experts to help us this time, so we will try it and it will be as if it were a child’s play." Li Hong said in a hurry, "That Aconitum woman eats me like a ghost. It’s a big loss that I have three treasures to protect myself. How can I not go?" What’s more, what about your seven treasures and golden buildings? How dare you provoke any chaos? Why are you timid when I have them? Anyway, I don’t have much to do to help you cheer and take care of it. " Xie Lin interface: "If you talk about my younger brother’s magic weapon capability, you can go. Otherwise, Dad would have forbidden it, and it’s not such a tone. I hate his cunning and say that he won’t steal from the teacher, but he is willing to be punished and help us neither." The words are contradictory. I want to take advantage of the excitement, but I don’t say it first. I didn’t stick to my peers until Dad chased me and allowed me to borrow the lamp. I was afraid that it would be difficult to reserve it. If I hadn’t promised to borrow the lamp, I would have been better off with him. "Li Hong was busy arguing." As soon as I left the mountain, I immediately remembered that Master’s magical power was high, and I knew that you had been impatient recently. I was afraid that Master would not only find out that you couldn’t go, but also miss your trip to the field. Isn’t it the You’re going the wrong way first. I’m worried that when Master leaves the cave, he’ll find out, and he’ll come back to me. Fortunately, I should have been ordered to do it before, or else I’ll have a hard time telling the truth. I know that my two sisters love me forever, and it’s not contempt that won’t make me go. Do you think about what Master said when she went, that she didn’t want me to go?I really don’t want to leave my heart lamp to the world, but my sister herself can go to evil spirits. There are many people. It’s hard to distract you from dealing with other evil parties. You don’t trust me. I’m afraid you will fail. This heart lamp master has taught me the Dharma. Although you can practice Buddhism, it should be a first try. How good would it be to have me with you to protect the law and deal with distractions? "Xie Lin criticise" little monkey bravado blow the atmosphere again, then if a little delay to see what you take in the future? " Li Hong said with a smile, "It’s really a shame to worry about this. Are the two sisters together as ridiculous as everyone?" Xie Ying’s magic power is not as good as Xie Lin’s Zen skill, but it is more advanced recently. First, because Li Hong is young, he doesn’t want to make an adventure. He must remember his father’s words. He didn’t mean to say that if he thinks about it again, this person’s skill is not deep. In this life, he should prove that his fortune is richer, and his magic will recover early. The three treasures of self-defense are not special. If he is a very good helper, he will be despised because of his naivety. Busy interface, "if Hong Di’s magic is enough to go, Uncle Li will refrain from killing more evil genies this time, lest you be greedy and make troubles." Li Hongwen was naturally happy.
The three of them were talking and laughing all the way, flying fast, leaning against the cliff, and suddenly they saw a little black shadow coming like a meteor. Two miles away, the nearby black shadow was dazzling from small to big. Two women saw that it was Yang Jinmen, the ancient god dove, who first told Li Hongsui and asked, "Does Uncle Yang know that we are coming to pay our respects?" The God Dove nodded and shouted happily for two times and then flew forward to lead the way. Li Hong heard the name of the God Dove for a long time, but it was still the first time to laugh. He asked, "I heard that the God Dove has been evil for thousands of years. How can it be as big as an eagle? Is it deliberately reduced?" Unfinished words God dove’s body suddenly suddenly stretched its wings by more than ten feet. If the iron feather is an arrow, it is more awkward. Ten groups of golden light surround the eyes like a torch. Looking back at the three people, Zhang Na is much bigger than the plank door. An iron beak roars a long time and suddenly shrinks into a big black shadow. The ten golden lights are also as big as mung beans, like a canopy of stars and rain shooting at the front peak. I can’t see Li Hong’s smile. "God dove is really well-informed and has changed almost as usual." It’s true that I immediately showed color when I said it casually. "Xie Lin laughed." You kids didn’t speak rashly. Maybe it went so fast. "Li Hong laughed." How can I be surprised if I suspected the word and didn’t say it was bad? Show some prestige. I think there may be. "
Xie Ying suddenly exclaimed, "Isn’t the God Dove going to Yitian Cliff? Didn’t Uncle Yang change the Xianju to order it to take the lead?" Li Hong and Xie Lin were also woken up to see that the place was leaning against the Tianya Cliff, and there was heavy snow standing on the Tianya Cliff in the canyon, and the scenery around the mountain boundary was desolate. The canyon was even more sinister, dark and hidden, and there were peaks and cliffs to cover it. If the three of them hadn’t flown very high and been led by a dove, it would have been difficult to find it. I thought how could the owner of such a barren mountain valley move here? A valley in the canyon is about miles long and several feet wide, and both sides are dangerous cliffs. Three people have flown over Li Hong because they feel that the dove is fun and flying fast, and it is nearly 200 miles apart. The gorge is dazzling and flies away. Previously, because they were about to arrive, they didn’t see the fall. When I look back, I caught a glimpse of the dangerous cliff near the ground behind me. It turned out that two women were just looking back. Xie Ying first realized that there was dissent. Li Hong was about to stop with a busy wink, so he flew forward over the valley and made a gesture to fly back to the bottom with stealth. In the middle section, it seems that a crack is two or three feet wide, but it is very wide. On the one hand, the low-lying recess of the dangerous cliff is as wide as sixty or seventy feet, and it seems that the mountainside has been cut into a big hole. Because the front entrance is wide and the cliff stone is several feet thick, it is not easy to see the end of the canyon when it approaches.
Fang Jue’s cave was full of foreign objects, and at the same time, he caught a glimpse of the land trapped in a huge cave, and the evil spirits were faint. When he looked intently at a sudden surge of green gas, three skeletons as big as fists were wrapped in it. When the skull appeared, it rolled around in the green gas, and it rolled like a blur. Several ghosts called the green gas in the past, and even the skeleton fell to the ground and exploded. Three naked freaks were not very tall, and their faces were hideous and evil. snuff each held a dead bone and a three-inch hexagonal ring. In the non-gold jade gray ring, the blue peaks are as dense as a needle rain. It looks like a knife ring. When the three monsters first appear, they seem to be afraid of difficulties. They are pushing each other to go out to see the difference in the cave. The three little freaks are terrified when they hear it. When they shake the hexagonal ring in their hands, they suddenly grow to five or six feet. Fiona Fang takes the lead. In one ring, an ancient god dove shadow appears, which seems to be trapped by evil methods. The anger inside is extremely like being sucked tightly by the blue peaks and green gas in that circle. However, the other two rings cannot escape.
Li Hong didn’t look at the evil spirits. He tried to eat all his shots several times. Two women stopped him from making words. Three naked freaks, such as ghosts, walked out of each other and gestured. Xie Lin first flew out. Xie Ying just released the Qibao Golden Building and pressed it into the cave. Suddenly he heard the ghosts screaming at the poles. At the same time, a thunderbolt was thundering outside, and the thunder was shining. In the middle of the ear, Xie Lin shouted, "Don’t let the evil spirits escape!" Just then, the three little freaks have flown back to the existing dove shadow demon ring, and they have lost their glimpse of the golden building, and the auspicious light is slowly turning, and the flowers and rain are colorful, and the way home has been broken. The two want to branch out and flee; An on-the-spot roll and slip away green gas, and then drill into the ground. I don’t know how to meet the nemesis. The power of the Qibao Golden Building is wonderful. Once it is applied, how powerful the evil spirits are, it is difficult to get rid of it. It is better to exert its power with the owner’s mind. The forbidden circle on the ground in Fiona Fang is so close, and the other two people are still on guard. However, Xie Ying wants to see how high the evil spirits are, whether it is as previously expected; Because of the kindness of heart, although the local people are endowed with evil creatures, they are deeply hidden in the mountainside. In case of any damage, they refuse to send out their strength. It is only after the green gas touches the ground that they eat the auspicious light and wrap people in the golden building. The other two weirdos are blocked by Li Hong, and a piece of glow is released from the chest at the left exit. First, the weirdo is wrapped in a jade hook and then flies out of two precious lights to make love and then smashed into pieces. Another eats Xie Lin whisking a string of renju thunderbolt, and at the same time, the account leaves a few wisps of residual demon smoke and evil spirits, and even the bone flower and demon ring are sucked away by the golden building’s auspicious light to dazzle and destroy Schelling’s way. "This epileptic sister said that the number of three monsters in the tomb must be resentful. I don’t know how they will take the shape."Previously, when the God Dove came to greet most of Yang’s uncles, they knew that they were in trouble and wanted to lead us here to help them. It was just the evil method to capture the soul. Its ten muni beads resisted Hong Di and just said that it was not bravado when it happened. "When it was said, the underground suddenly rumbled and the cliff seemed to collapse and eat Xie Ying’s golden building, and then they stopped Li Hongdao." The three strange monsters in the cave must host the ready-made crypt from a distance, and they will not find it and remove the future trouble forever? " Two female colleagues "you really see things easily, three strange actions are faster than thunder. Can’t they just imagine launching an earthquake to eat the crypt where I lived? Even if the crypt where evil spirits live has been filled, it will be urgently pursued by the host? If the gold building is forced to rush, won’t it be sinful and harmful? "

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